A fire in a carpenter’s workshop and a residential house in the Bonn district of Bad Godesberg has led to a large-scale operation of the fire Department. There is a easy to hurt people, said a spokesman for the fire Department.

The carpenter and the house had almost caught completely on fire. In the night of Sunday the fire Department was able to extinguish the fire.

The fire had broken out in a building complex. On the back of the building complex, a cinema, therefore, is. The area was spaciously. In the carpenter’s workshop and associated dwelling house was, according to the speaker at the time of the fire, only one man who could save independently into the open.

as a Precaution, around five houses were evacuated in the vicinity of the joinery. About 30 people had to leave their homes, they were able to return on Saturday evening.

Because of the strong smoke development, there was temporarily an official risk communication. Residents were asked to because of the imminent health danger, as a precaution, to keep Windows and doors closed. After less than an hour, the official danger warning was lifted again. At times, the fire was 120 forces on the ground.

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