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Best Shows On Amazon Prime “Updated”

If you are passionate about the shows, do not miss this selection of the best Amazon Prime Video shows. You just have to subscribe and start enjoying its extensive catalog.

If you still do not know Amazon Prime Video, you are missing thousands of hours of audiovisual fun. This streaming platform to watch the best series, movies, documentaries and online programs is part of the Amazon Prime subscription, for which you pay an annual or monthly fee in exchange for exclusive services.

Amazon Prime Video works similarly to Netflix or HBO, with hundreds of exclusive content, whether produced by itself or by others. You can enjoy these contents of the platform on the TV, on the computer, on the tablet or the smartphone, and take the best series with you wherever you go. Not to miss a single chapter at the time you want to see it.

The price is the excellent asset of Amazon Prime Video. You have to subscribe to Amazon Prime for an annual fee of $39.61 or $5.49 per month. And in addition to enjoying the best series, you will also have all the exclusive advantages to buy through Amazon.

An interesting detail: you have a trial period of 30 days to try without limits and discover if the subscription you like and if the content meets your expectations. Besides, you can cancel at any time at no cost.

It is an excellent way to approach the best series before deciding to pay. As if that were not enough, if you subscribe now, you can enjoy thousands of offers on Prime Day on July 15 and 16.

The best way to know the endless possibilities Amazon Prime Video and know if it fits your tastes is to take a look at the audiovisual catalog. The contents are usually of quality, but each person has their preferences.

We have compiled the best series of Amazon Prime Video. Both own production and others. So you have to choose which one is your best show.

American Gods:

American Gods is a successful fantasy series available exclusively in more than 200 countries and based on the best-selling bespoke of the well-known writer Neil Gaiman. The show stars Ricky White as Shadow Moon and veteran Ian McShane as Mr Wednesday.

American Gods tell the story of a war between the old and new gods. Traditional mythology gods around the world are losing believers in the face of the modern pantheon of today’s society, guided by money, technology, the media, fame, and drugs.

From the best Amazon Prime Video shows if you like the celebrated series, with a relaxed aesthetic. He has been so successful that he has already confirmed his third season. Enjoy it on Amazon.


Goliath is a series of Amazon’s production that has surprised critics and audiences. Billy McBride (Billy Bob Thornton) was a prestigious lawyer from Los Angeles (California, USA), but fell out of favor. Now he spends more time in a bar than in court while surviving in a bad-motel motel.

When Billy sees the opportunity to litigate against Cooperman & McBride’s biggest client, the powerful law firm he founded long ago, he doesn’t doubt it. And an unequal fight against the giant Goliath begins.

Goliath is one of the best series of lawyers you can find today. In 2016, Billy Bob Thornton won the Golden Globe as best drama series actor. You can discover the first two seasons and Amazon has already commissioned the third, which will be released throughout 2019.

Jack Ryan:

Jack Ryan is a frantic spy series based on the characters of renowned writer Tom Clancy. Follow the adventures of Jack Ryan (John Krasinski), a promising CIA analyst who is assigned to a dangerous field mission for the first time. Ryan’s tense investigations uncover a pattern of terrorist communication that puts him at the centre of a dangerous game with chilling new terrorism on a global scale.

It is an electrifying drama that is about to dazzle with its second season, set in Venezuela and has already signed a third season. Krasinski received in 2018 the nomination for best actor in the Actors Guild for his performance in Jack Ryan.

This series is for you if you enjoy thrillers, action series or spy intrigues with global consequences. To enjoy chapter by chapter without respite. It is an Amazon production in collaboration with the well-known director Michael Bay (Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, and Transformers), producer David Ellison (Mission Impossible saga) and Paramount.

The Man in the High Castle:

The Man in the High Castle is a disturbing science fiction series based partially on the homonymous novel by Philip K. Dick. The series takes place in 1962, in a dystopian world in which the Axis powers won World War II and the US has been divided into three zones. The Pacific States, controlled by Japan; the Great Reich on the east coast, controlled by the Nazis; and the neutral zone of the Rocky Mountains.

With this original premise, you can follow the adventures of characters whose destinies are intertwined after coming into contact with a series of propaganda films that show a very different story from the one they are living. Will they be true?

The Man in the High Castle has received more than 20 nominations for different awards, keeping a couple of Creative Arts Emmy Awards and a Leo Award. The pilot was the most-watched chapter in the history of Amazon Prime in January 2015. It has 4 seasons.


Bosch is one of the best police series you can watch on Amazon Prime Video. Follow the misadventures of Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver), a veteran detective of homicides of the Los Angeles police (California, USA) who works to solve the terrible murder of a 13-year-old teenager.

The adaptation of the novels of the black novel writer Michael Connelly has been defined as the quintessential police drama. The setting in a real police station, with real police as actors and the authenticity of Los Angeles, make this production a joy for lovers of the criminal genre.

Bosch is already on its way to its fifth season. After issuing the pilot, Amazon asked users to rate the episode and then launched to produce the series. When the company repeated the experience in the third season, users voted 4.8 out of 5. The rest is history.

The wonderful Mrs Maisel:

The fantastic Mr Maisel is one of the best series of the entire Amazon Prime Video streaming platform. Manhattan, 1958. Miriam Midge Maisel (Rachel Brosnahan) is a woman whose life as a wife and mother takes an unexpected turn when she discovers an unknown talent for comedy. Midge will then change his comfortable existence in the Upper West Side to make monologues.

Drama and comedy in equal parts, with an enchanting rhythm, the wonderful Mr Maisel premiered in 2017. Since then, she has two seasons that have garnered countless praise and awards. 7 Emmys, 2 Golden Globes, 2 Critics Choice Awards… The list goes on.

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