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Beyond Good & Evil 2 News, Story, Release Date And Success

Beyond Good & Evil 2 was one of the great surprises of the past E3 2017 that, in this year’s edition, has been seen again through a spectacular trailer and a small fragment of gameplay. Although the video game is still far from reaching the market, its top executives, Ubisoft, have been commenting on some details of the work and, on this occasion, it is the turn of the characters that will star in the journey.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 News And Story:

Beyond Good & Evil 2 News And Story
Beyond Good & Evil 2 News And Story

As of Ubisoft’s most anticipated games, the new Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been present during the E3 2018 company conference, where it has been shown with an exciting new cinematic trailer accompanied by some details about the game itself.

After the emotional official presentation of his first trailer during the last E3 2017, Michel Ancel’s game is one of the most anticipated adventures by Ubisoft fans, an adventure that has also enjoyed prominence during the current E3 2018. In this way, Beyond Good & Evil 2 has shown itself with a new cinematic trailer that we offer you at the head of this news, which has also left us with the appearance of two old friends.

And they are nothing less than the very one’s Jade and Zerdy, the characters of the first Beyond Good & Evil! But it is more, and from Ubisoft, they have confirmed some details of Beyond Good & Evil 2 as, for example, it will be an Action RPG based on an open universe and without loading screens, or that can be played both alone and accompanied in a way indistinct

Of course, not everything is Beyond Good & Evil 2 at the Ubisoft conference, and its 2018 E3 presentation will be loaded with all kinds of ads related to its most popular games and sagas. You can check all the company’s announcements with our summary of the Ubisoft conference of the E3 2018, as well as the rest of the novelties of the fair in our very complete special of the E3 2018 with all the games, trailers and the most interesting news of the World’s largest video game fair.

Beyond Good &Evil 2: Why Is It A Prequel And Not A Sequel?

Beyond Good & Evil 2 was finally announced after long years of expectation and will be a prequel to the original, according to its creator Michel Ancel. This has a reason and if you want to meet him, read this note!

One of the most important announcements in E3 2017 (where Geek Culture said this) was that of Beyond Good & Evil 2, the sequel to one of Ubisoft’s great science fiction classics. 14 years after the launch of the original game, its creator Michel Ancel and Ubisoft Montpellier, told more details about what will be seen in this sequel. This return is partly thanks to the possibilities presented by Voyager, the new graphic engine that is the product of three years of development.

Ancel explained how essential Voyager is to realize his vision for this sequel: “After all these years, we have achieved a technological breakthrough that allows us to do what we had dreamed of: traveling in space, having many characters online… all the ingredients essential. The consoles are very powerful now and creating extensive space games is very possible in these times. ” To get the most out of this is that Beyond Good & Evil 2 takes place in Planetary System 3, to the center of interstellar colonization and commerce in the Milky Way. In fiction, it is a space where large consortia use hybrid slaves to extract resources in the XXIV century. There are several characters from the original game but the idea is that the fans of the saga and the new players are on par.

Ancel said that: “We want to make a prequel not a sequel because we wanted everyone to be at the same level of information. Since the game is set before BG & E1, you don’t need to have played it to understand the plot. You can discover and explore the world and understand how this universe works: where do hybrids come from? What does humanity represent in this space? What role does colonization play in this universe? In this way, it is easier to dive into Beyond Good & Evil 2 without having played the first installment. ”

An interesting detail is that fans can participate in the creation of the universe of the game through the Space Monkey program, where those who register can give feedback to diversify the places. Ancel confirmed that, since the game has an emphasis on culture, there is no better inspiration than real life.

A Beta Of Beyond Good And Evil 2 Could Arrive By The End Of 2019:

Ubisoft is aiming to launch a Beyond Good and Evil 2 beta by the end of 2019, according to its creator Michel Ancel. Since Ubisoft betas tend to take months in anticipation of the launch, it certainly sets a release date, which almost certainly places a launch date, at the earliest, sometime in 2020.

It is not a real surprise since the game is very ambitious and still in development. The most recent pre-alpha video of the game showed the huge city of Ganesha, as well as travel and space combat. It was also revealed that the heroine of the first game, Jade seems to be the villain at least some part of this game.

Part of the game’s development will be on the fans’ side, with Ubisoft asking artists to contribute music and visual art to the game in collaboration with the HitRECord program by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Since then, Gordon-Levitt has responded to accusations that this could be a fan exploitation.

Ubisoft Trusts The Success That Beyond Good & Evil 2 Will Have:

Beyond Good & Evil 2
Beyond Good & Evil 2

After the announcement of the sequel to the popular title will shine in this year’s edition of the E3 with its trailer and the prototype of the game shown by Michel Ancel, video game designer from Ubisoft, fans are looking forward to the game and Ubisoft is sure they will comply.

The sequel to Beyond Good & Evil does not yet have an announced release date and yet, Yves Guillemot, the executive manager of Ubisoft, said they are betting on great success once the game is available in the market. The game development process has been a long journey in which a large sum of money and a lot of effort has been invested by the company’s workers, to which Guillemot has confirmed that “It is not risk”, confirming that the Company is not worried.

The executive is sure that Ancel provided incredible ideas, which in turn are novel if they are executed in the right way.

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