Emeritus Pope Benedict has made the sexual Revolution of the period around 1968, and the secularization of the Western society for the sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church responsible. Theologians criticized the essay of the former Catholics-head, which was released on Thursday, the Catholic news network CNA.

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What is the white of the Vatican, Emanuela Orlandi? The desperate search for the truth

By Nicolas Bush

it States that Benedict wrote the Text, after consultation with the President of Pope Francis for the Bavarian “Clergy”. The Vatican did not comment first. A few days before his 92. Birthday, the native of Bayer again with the publication of a stir. Since his spectacular resignation as Pope in 2013, he lives as a recluse behind the Vatican walls.

He had promised to remain “hidden to the world”. But he does not always. His essay appears in a time in which his successor is under enormous pressure. The abuse scandals in countries such as Germany, Chile and the United States have not fallen, only the Catholic Church, but Pope Francis’ pontificate in a crisis. Half months ago, the Argentine had therefore invited the bishops from all over the world to a summit in the Vatican.

Benedict: “There are things that threaten to destroy our children and young people to happen”

Benedict, the crisis is leading to a non-ecclesiastical developments. He called for the liberalisation of sexuality and “the absence of God” in today’s society. A world without God is a world without morality: “There are no standards of Good or of Evil.”

Of power structures, the Francis cites as a reason for abuse, is out of the question. The Revolution of 1968 wanted to fight for “complete sexual freedom”, “allowed no standards,” writes the Ex-Pope. Belonged to “the physiognomy of the’ 68 Revolution, that now pedophilia as allowed and as appropriate to was diagnosed.” In the years from 1960 to 1980, the current standards are broken away “in questions of sexuality” and a “norm-lessness arose, the intercept, meanwhile, strove”.

Regardless of time was equal to “a collapse of the Catholic moral theology occurred, which made the Church vulnerable to the processes in the society”. It is only now that you recognize with “vibration, that of our children and young people things happen that threaten to destroy them”.

Professor: “A shameful Write”

Catholic theologians have expressed criticism. It was “amazing”, “to make a permissive culture and a progressive theology for an internal and structural Problem,” said Julie Hanlon Rubio, a Professor at the private California University of Santa Clara, on Twitter. She described Benedict’s analysis as “deeply flawed” and “deeply troubling”.

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“Anne tweeted”

abuse summit in the Vatican: “the Foundation of the Church

Brian Flanagan, lecturer at Marymount University in the American Virginia, shake”: “The Writing is shameful.” The assumption that the abuse of children by clergy is a result of the 1960s, and of the supposed collapse of moral theology, was “embarrassing, wrong explanation for the systematic abuse of children and its concealment”.

Benedict was to Write a “revealing”, said Matthias Katsch of the German victims ‘ Association leaf-table for the Bavarian radio. Own errors and the “responsibility of Institution,” the Church would not be named in it. During the tenure of Pope Benedict XVI. had come to light that many children were in need of spiritual abuse.

Benedict: renewal of the Church is not a solution

Pope Francis admitted that the cover-up of the acts had been common in the past. In connection with the abuse crisis is always challenged to make the sexual morality of the Church and the celibacy of the priest to the discussion. Benedict warns in his Letter, from want to the Problem with the renewal of the Church to solve.

“The crisis was caused by the many cases of abuse by priests, urging the Church almost as a bit Wayward, we need to take now thoroughly self-re-and re-design. But one of us self-made Church may be no hope.”

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