With an animated Doodle celebrating Google on Thursday a scientific Sensation. On Wednesday, a Team of astronomers presented to six simultaneous press conferences pride is the result of two years of work. They showed a picture to see a shining Ring with a black center. It is the first recording of a so-called Black hole.

Everything you need to know about the astronomical phenomenon.

What is a black hole?

Black holes are one of the predictions of the General theory of relativity, which Albert Einstein about a century ago. In them the mass of some is compressed up to several billion suns, to a point. Due to the immense gravity, therefore the Name can not escape from the immediate vicinity, even light,. Black holes can arise, for example, if a burned-out giant rush star under its own weight. The exact origin of supermassive holes, such as in M87 has not yet been clarified.

How can the astronomers a picture of a Black hole?

The Black hole itself is, in fact, even for the best telescopes in the invisible. However, it is in front of the brightly lit surroundings.

Why illuminate the surroundings?

The Black hole travel around to new matter. This matter does not disappear, but directly in the maw of the gravity monsters. Instead, they accumulated at a faster rotating disk, similar to water in a vortex from the bath flows. In this so-called accretion disk, the matter is by mutual friction of millions of degrees hot, and lights up bright. On the inner edge of the disk of the so-called event horizon is, in English, “event horizon”, which gave the project its name. It is the last place in the radius of a Black hole from which even light can escape.


this aninimierten Doodle Google celebrates the first recording of a Black hole. On Wednesday presented the astronomers of the spectacular image.


Why is this scan so difficult?

Black holes have an unimaginable amount of mass, but are very small. A black hole with the mass of our earth would be, for example, only as big as a cherry. In addition, the Black holes are very far away: M87 is 55 million light-years. A light-year is the distance light travels in one year. It is not a telescope you can build, which can detect at this distance the Details of the event horizon.

How did the researchers it is nevertheless?

For the Event Horizon Telescope have combined the scientists of eight radio telescope observatories on four continents. The telescopes have all observed at the same time M87 and the time of an atomic clock is recorded. In hindsight, the observation of linked data with the help of the extremely accurate time signal. This computer corresponds to an image, as it would have been taken from a giant telescope with the diameter of the entire telescope network – the Event Horizon Telescope. This virtual telescope has a diameter of about 8000 kilometers, almost as large as the earth. It is a detail reached sharpness, the equivalent of Berlin, from a newspaper in New York would read.

Why use the astronomers radio telescopes?

radio waves are just like visible light, electromagnetic waves, you only have a very much greater wavelength. Your advantage is that you will not be swallowed up by Gas and dust so strong. Black holes are usually surrounded by large amounts of Gas and dust. Only with radio waves, astronomers were able to penetrate the event horizon.

What astronomers learn from the first image of a Black hole?

The recording, which corresponds to expectations and shows that the theory of General relativity itself under these extreme conditions. Furthermore, it allows some of the alternative explanations for the phenomenon such as worm holes, or so-called Boson stars, to exclude, explained Luciano Rezzolla of Goethe University in Frankfurt. Specifically, the mass of the Black hole in M87 was to determine: It has, therefore, 6.5 billion Times the mass of our sun. This was not previously resolved.

Why is it glowing Ring around the Black hole is not evenly?

this corresponds to the expectation of how Monika Moscibrodzka of the Radboud University reported. The different brightness of the ring is a consequence of the Rotation of either the Black hole or the disk or both.

the Event Horizon Telescope Can also observe other Black holes?

Yes, the researchers have already surveyed the supermassive Black hole at the center of our own galaxy, the milky way. It is approximately 2000 Times denser than M87, but also about 1500 Times smaller, so that the event horizon appears to be about the same size in the sky. However, it is according to the words of the researchers also 1000 Times more restless than the space-time chasm in the heart of M87. Therefore, the analysis is considerably more complicated. Astronomers are, however, confident that, soon, there is a picture present. In addition, you will work to optimise the examination technique, the more Black holes in the range of the Event Horizon Telescope back.

What to bring to the attention of astronomers, these observations?

For one, they allow additional Tests of the theory of relativity under the most extreme gravitational conditions in the universe. On the other hand also a lot of questions about Black holes are not yet clarified, such as the matter swirls right in the throat. Or why some Black holes are a part of this matter before Reaching the event horizon in a sharply focused beam is again thrown. Such findings also have an impact on the image, the Astro physicist, at present, of our universe.

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