two armed attackers have shot and killed within 24 hours in two different locations in the U.S. 29 people. In a shopping center In the border town of El Paso in Texas, a shooter killed at least 20 people, 26 were injured, as police chief Greg Allen said. The alleged perpetrator was. Only a few hours later, Ohio, shots were fired in the city of Dayton in the US-near a Bar in the centre: Nine people were killed, 26 were injured, according to the latest information from the police. Officials killed the attacker. The massacre triggered international consternation. Also in Chicago there was a shooting.

To El Paso and Dayton

This map shows every mass shooting in the United States in 2019 – more than one per day

By Patrick Rösing

In the case of the shooter in El Paso, on the border with Mexico is a 21-year-old White. The chief of police All said that there is a “Manifest” that leave probably on a hate crime close. John Bash of the General Prosecutor’s office informed on Sunday that the act will be classified as domestic terrorism. In the Pamphlet, which was attributed to the alleged perpetrators of El Paso, States, inter alia: “This attack is a response to the Hispanic Invasion of Texas.”

Pamphlet of Protecting El Paso

In the four-page Text of the perpetrator expresses its support for the racist assassin of Christchurch, was attacked in mid-March in new Zealand, two mosques, and 51 people were killed. The “New York Times” reported that the Text went 19 minutes before the first emergency in El Paso online.

Second attack in 24 hours

kill Again, massacre in the U.S. city-attacker, nine people in Dayton


The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, announced at a press conference, law enforcement will focus not only on the charge of murder but also a hate crime. Representatives of judicial authorities brought a possible death penalty for the alleged offender to us talk. The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced in a video message, among the dead were three Mexicans were. According to the Mexican Ministry of foreign Affairs, six other Mexicans were injured, including a ten-year-old girl. A police spokesman said, according to the channel CNN, the alleged death shooter talk to the investigators.

US arms lobby

A year after the rampage of Parkland: The NRA is not with all the Power

DPA offender from El Paso came from the city

police chief Allen said the first emergency call was received at 10: 39 a.m. local time. Six minutes later, the police had been on site. The Scenery at the scene of the crime was “horrible”. A police spokesman said most of the victims had been taken in a Walmart in the complex of shots. The supermarket was at the time of the attack full. The speaker estimated that there are between 1000 and 3000 people were staying. The contactors have used in fact, a rifle.

El Pasos mayor Dee Margo said the Suspect came from there. According to US media reports, he came from the city, All North of Dallas, about 930 kilometers of air line from El Paso. El Paso is located directly on the border with Mexico and has around 680,000 inhabitants. According to the mayor’s messages are not confirmed about a second shooter.

citizens of El Peso donate blood

The broadcaster CNN reported, families would store in the Walmart complex for the imminent start of the new school year purchased. Also, around 100 Wal-Mart employees were in the supermarket. The oldest of the injured was 82 years old. The group was shocked about what happened. We pray for the victims, it said in a Twitter message from Walmart.

The police, the people in El Paso called on to donate blood. Governor Abbott said at a press conference on Saturday night in El Paso, it would have formed lines of people, the blood wanted to donate. “Now it is time for Texans to come together and support each other.” Abbott spoke of a “heinous” act of violence.

Donald Trump condemned the massacre of El Paso

Tabitha Estrada, assistant of a store in the shopping center, told CNN that she had had with customers in the posterior part of the business is hidden. Many of their clients were from Mexico. “It is surreal that this is happening in our city, because I got to know El Paso never as a hate-filled place.” She added, only about a month ago, the police have to be held in the shopping center and an Exercise for the case of a killing spree.

U.S. President Donald Trump has called the “hateful act” tragic and an “act of cowardice”. There is no justification for killing innocent people, he wrote on Twitter. Trump said the Texas Governor has the full support of the government in Washington. “God be with you all!”, he added. Also, the Federal government in Berlin reacted shocked. “Our thoughts and condolences are with the injured and the families of the victims,” said a spokeswoman for the foreign office.

perpetrators of Dayton, shot and killed his own sister

Trump was informed, according to the White house informed about the situation on the ground. The President had Abbott with attorney General William Barr and the Governor that exists inchen said Vice-speaker Steven Groves. Critics of Trump to fire with his Comments on racism. Most recently, he was because of personal attacks on black members of the Democrats of racism accusations. Regularly, the Republican President attacks also migrants from Latin America who want to come illegally in the United States.

To Protect the motives of the Dayton (around 140,000 inhabitants), now identified as 24-year-old White from the Dayton suburb of Bellbrook, could tell the police nothing. It was a single offender. The man was shot with a long gun, said the senior police officers Matt Carper. As in the course of the day, it became known, is among the nine deaths, the 22-year-old sister of the victims, according to the official Protect. The channel CNN reported, citing investigators, the shooter had worn a vest. The Federal police FBI involved in the investigation.

The quick Intervention of the police prevented worse, said Carper: “We had officers in the immediate area when the shots were fired. We were able to respond and the Whole thing will end quickly.” Oregon District, and the same nightlife district in Dayton, where the shots were fired, actually, as safe. Daytons mayor Nan Whaley said, of the perpetrators have worn protective clothing, and several magazines, as well as high performance magazine in had. The police were “in less than a Minute,” stepped in. With their “quick response” have you saved “literally hundreds of people’s lives”.

in Chicago, it was reported on Sunday a shootout in which seven people near a Park by shots fired from a car were injured.

In the US it happens again and again, in shopping malls, other public places or in schools, people killed in shooting will be. Efforts for stricter gun laws to run for years into the Void – especially because trump is the Republicans are against it. The powerful gun lobby organization of the NRA vehemently opposes any attempt to regulate gun ownership more. Also Trump is decidedly against the restriction of the U.S. Constitution enshrined the Right to gun ownership.

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