A 32-year-old computer science Student from Berlin-Lichtenberg had made money in the summer of 2018, a request to residential. The revenue of mini-jobs is not enough for the rent and also his mother could not support him financially, as he could according to the rbb show. For the same reason he ate for a Long time by the Berliner Tafel.

the district office, he said that he took food from a “Laib und Seele”-the issuing authority. The “Laib und Seele” is a project of Berliner Tafel, the churches and the rbb. A total of 45 of Berlin’s “Laib und Seele”-provide a once a week food to the needy people in their neighborhood.

The district office of Berlin Lichtenberg calculated the students 2.892 Euro as the income he received, allegedly, from the Board: 51 Euro for Breakfast and € 95 for each lunch and dinner. The 32-year-old Student would have actually been entitled to a housing allowance of 190 Euro and got this for only 90 euros. He appealed, which was rejected.

table Head: “of course, arbitrary and illegal”

The Berliner Tafel-Boss Sabine Werth criticized the actions of the Board as “arbitrary and illegal”, as you said the rbb on Monday. The Berliner Tafel is an independent Association that have been omitted is always aware of state funding, “it is precisely to avoid this invalid link entitled social services and voluntary food donations.”

The Berliner Tafel has now applied to lawyers. The thrust according to the rbb on “several errors” in the decision of the district authority. The state had a duty of care towards its citizens, the had to he descendants. This duty should be charged “in any way with the non-profit, voluntary and voluntary commitment of the Berliner Tafel,” said Werth.

The Student had worked as a volunteer at the panel and said the rbb: “to be So punished, that you help as a volunteer is a mess.”

sources: rbb


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