The possession and trafficking of marijuana are illegal in Germany. However, consumers and small merchants of the herbal drug are hardly ever prosecuted, interferes with the Berlin AfD immensely. It calls, therefore, now high fines. This could be prescribed for example by the regulatory Agency: As in the case of wrong Parkers. The amount of the sum to be, depending on the amount of Drugs graduated. 500 euros could be for small amounts of expenditure.

AfD calls for: Amendment to the narcotics act

the Reform of the drugs policy should be amended the narcotics act at the Federal level, as well as the code of administrative offences. Thus, the organized crime is to be taken, which is often behind the sale of the drug.

the reason for the new drug policy is, among other things, the increase in the number of drug-related deaths in Berlin.

Berlin Kreuzberg

In the “Görli” Dealer now his own standing: “the capitulation of the rule of law”

By Annette Berger

such As the “Berliner Morgenpost” reported, referred to the Berlin AfD-country – and group-in-chief Georg Pazderski to the fact that by 2018, died in a total of 141 people in the capital through the use of drugs. For comparison: in 2017, there were only 41 people. Most died, however, in consequence of heroin use. If someone died as a result of the consumption of marijuana, remained open.

source : “Berliner Morgenpost”