The Berlin transport Senator Regine Günther has stimulated a debate on congestion charging for cars. “We will have to discuss sooner or later in Berlin,” said Günther (independent/Green) of the “Berliner Zeitung”.

“It is a policy of the right incentives and controls. It will have to be in the case of the scarce resource of land in the city is considerably more expensive to use cars in the public space.”

In the case of a City-toll motorists have to pay when entering certain areas of the city. Such a fee is charged, for example, for some time in London. Recently, the authorities in New York announced a toll for a part of Manhattan.

the Stated aim of the red-red-green coalition in Berlin is the car traffic in favour of public transport and Cycling to curb. Günther pointed out that the space in the center is the shortest. “The expectation that I can Park there with a private car everywhere for free or cheap, no longer corresponds to the existing conditions,” she said.

The CDU rejected the initiative. “The toll idea is a botch”, said the transport policy spokesman for the Berlin CDU parliamentary group, Oliver Friederici. The SPD, Left and Green rejected the Expansion of Park-and-Ride lots, as well as the extension of S – Bahn and U-Bahn. “Instead, you have to put up with the extension and increase of Parking fees and a mass Parking removal continue to adhere to their blind-crazed culture, the battle against the car and forget the many Berlin, which are dependent on the Car.”