actor Luke Perry was mostly known from the hit series “Beverly Hills 90210” from the 90s

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actor Luke Perry totSenior died after a hot bath (15.36 hours), and The Prodigy front man Keith Flint is dead (12.35 p.m.) – South Korea wants to mediate between the US and North Korea (10.18 PM)From A380 million of taxpayers ‘ money in danger (9.31 PM)

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+++ 19.51 clock: A goose on the Track 6 +++

A goose at the Stuttgart main train station to the blocking of several tracks. According to police reports, she ran on Saturday on the station premises. An employee of the railroad informed the Federal police about the goose on Track 6. “During a Patrol tried the spring animal trap moved in a second Patrol with a dog crate for reinforcement”, – stated in the message of the Federal police. Finally, a police officer was able to capture the feathered excursionists by Hand. After a short stay at Stuttgart veterinary emergency service, the goose was released on a lake in freedom.

+++ 19.15: actor Luke Perry is dead+++

The American actor Luke Perry has died at the age of 52 years. As a representative for the actor announced on Monday, succumbed to Perry the consequences of a massive stroke he had suffered in the past week. Perry was the television series “Beverly Hills, 90210” a world-wide celebrity. Perry was surrounded in his last moments by his closest family, his fiancée and friends, said the spokesman. The actor had been admitted on Wednesday after his stroke to the hospital.

Perry had shown in the two-decades-old Teen-Drama “Beverly Hills, 90210” the character multi-layered character of Dylan McKay. Most recently Perry has been working with rotary, have been employed for more episodes of “Riverdale”. When on a comic book based series, it is also a Teenage Drama. Perry played Fred Andrews, the father of the student, Archie. Only last week, a new edition was announced of “Beverly Hills, 90210”, for Perry, however, is not signed. Six of his former colleagues from the original series want to participate in the mini-series, created a new edition.

+++ 18.35 p.m.: threats in Facebook: brother of Strasbourg-bomber sentenced +++

A brother of the slain Strasbourg-assassin Chérif Chekatt has been condemned in France because of threatening messages on Facebook to twelve months in prison, six of which were on probation. This was reported by the beige Strasbourg Prosecutor Alexandre Chevrier with ordered. The Condemned was set free, therefore, but after the verdict in Strasbourg for the time being. He should go in for psychological treatment and his imprisonment later on in a match, it said. Under French law, prison sentences can be, in certain cases, even mitigated. According to the news Agency AFP this possibility exists in the case of the Chekatt-brother.

+++ 18.14 PM: “Breaking Bad” in Siberia: chemistry teacher-produced drugs in the attic +++

A former chemistry teacher has been convicted in Russia on Monday to eleven years in prison for drug trafficking. The 52-Year-old had set up in his attic laboratory and there, for more than a year, large quantities of synthetic drugs are made, according to the news Agency Tass reported. Thus have been ensured in the country of the man in the Irkutsk Region 20 kilograms of finished drugs. The man who is a laboratory technician trained in chemistry, has ordered the raw materials to be a drug lab on the Internet. Russian media reports that he sold the drugs via a complex network of Hiding. Pictures of the Russian secret service the FSB revealed an attic full of computer screens, tubes, vials and containers. The case is reminiscent of the multiple award-winning U.S. television series “Breaking Bad”. It revolves around chemistry teacher Walter White, who starts a criminal career as a drug dealer.

+++ 17.50 PM: the Aachen carnival: man falls from window, click viewer +++

At the carnival parade in Aachen is like a young man out of a window about seven feet deep on a bystander. Both were severely injured in a hospital. According to police, the 24-Year-old wanted to jump out of the window situated on top of a parapet, in order to have a better look at the train. He misjudged, however, and instead fell down on the 34-Year-old. The police think it was an accident.

+++ 17.30: Guaidó to Venezuela +++

The self-proclaimed Venezuelan interim President Juan Guaidó returned is returned after approximately one and a half weeks after Venezuela. He arrived at the airport in Maiquetía, near the capital Caracas to see the Venezuelan television (VPI).

+++ 17.08 PM: thief captured in carnival almost 60 mobile phones +++

A man has taken advantage of the relaxed mood during the street carnival in the Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo, according to media reports, equal to 58 mobile phones stolen. The 35-year-old Colombian went to the police but to the network, such as the news portal G1 reported that A woman was able to locate your stolen phone and gave the officers the location. At the address of the policemen met the man in a car with fake license plates and cell phones, other electronic devices, and 700 of the Real (about 156 Euro) in cash.

+++ 16.49 am: the transport Committee of the EU Parliament at the end of the time changeover from 2021 onwards +++

The transport Committee of the EU Parliament has voted in favour of abolishing the time change from the year 2021. 23 members voted in Brussels in favour, eleven against. Abstentions, there were no. The EU Commission had originally planned, in 2019, the member States demanded significantly more time to prepare.

+++ 16.34 watch: Ex-Governor Hickenlooper wants to challenge Trump 2020 +++

The former Governor of the US state of Colorado John Hickenlooper has as a 14. The democratic candidate declared his candidature for President in the election of 2020. He believed that he could beat the Republican incumbent, Donald Trump, said the 67-Year-old ABC. Hickenlooper criticized the increasing polarisation among Trump. “This is probably the worst Phase of the split that we have had in this country since the civil war.”

+++ 16.24 PM: mothers with an immigrant background should be easier to find Jobs +++

The Federal government wants to help mothers with an immigrant background to find employment. For this, Germany should be encouraged across 90 points of contact, advising the women and their job search accompany. “Straighte mothers, who have immigrated with their families, and sometimes even small children, need a good offer to stand in future on its own feet and earn their own money,” said Minister of family Affairs Franziska Giffey (SPD). In cooperation with the Federal Agency for work to you have been aimed at promoting and child-care language, but also internships, training and jobs.

+++ 16.10: Putin uses Russia’s participation in the INF Treaty officially off +++

Russian President Vladimir Putin to the participation of his country at the INF has suspended disarmament Treaty officially. In a statement, the Kremlin said, Putin is reacting to the fact that the United States had violated the obligations that the contract imposes. The USA is Russia ready to make the same accusation. Both countries had announced in February its withdrawal from the Treaty.

+++ 15.51 PM: EU sets new Syrian Minister on the sanctions list +++

Germany and the other EU member States have set seven new Minister to the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on its sanctions list. The people who I accused of being for the violent repression against the Syrian civilian population is a responsibility, shared with the EU. A total of 277 persons from entry are now banned and the Freezing of assets affected. They are complementary to other sanctions such as an oil embargo and export restrictions for weapons.

+++ 15.36 PM: a Senior after a hot bath in a nursing home in Saxony-Anhalt died +++

An 82-Year-old several days after a hot bath is in a nursing home in Dessau in Saxony-Anhalt died. The investigation into the cause of death continues, as police and prosecutors informed rushed in Dessau. A 20-year-old employee of the care facility had bathed the man last Tuesday. Then in the Senior large area scalds were found on the body. The 82-Year-old was placed in a special clinic. Doctors assessed his condition as life-threatening. On Monday morning he died, according to the hospital. The police are investigating on suspicion of negligent bodily injury.

+++ 15: 28: fight to the last IS-Bastion: More than 150 IS fighters result +++

In the struggle to the last IS-Bastion in Syria as a result of more than 150 fighters of the terrorist militia activists, according to their attackers. The jihadists would have been the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) and a prisoner had been taken, reported the Syrian Observatory for human rights. They came from different countries. Also, the SDF commander Adnan Afrik, said that a large group IS fighters have surrendered.

+++ 15.12 PM: More than 1500 turtles in suitcases to Manila airport +++

Philippine authorities found have to ensure at the airport of Manila 1529 in suitcases hidden turtles. The tape protected animals were alive when officers found on Sunday evening in four abandoned suitcases, the customs and the airport authority announced. The suitcase belonged, therefore, to a Hong-Kong-arrived passenger.

+++ 15.01 PM: Pope’s Opening announces of secret Vatican archives from the Nazi-time to +++

Pope Francis has announced the Opening of the secret Vatican archives for the pontificate of Pius XII (1939-1958) as of March 2020. This could bring new insights to the attitude of the Vatican during the Second world war. Many scientists have been calling for for years, the Opening of the archives, to be able to investigate, which is why Pius XII turned vehemently against the mass murder by the Nazis of the Jews.

+++ 14.41 PM: police found three bodies in an apartment in lower Bavaria +++

In an apartment in the lower Bavarian town of Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg, the police has found three dead bodies. The officers forced their way into the apartment in the District of Ascholtshausen, after a family member notified them. This had no longer able to reach his family – two women and a man – for some time. The police believe was a homicide. A 41-year-old house owner was arrested, it says in a statement.

+++ 14.22 at: Huawei-affair – China has accused two Canadians of espionage +++

China has accused two detained Canadians of espionage. Both of them had been imprisoned after the financial boss of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, had been arrested in Canada. Diplomats saw a retaliation of China. Only three days after the fundamental decision of the canadian government, that the daughter of the group-may green be the founder extradited at the Request of the United States, collected the authorities in Beijing on Monday, the spying allegations. Former canadian Diplomat and current representatives of the independent Crisis Group, Michael Kovrig, have been working “as a spy, the Chinese state secrets and secret information to be stolen,” – quoted by the official Xinhua news Agency, the legal Committee of the Communist party. The also arrested Korea expert and business man Michael Spavor was his most important contact, and I provided him with secret information.

+++ 15.15: the global climate of protest, with rallies held in almost 500 cities +++

The climate of protests, following the example of the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg in one and a half weeks, according to the organizers, in nearly 500 cities. At the international school strikes on 15. March wanted to engage the protesters in a minimum of 490 cities in 57 countries, said the network is “a Global Strike For the Future”. It is also possible that there would be in other cities of rallies, which had not yet been listed, said a spokesman for the network of the DPA. Therefore, climate-protests on all the inhabited continents are planned, the most Western in Honolulu, Hawaii, the most easterly in new Zealand Palmerston North. In Germany, a total of 56 cities to be included, and including in addition to the capital Berlin and the big cities such as Bremen, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart are also smaller places such as Boizenburg and Altdöbern.

+++ 14.07 PM: “The Prodigy” confirm on Instagram suicide of the singer Keith Flint +++

While the police are called according to media and Agency reports of the death of “The Prodigy”lead singer Keith Flint so far as “innocent”, has confirmed the Band on their Instagram Account that the 49-Year-old took his own life. “The news is true. I can’t believe I Howlett saying this, but our brother Keith has taken during the week-end life”, posted Co-leader of the band, Liam. Keith Flint had been found in his house in Essex lifeless. From the official side it was said that the cause of death was not yet known.

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The news is true , I can’t believe I’m saying this but our brother Keith took his own life over the weekend , I’m shell shocked , fuckin angry , confused and heart broken ….. r. i. p brother Liam #theprodigy

A post shared by The Prodigy official (@theprodigy official) on Mar 4, 2019 at 4:13 PM PST

the help you have suicidal thoughts?

in every life situation, and round-the-clock telephone helpline for anonymous and free of charge, a listening ear and advice, telephone: (0800) 1110111 and (0800) 1110222. A consultation via E-Mail.
for A list of Federal-aid stations can be found on the page of the German society for suicide prevention. For more information,

+++ 13.47 PM: Sex outside of marriage – Twelve Indonesians publicly with strokes of the Cane punished +++

In Indonesia, six couples have been convicted due to illegitimate sexual intercourse in public with strokes of the Cane. Eight people each received between 17 and 25 strokes of hooded Sharia officials, after they were caught having Sex outside of their marriages, as the authorities of Islam have declared cities in the province of Aceh. Four other people were each given seven strokes as a punishment for Sex with partners with whom they were not married. Thereafter, at least two women were so badly injured that they had to be carried away by Sharia officials. Dozens of onlookers attended the public punishment. Some danced to the beats, others were filming the scenes with their Smartphones and Tablets. The twelve people were arrested last year during a RAID in a Hotel in the provincial capital of Banda Aceh. They had, moreover, several months in prison.

+++ 13.38 PM: Missing Rebecca in Berlin public Prosecutor’s office wants to let the brother-in-law apparently arrested +++

In the case of the missing 15-had been taken year old Rebecca from Berlin last week, her brother-in-law, and then by a judge. The evidence is not sufficient for probable cause. According to information of the “Focus Online” and the “Berliner Kurier” intends to appeal to the Berlin public Prosecutor’s office, however, now complaint. So that one wanted to achieve that but still warrant against the 27-Year-old is adopted. The dispute, to have something to do with the Disappearance of the girl. Been two weeks since Rebecca went missing, spent the weekend before in the house of her sister and brother-in-law.

+++ 13: 33: fighters for foreign terrorist militias passport withdrawal +++

threatens the future fighters for foreign terrorist militias with a German passport, the citizenship and threatens to in the future. A prerequisite is that you have another citizenship and of full age. The Federal authorities have agreed to the interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) and Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD), as their ministries have announced. The scheme should only apply to future cases and not for those jihadists who have fought in the past for the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS), now incarcerated, and may again return to Germany.

+++ 13.17 PM: Ernst August junior is waived for the time being, castle on sale of Guelphs +++

Because of the family dispute, the future of the Malbork castle, hereditary Prince Ernst August junior is waived for the time being on the sale to the state of lower Saxony. He had “decided, after careful Consideration, to remain as long as the owner of the Marienburg, to all parties safe and viable, final solution, implementation is Mature,” said the Duke of Braunschweig and Lüneburg. It remains, however, to be objective, to transform the castle and its inventory “as soon as possible” in a non-profit Foundation. To do this, he was with the state government to continue in “close contact”, – was said in the in Pattensen published statement of the Guelph princes.

ancestral seat of the Guelphs

Prince Ernst-August of Hanover: His dream castle should only cost a Euro

What is Malbork castle? Hereditary Prince Ernst-August of Hanover junior wants to sell the headquarters of the house of Hanover in the Land of lower Saxony. He doesn’t have enough money for the receipt. Father Ernst August senior.

DPA +++ 13.10 PM: After the fire with five dead, no clues to the arson +++

After the devastating fire in Nuremberg, with five dead, nothing points so far to arson. A spokesperson for the police said the Bureau of middle Franconia to the preliminary investigation. The results of the Autopsy were expected by Tuesday, said the spokeswoman. An investigation Commission is now to investigate the cause of the fire. In the case of the fire, a 34-Year-old mother, an infant and three other children ages four, five and seven years, died in the night to Saturday. The two grandparents, the father of the children, and an eight-year-old son survived the disaster seriously injured.

+++ 13 PM: Pakistan’s air space re-opened +++

After the escalation of the conflict in Kashmir is open to the air space over Pakistan. A spokeswoman for the civil aviation authority, said: “All airports in Pakistan are in operation and the air space open again.” Pakistan had closed its airspace last Wednesday, after the country as well as India, were used in the conflict over the Kashmir Region, its air force.

+++ 12.53 PM: dead Keith Flint – cause of death still unknown +++

The cause of death of the 49 years of the late Keith Flint, nothing is currently known. The front man of the Band “The Prodigy” had been found on Monday morning in his apartment in the UK Essex to be dead.

+++ 12.52 PM: “pug-affair” could be the case for the justice +++

the fate of the seized and on Ebay selling pug-lady “Edda” is international in the headlines – now it could be the case for the judiciary. The buyer of the bitch sued to select the Westphalian city. “My lawyer has sent the action to wives, almost night out,” said Michaela Jordan (52) of the German Press-Agency. You want to get the purchase price and vet costs reimbursed. In addition, they have filed a criminal complaint for fraud against the city, described the police officer from Wülfrath in Wuppertal: “I am horrified and appalled by the actions of the city.” Pug “Edda” had been seized, according to the city, from a family in Ahlen, since they have high debts with the municipality. The proceeds will be invested in the city Treasury. Jordan said she had bought the animal at the beginning of December for 690 Euro.

+++ 12.35 PM: The Prodigy front man Keith Flint is dead +++

Keith Flint, front man of the British Band “The Prodigy”, is dead. The reports of several British media consistently citing police information. Accordingly, the 49-Year-old lifeless in his apartment was found in the English Essex. His death will not be classified as suspicious, it means “Independent” or “Guardian”. The officials are not so extraneous influence. According to the Reports, someone called in on Monday morning, the police to the home address. There, the officials had a dead 49-Year-old found. His relatives had been informed.

+++ 12.29 PM: Baerbock to Kramp-Karrenbauer: “I would have apologized” +++

Green party leader Anna Lena Baerbock holds to the carnival joke about toilets for the third gender of the CDU-Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer an apology is appropriate. “I would have apologized,” said Baerbock in Berlin. A joke can always succeed a miss. “But if you do not apologizes for, if he goes at the expense of minorities, then there’s more to it than that.” There is a history, namely the controversial Statements Kramp cart Builder to marriage for Gays and lesbians. “The question of Anti-discrimination, and respectful to each other, 365 days of the year, and also to carnival,” said Baerbock.

+++ 12 PM: fact-finding Commission to a fire with five dead in Nuremberg furnished +++

After the fire in a house in Nuremberg, with five dead, the police has set up a fact-finding Commission. The focus of the work is the search for the cause of the fire, the police announced. The cause of the fire is, therefore, still unclear. The public Prosecutor’s office ordered the autopsy of the victims. In the fire early Saturday morning, a 34-year-old woman and her four children were killed. Among the Victims was a Baby, the other children were four, five and seven years old.

+++ 11.32 PM: lesbians and Gays in the Union are demanding an apology from the CDU-Boss +++

The Association of lesbians and Gays in the Union, demands that the CDU leader, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer an excuse for their carnival joke about toilets for intersex people. The SWR of the Chairman Alexander Vogt said on Monday: “of Course an apology is due. That is what we expect.” In the carnival there are limits. Also, if the joke Kramp-Karrenbauer had been no evil intent, don’t do the thing better. Further, Vogt said: “If that happens lightly, it is also a sign of how it is commonly spread this way of Thinking.” He expected a clarifying discussion with the CDU leader.

+++ 11.11 am: the neighbor with a Bathrobe belt strangled – Long imprisonment for manslaughter +++

The Hamburg regional court has sentenced a defendant to ten years and eight months imprisonment because he had strangled a neighbor with a Bathrobe belt. The 52-Year-old had been guilty of manslaughter, said the presiding judge. The motive for the fact in may of 2018, I can’t exactly be elucidated. Maybe it was a dispute over money. The Bathrobe of the 78-year-old victim, as well as in the head and neck area were found according to prosecutors, DNA traces of the accused. The prosecution had demanded a sentence of life imprisonment for murder, the defense against an acquittal. The 52-Year-old had insisted in the process his innocence. The judgment is not yet final.

+++ 10.18 PM: South Korea wants between USA and North Korea +++

to convey To the disarmament summit between the United States and North Korea in Hanoi will offer the South Korean government as a mediator. Under the chairmanship of the President Moon Jae In meets in Seoul, the national security Council of South Korea, with the aim of further dialogue on the disarmament of North Korean nuclear weapons program. He hope the US President, Donald Trump, and North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong-Un come together again in the near future, said Moon, according to his office. “In this process, our role has become very important.” The second summit between Trump and Kim was, surprisingly, went without a final Declaration. Both of them were in the Central question of disagreeing, as the nuclear Arsenal of North Korea is dismantled, and which will give consideration to it.

++ 9.57 PM: Ernst August junior is armed to the sale of Welfenschloss optimistic +++

In the dispute of the Guelphs house to the sale of the castle of Marienburg, hereditary Prince Ernst August junior is expecting an agreement. “I am firmly convinced that we will find a solution to all parties Involved. I stand in constructive discussions”, said the 35-Year-old the “New Osnabrücker Zeitung”. The preservation of the castle will only succeed with the state of lower Saxony. Between Ernst August junior and his father Ernst August of Hanover there is a legal dispute over the planned sale of the renovation-needy Marienburg to the country. Ernst August senior doubts that his son is entitled to the business for the symbolic price of one Euro. He refers to the 2004 closed gift and inheritance contracts. In the neo-Gothic style, built Malbork castle is the traditional summer residence of the princely family of the Guelphs. The castle is located about 20 kilometers South of Hannover, and is today a destination, including restaurants. The facility is however in need of renovation.

+++ 9.51 PM: study: professional runner to bounce more as a recreational runner +++

long-distance professionals repel stronger from the ground as a recreational runner and an average of eleven per cent longer in the air. This was the result of a Team led by Stephen Preece of the University of Salford in Manchester in the scientific journal “European Journal of Sport Science”. The stronger Repulsion would lead to a higher vertical acceleration of the fast runners, so you bounce more. The Team analyzed the movements of 14 high – performance and recreational athletes – including both men and women. The technology of the two groups was taken at fixed speeds under the microscope. The researchers found that the high-performance runner when on the ground, the knee of the corresponding leg more gebeugt as a casual runner. The leg is closer to the body. In addition, the ankle is inclined stronger and the high-performance runners come with the forefoot than the heel.

+++ 9.31 am: After From for A380 is around 600 million euros of taxpayers ‘money in danger +++

After the stop in production of the A380 is around 600 million of taxpayers’ money may be in danger: The Federal government received a report from a credit to Airbus for the development of the giant plane only about one-third. The aircraft manufacturer had received in 2002 a loan of approximately EUR 942 million, “has so far been paid to around a third,” quoted the Newspapers of the Funke media group from a response by the Federal government. The repayment of the credit granted is coupled to the A380 deliveries.

+++ 8.58 PM: the Five deaths came after a helicopter crash in Kenya +++

In a helicopter crash in Kenya, according to police sources, five people were killed. It was a Kenyan pilots and four Americans, police said. The accident occurred at a Safari Camp on an island in lake Turkana in Northern Kenya. The cause was initially unclear. A total of two helicopters had previously landed on the island, it said. In Kenya, again, it comes to crash more often – most recently in February when a small plane with five people aboard, including two Americans, in the West of the country had crashed.

+++ 8.55 PM: thousands of hectares of forest are in accordance with Australian record-breaking summer, in flames +++

After a summer full of heat records in Australia to fight against forest – and Bush fires. Alone in the southern Australian state of Victoria, about a thousand firefighters were deployed to fight fires. In several dozen Places, the flames were out of control. Thousands of people had to leave their homes. The largest fire raging in the Bunyip State Park, where approximately 6,000 hectares of Land burnt. According to the authorities, at least nine buildings were destroyed, among them residential houses. Was triggered this fire last week due to lightning.

+++ 8.38 PM: still up to a hundred miners in a gold mine in Indonesia included +++

Six days after the collapse of an illegal gold mine in Indonesia are still locked up to a hundred miners underground. The rescuers are looking for on the island of Sulawesi, more feverishly, to the Missing, officials said. 19 miners have been rescued and nine bodies were recovered. It is totally unclear so far, how many workers were buried. The survivors had made different information, said the spokesman for the civil protection Agency, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho. They had spoken of 30, 50, 60, or even hundreds of victims. At the time of the accident, many of the “workers in the main pit, and an” unknown number “of workers had been” in smaller shafts.

+++ 6.32 PM: Huawei-Manager is suing Canada because of arrest +++

in Canada, firmly held, and the extradition to the United States threatened financial boss of Chinese telecoms group Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, the canadian government sued. Their constitutional rights were at the time of their arrest on 1. December seriously injured, – stated in the U.S. news portal “Politico” published in the writ. Meng asks for damages for “abuse of office” and “deprivation of liberty”. The canadian government had declared on Friday, in principle, willing, the daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei to the United States. The Manager is Bank fraud in connection with violations of sanctions against Iran are accused of. The US government requested their extradition.

+++ 6.03 PM: the United States and South Korea to start new military maneuvers +++

the armed forces of The United States and South Korea have, according to the setting of their largest joint military maneuvers in a smaller command exercise started. The maneuver “Dong Maeng” (translated: Alliance) started as planned, said a spokesman for the defense Ministry in Seoul. It should be up to 12. February take. Both countries had agreed to take the several weeks of spring-field maneuvers “Foal Eagle”, as well as the parallel running command training “Key Resolve” from your training program. To justify the Pentagon referred to the efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the dispute over the North Korean nuclear weapons program. The spring maneuvers triggered again and again violent protests, the Communist leadership of North Korea.

+++ 5.37 PM: a man goes to dispute at almost the night of the event, near Trier, in the group of people +++

After a dispute at a carnival event in the vicinity of Trier, a man with his car into a group of people. In the process, Palatinate, Mosel-municipality of fur in the night on Monday was in the Rhineland-an 18-Year-old injured, the police announced. The intoxicated 28-year-old attacker initially fled, was arrested after a manhunt but. The Prosecutor’s office of Trier classifies the attack as attempted homicide. In the case of the almost-night event in the fur it had come to the police, according to the first to a quarrel and then a physical altercation with several injured. The 28-year-old Accused then sat in his car and drove into the crowd of people that had formed because of the brawl in front of the event hall.

+++ 5.06 PM: VW-in-chief: U.S. auto tariffs could cost VW up to three billion euros +++

Volkswagen-chief Herbert Diess warns of billion in costs as a result of possible U.S. import duties. “That would be hard to digest. It could cost us two to three billion euros – in the worst case, at 25 percent tariff,” said Diess the editorial network in Germany. “This would also have consequences for employment – a real threat, we try to avoid with all your strength.” EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström wants to advise in the next few days in Washington about rapprochement in the trade dispute. While calls are in progress, to be imposed by this agreement, no new customs duties.

+++ 5.05 PM: Schleswig-Holstein calls for the Minister of social Affairs load brake for people in need of care +++

the Schleswig-Holstein Minister for social Affairs Heiner Garg (FDP) calls for a load brake for people in need of care and their families. “We must not send our patient more on social services,” said Garg, the Newspapers of the editorial network in Germany. “I suggest to cap your own share of the costs for accommodation, meals and personal needs for under 1000 euros a month.” To avoid further contribution increases, was a dynamic of increasing tax subsidy required, said Garg. He campaigned in order to support a corresponding Bundesrat initiative of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

+++ 4.43 PM: the taxpayers ‘ Federation criticized the collective agreement for the public service +++

The Federal government, the taxpayer has criticised the wage agreement for the public service. “Verdi himself speaks of one of the best results of the last few years, it will be so for the costly for taxpayers,” said the Chairman of the Association of Pure wood nail the “Passauer Neue Presse”. “I was aggressive for the collective completion of more Quality and performance of the components is desired. Now again we are witnessing the watering can.” After days of warning Strikes in the public service employers and trade unions had agreed on a strong wage plus for the employees of the länder. The wages of some 800,000 employees are expected to rise over a period of 33 months, a total of eight percent. The agreement applies to all countries with the exception of Hessen.

+++ 2.57 PM: Guaidó swears Venezuelans on mass protest against Maduro, a +++

Venezuela’s self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaidó. his countrymen before the announced mass protests against the head of state, Nicolás Maduro in the face of determined opposition sworn in “We are stronger than ever, this is the Moment to be weak,” said Guaidó in one of the social networks, the transmitted Video. He called on all state servants, the for Monday’s planned protests. He will return on Monday to Venezuela. Whether Guaidó will participate in the demonstrations and where he was at the time of the recording of the video, he left it open. His message of a 35-castle-Year-old with the words: “We see us tomorrow.”

+++ 2.39 PM: According to chase: Fugitive on the police to ride +++

With great tenacity, a drunk driver in the Rhineland, is fled-Palatinate, in front of the police – until he thought better of it. In order to avoid a traffic control, raced to the 27-Year-old, first through the narrow streets of the Moselle village of Sankt Aldegund, and pulled off with his sports car, a house wall, and fled with about 200 kilometers per hour in the direction of the neighbouring village of Bremm, according to police. Through a large-scale investigation office helicopter could be the damaged car and quickly found, by the driver, each track was missing. A little later the Fugitive then ran voluntarily to the police in the poor: In the case of a control in Bremm he asked with torn pants, a uniformed COP to civil strife, if they could take him in the car in the direction of Sankt Aldegund. “The heavily drunken Moselaner could be immediately helped!”, it was stated in the notice of the police. His car and license were seized.

+++ 1.53 PM: USA merge Embassy and the Consulate in Jerusalem +++

After the relocation of the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem the United States is now officially also your Consulate in Jerusalem. The Consulate was primarily a focal point for Palestinians. It is now in the new message, which bundles everything into a single diplomatic representation, such as the US foreign Ministry announced. The Palestinians,

criticized the announcement, sharp and evaluated it as a political positioning in the middle East conflict in favour of the Israeli side. The Israeli government praised the plans.

+++ 1.06 PM: 5000 asylum-seekers return programs +++

used In the framework of the EU-Turkey agreement, have to leave in 2018, almost 5,000 asylum-seekers in Greece on return programmes voluntarily, and a further 322 were deported to Turkey. In return, the EU has taken just under 7000 Syrian refugees. The response of the Federal government to a Minor Interpellation of the Left, which is the “New Osnabrücker Zeitung”. The government refers to Figures of the EU-Commission.

+++ 1.05 PM: government agrees on Plan for passport withdrawal in the case of jihadists +++

The Federal government has agreed to a media report on a Plan for the withdrawal of the German nationality in the case of IS-fighters. “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, NDR and WDR reported, citing government circles, Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) and Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD) had agreed on a deprivation of citizenship of jihadists, if three conditions are present: jihadists must have a second citizenship, and be of age. In addition, only those jihadists to be stripped of his German nationality, to participate in the future to Fight, but not those that are already imprisoned. This means that the future scheme will not be applied retroactively. A draft law will be voted according to the report, in a timely manner.

+++ 0.06 at: part-time employment since 1991 to 170 percent, The number of hours worked of employed persons in Germany increased last year, with 61.1 billion hours for the first time about the level of 1991 increased +++

. However, it has changed the distribution of the volume of work on the workers in this time: While full-time employees in 2018, contributing significantly less volume of work than 17 years earlier, increased the proportion of part-time employees. This is clear from the response of the Federal government to a minor Interpellation of the left party, which is the “Rheinische Post”. Accordingly, the volume of work of full-time employees of 2018, took over in 1991 to 14.3 per cent, while the number of hours worked by part-time employees to 170 percentage points went up in the air.

+++ 0.05 PM: local government Association, warns of the rise of the AfD in the East +++

The cities and municipalities has made the established political parties for the rise of the AfD in the East of Germany responsible. “Wherever the people do not feel understood, and the established parties provide no answers, increases the willingness to be populist or politically more radical forces to turn to,” said chief Executive Gerd Landsberg, the “Handelsblatt”. “Populism and radicalization are threats to the business location of Germany in a European economic Union.” Landsberg pointed out that, despite the very good economic situation in Germany, many people felt of the positive development of detached and dismissive and radical positions developed. In East Germany, three state elections this year. In Thuringia on March 27. October chosen, in Saxony and Brandenburg on 1. September.

+++ 0.00 hours: Liberal opposition party wins Parliament election in Estonia +++

the parliamentary elections in Estonia, the opposition reform party as the strongest force. After counting all the votes the liberal party to 34 out of 101 Seats in the people’s representation Riigikoku. Behind the left-leaning centre party of head of government Jüri Ratas (26 seats) in front of the site follows on place two pulistischen Estonian Conservative people’s party (EKRE, 19 seats), the electoral Commission announced in Tallinn. Also, Ratas’ Alliance partner the conservative party Isamaa (12 seats) and the social Democrats (10 seats) – managed to enter the Parliament.

+++ 0.00 hrs: Hand in the Cup holder caught – fire-four-year-old +++

freed puts The fire Department in Munich to be a rescue mission of a special kind. A four-year-old had stuck her Finger so far into the Opening of your child’s seat mounted drinks holder, and that they could not free themselves from it, such as the fire and rescue services. After the parents failed in the liberation in the car, they took their daughter velvet child seat in the apartment. Meanwhile, the Hand was greatly swollen. In the apartment the parents called the fire Department, which arrived with a special tool and beverage holder be careful for your children, as well as from the Hand of the Small sawing off. Because the girl was now held by a television in a good mood, not with got you from the rescue action in the first place much. The fire, however, the unusual task made evident pleasure: “We firefighters will experience such missions are rare,” wrote the forces after their successful rescue action in your message.

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