In the case of high-risk pregnancies could be investigated Unborn in the future, at the cost of the health insurance funds via a blood test on Down syndrome.

The Joint Federal Committee of Physicians, health insurance companies and hospitals, the highest decision-making body in the health sector, initiated a formal process in which, among other things, scientific professional societies, the Federal chamber of physicians and of the German ethics Council comments to make.

so Far, Pregnant women must pay the from around 130 Euro expensive blood test. Probably in late summer, the Federal Committee will decide whether the performance should be included in the catalog of the statutory health insurance funds. An Alliance of organisations opposed to the project. They fear more abortions.

the Chairman of The Federal Committee, Joseph hedges, pointed to the risks of other studies, such as the biopsy of the placenta or of the amniotic fluid tests, as well as the “high test quality” of the blood tests. A recognition of the Tests, the Committee will see, therefore, in individual cases, as medically justified. “It’s not about a number of investigation of all Pregnant women,” said hedges. As a risk-Pregnant women, among other things, women are 35 years and over.

Currently, about ten percent of women with a child with Down’s syndrome (trisomy 21) pregnant decide according to experts, for the Baby. 90 percent of the children do not come to the world.

For the Tests, the Pregnant women from the 11. Week blood drawn. On the basis of the contained chromosomes parts of the child or the placenta, among other things, the probability can be calculated, with the help of the child would be coming with Down syndrome to the world. The accuracy is according to the manufacturer, at 99 percent. The False-Alarm Rate was very low: About one out of 1000 women, the Information get incorrectly, your child has trisomy 21.