Jerusalem (AP) – Israeli experts have brewed beer with a 5000-year-old yeast colonies from ancient vessels. “This is the first Time we did it, the ancient alcohol made of antique yeast to produce,” said Izchak Pas of the Israeli antiquities authority on Wednesday in Jerusalem.

The beer is drinkable, the colour of it is similar to today’s beer, but the sweet yeast flavor stands out.

The yeast colonies had formed in the pores of the excavated ceramics, which were used for the production of beer, and thousands of years to survive, as the antiquities authority wrote in a message. The pottery shards had been found, among other things, in archaeological excavations in present-day Tel Aviv.

the beer had been attributed in the course of history, great Power, – stated in the message. Mainly for religious purposes and cults, beer played an important role, but also in healing. The vessels could be dated to the Reign of the Egyptian Pharaoh Namer (about 3000 before the birth of Christ).

The Israeli beer expert Itai Gutman has brewed the beer. Beer examiner have classified the beer as a high quality and safe to Drink, informed the antiquities authority.

“It tastes not bad,” said Ronen Hasan, a microbiologist at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. “Apart from the Gimmick, to drink beer from the time of the pharaohs, this research is extremely important for the field of experimental archaeology – a field that tries to reconstruct the past.”