The last few weeks were in many regions of Germany the weather looked technically extreme: snow, ice and Wind to many parts of the Republic. In Rösrath, between Cologne and Bergisch-Gladbach located, got a whole train full of people to feel the Miss the violence of the weather on their own body: A tree had fallen and blocked on Thursday morning, the tracks of the regional rail RB25 that was on the way to Cologne.

Normally, it means help is requested, the fire Department maintained, the tracks are professionally cleared, and only after a long wait and with great delay, the passengers get to your destination. This can be annoying when you’re in a hurry. As a high school teacher Dieter Schütz, who had an urgent appointment in Cologne and in time there was going to be. As the “Cologne city Gazette” reported, asked the man a group of students sitting with him in the car of the regional train to Use, and to solve the Problem yourself. Because the young people did not want to sit for an hour idly on the train, and endure.

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On busy routes or where power rails in the tracks are built, would be such a use of highly dangerous and strictly prohibited. On this rather quiet stretch, however, the platoon leader, who had already called the fire brigade, to move, to open contactor and the group of students the door.

The volunteers went to work at once to draw the tree with the combined forces of the rails and carefully. With success: Only a little later the road was again passable, and the platoon was able to opt-out of the fire. Thanks to the unusually energetic efforts of the helpers went on the trip earlier than expected and Dieter Schütz, as well as the Rest of the passengers arrived somewhat on time, in Cologne.

sources: “Kölner stadtanzeiger”