Venezuela’s socialist government wants to get rid of the German Ambassador as quickly as possible, in the case of the Opposition, however, the Top Diplomat is a welcome guest.

After his expulsion by the head of state, Nicolás Maduro has met with Ambassador Daniel Kriener, once again, with the self-appointed interim President, Juan Guaidó. On Thursday Guaidó received the unwanted diplomats in the national Assembly in Caracas. “We have rejected over the threats by the illegal Regime,” wrote Guaidó on Twitter.

Kriener had informed him that he for consultations to the Foreign office to Berlin travel. The German Embassy in Caracas remains open and will be conducted during Krieners the absence of the business winner, Daniela Vogl, more wrote Guaidó. In addition, he published several photos of the Meeting.

Due to interference in the internal Affairs had declared Maduro’s socialist government of the German Ambassador, previously to the undesirable Person and expelled from the country. Kriener was expected on Monday, along with other diplomats Guaidó at the airport of Caracas. They wanted to prevent seems to be that the leader of the opposition is arrested on his return. He had, in spite of an ongoing investigation and an order to leave the country lock, leave.

German foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD), rejected on ZDF-“heute-journal” the allegation that the government has interfered in the internal Affairs of the country. At the same time, he made it clear, however, that he wanted to keep up the pressure on Maduro to maintain. At the recent Meeting of the EU Ministers of foreign Affairs had to be taken to have been talked about, that the time might come “in the additional sanctions by the European Union against the Maduro Regime in Venezuela,” said Maas.

the EU Also criticized the expulsion of the German Ambassador from Venezuela. “Measures that impede the diplomatic work, only to exacerbate tensions and complicate a political way out of the conflict”, said EU high representative Federica Mogherini on behalf of the 28 EU member States on Thursday evening.

In the South American country has raged for weeks, a power struggle between the government and the Opposition. Guaidó had on 23. January self to the interim President declared, and the head of state, Maduro called for. The re-election of the socialists in the last year is not to have the democratic rules of the game met. Germany, the USA, many EU countries and many Latin American countries have recognized Guaidó already as the rightful interim President.

in Spite of the still unresolved power struggle Guaidó in Berlin wants to create once of the facts and its own Ambassador accredited. “The foreign office a message is received with the request, Mr. Otto Gebauer, as a representative of the interim President Juan Guaidó. We intend to contact Mr Gebauer in contact,” said a spokeswoman for the foreign office on Thursday.

Maduro’s Ambassador had not been recalled. However, the Federal government not to recognize Maduro as the legitimate President of Venezuela. “We are currently in no political discussions with the Ambassador,” said the foreign Ministry spokeswoman.

Venezuela is suffering from a severe economic and supply crisis. Due to lack of foreign exchange, the ölreichste country in the world can introduce hardly any food, medicines and necessities for the suffering population. Many people are starving, more than three million Venezuelans have left their home already.

On Thursday, was placed in the crisis state by a massive power failure paralyzed. In many Parts of the country, there were, according to media reports, no light. In the capital, Caracas, there was a traffic chaos. In the middle of the evening rush hour, the Metro is not fell, numerous traffic lights were working.

Minister of information, Jorge Rodríguez spoke of Sabotage and made enemies of the socialist government of President Maduro for the loss of power responsible. “The goal was the Venezuelan people for several days of power cut off,” he said. “The success of these Criminals.”

Guaidó, however, Maduro’s government made for the loss of power in the crisis-stricken country. “The people know that the light comes on, if the unlawful end takeover,” he wrote on Twitter. For Saturday, he called on his followers to re-protests against Maduro.