After the arrest of a suspected Iranian spy in the army has protested the Federal government officially with the Iranian government.

on Tuesday, the Foreign office had approached the case “with the Iranian chargé d’affaires clear, and our great concern over the alleged agent’s activities expressed”, it was said from the Ministry. It had first reported the “mirror”. “We will now trace the further progress of the investigation very closely.”

The Federal Prosecutor’s office is investigating on suspicion of spying for Iranian intelligence service against a German-Afghan man who was for the army. Against the on Tuesday in the Rhineland arrested man was already on 6. December of last year, a warrant was issued, was notified to the authority. He was the evaluator and the country of Language study Advisor to the Bundeswehr.

The Federal Prosecutor is currently conducting several investigations in which it is suspected of spying for Iranian intelligence. This is clear from the response of the Federal government to a Minor Interpellation of the left party in the Bundestag, the German press Agency. Previously had “reported” about it. A method relates to the Iranian diplomats Assadollah A., is suspected to have a bomb in France. He was extradited last October from Germany to Belgium.

The reply of the Federal government to the Minor Interpellation that has been collected since 2003 in Germany, a total of four charges against six suspected Iranian agents. The charges in 2006 and 2008, had the procurement of military materials and support to Iran’s missile program. Charges in the year 2016 is contained, however, the allegation of spying from the opposition and the then President of the German-Israeli society in Berlin.

Current evidence of a “concrete danger for life or limb” for the Iranian opposition in Germany, not the Federal government, therefore, was the name of it.