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Australian cardinal George Pell imprisoned (5.24 p.m.)In Iran to 2018 more than 220 executions (3.04 p.m.)the number of Small weapons bills continue to rise (3.57 p.m.), Indonesia: dozens of gold miners after the collapse of a Mine 3.24 PM)spilled died (13,000 German in the year ahead due to traffic exhaust gases (0.09 PM)

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+++ 8.07 PM: Iran’s President Rouhani rejects resignation of foreign Minister Zarif +++

Iran’s President Hassan Ruhani the resignation of rejected Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif. Sarifs resignation was not in “the interest of the country” and he doesn’t agree with him, therefore, wrote to Rouhani on Wednesday sent a letter to Zarif, which was published on the website of the government. Sarif is one of the architects of the international nuclear agreement, had submitted his resignation.