The clock tower at the town hall a day later on 14.10 PM. It is the Moment collapsed on Tuesday, the power supply in large Parts of Berlin-Köpenick. More than 30,000 households remain for more than 24 hours from the power cut off. Trams will not run, lanterns and traffic lights are not working. Apartments are dark and cold, the public life in the residential blocks largely to a Standstill. Police area cars in the Blackout enhanced Patrol.

“Now hold foreign exchange,” said on Wednesday the owner of a jewelry shop. She has spent the night in your Store because the alarm system did not work. In some places, lit up a lonely window in the darkness. A man tells, he got the battery-operated Christmas lights from the basement. A real sense of comfort should not come without a function at the end of heating when the outside temperatures are below ten degrees, nevertheless.

in Front of the town hall, people gather in front of a used car, the Arbeiter-samariter Federation, their Smartphones recharge. On Wednesday, some schools, kindergartens and shops remain closed.

power outage in Berlin-Köpenick takes to

To assume that full supply would only be available late Wednesday evening restored, said Vattenfall spokeswoman for the Berlin electricity grid, Julia Klausch, the German press Agency. From 18.30, about half of the affected houses should be connected to the electricity grid. For this part of the supply of electricity should be from surrounding areas. From 21.30 then again, all stakeholders should be supplied with electricity. The damaged cable should be replaced completely. About one in five of the 134.600 households in the district has no electricity. Also in 2000, businesses are affected.

the reason for the Blackout is under the earth

but How could such a large-scale Blackout? The answer is two meters deep under the earth In a hole at a construction site of the Salvador-Allende-bridge were not damaged, only the main line, but also the replacement line. The cables run over the bridge. It was always a bottleneck, says Jürgen Schunk, head of the crisis unit of the power grid Berlin, in the “evening look” of the rbb. “That is to say, in this area must, when other bridges are available, then ultimately supply lines in a relatively close distance.”

The repair takes place now in very cramped conditions, said the spokesperson. The excavation only offer space for four to six workers. There are several “unfortunate components come together”: “There was not such a case.”

The glitch lays out on the very day of Köpenick lame, the Berlin CDU politician invited to the capital, the critical tübingen Lord mayor Boris Palmer (Green) to a visit to Berlin. The Berlin had to counter Palmer’s sharp mockery of the problems and Chaos in the metropolis of Berlin in the Rounds a little.