cold slush was Announced wet, but then it became colder and the streets were suddenly mirror-smooth. More than 1000 accidents due to the heavy snowfall, has counted the police in North Rhine-Westphalia, between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning – with a higher number of unreported cases.

The West German radio warns motorists in NRW prior to freezing and extreme traffic jams. By the time eight o’clock, it is supposed to have 50 traffic jams with a total length of 400 kilometers, so the transport Studio of the station. Especially in the South and the North of Cologne, some of the tram were affected lines have made the weather.

According to Radio 91.2, all of the 35 Dortmunder stray had to move out car on Wednesday evening, because on the damp roads throughout the city, black ice had formed. 84 Times it got crashed into, according to police, difficult-to-no one was hurt, fortunately, five people got out with only minor injuries.

Cologne-Bonn airport is closed

Almost 80 accidents, the police in Aachen and the surrounding area registered – but mainly sheet metal damage. After a collision between two cars in Bergheim, two people had to go to the hospital. Also, do not get off lightly, the accident was in the East Westphalian Delbrück. A 57-year-old man came off of the road and the life of the wounded are dangerous.

penguin-Walk and beer slide

the funny side of the snow chaos

Because of heavy snowfall the Airport of Cologne/Bonn had to adjust on the Morning of the flight operation. Meanwhile, the runways are cleared, the air traffic was resumed. In the result, it will come in the course of a day, however, to irregularities in the flight plan, according to the Airport operator.

weather is not unchanged on Friday

A relaxation of the weather in point of view. According to the German weather service, the freezing temperatures will last, in addition, from the Rhineland to the Ruhr region and the rothaar mountains, a few inches of snow to fall. In the night to Friday the next Deep “Pirmin then” and brings snow and rain with slippery conditions.

Minus 34 degrees and getting colder

Deadly cold parts of the USA freezes – people should not call to take a deep breath

Extreme weather in the United States: Because of the “brutal” cold have some Federal States the case of a disaster. “Deep breaths, avoid,” advises the weather service.


sources: WDR, Radio 91,2, “Westfälischer Anzeiger”

nik / AFP / DPA

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