A Cattle truck, with about 180 pigs collided in the opposite lane of a Federal road with a car – all three occupants of the car were killed. The driver of the Van was injured after the accident in Bocholt difficult in a clinic.

Many of the pigs were killed in the Transporter, or upside down, had to wait for squeezed together in the three-storey vehicle to your rescue. Some of the animals inside were running around, first on the roadway, then into the embankment. Injured pigs were killed at the scene of the accident. Intact animals should be transhipped and to the slaughterhouse. In the afternoon all were not yet recovered.

The pig van had broken through the guard rail and came in the strong side location in a sloped embankment to Lie – almost with the roof down. Two other cars were involved in the accident in the münsterland region. One of the two drivers was injured slightly, as the police announced. The three slain men aged 23, 25 and 34 years, were according to the police, from Poland.