your cruelty and your hatred and your rage Griselda Blanco brought with them from the very bottom to the top of the world. The “Reina de la Cocaina” was considered the most powerful and richest woman of her era, now your life will be filmed story twice. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jennifer Lopez play the godmother from Colombia. But probably no film adaptation is the fury, the Griselda through her life. One-to-one would not be in their biography simply verfilmbar.

As a Teenager, already notorious

Griselda Blanco in 1943, was born in a suburb of Medellin. Followed by the re-enactments of the men of her violent mother, she spent her Childhood on the road. Your first known fact, was already a premonition of the Coming: Griselda and her Gang kidnapped a elfjähriges child for ransom. As the parents did not want to pay, killed Griselda the young with a shot between the eyes.

icon of the 60s

Christine Keeler – the most beautiful woman in London, as a “whore of the Nation” ended

Christine Keeler sexy, embodied Sixties like no other. Her Affairs brought a government to falter. You destroyed the Illusion of the decent, good society, but later she had to lead as the outlaws live in shame.

Gernot Kramper

So they had a name, even as a Quinceanera, she was a fearsome woman. The most violent men sought after them. Griselda Blanco led the wild life of the outlaw, and early Pin-up Girls tire. Later, her nickname was “potato”. She was small and was fat at the age downright. On the thick neck, a round head, and sat enthroned. But her appetite for men was almost as big as your propensity for violence.

the height of the cocaine trade

With her first husband, she emigrated to the United States, where they rose to the highest levels of drug trafficking. “El Tiempo”, wrote Pablo Escobar had gone with her to the teaching, and later he fought his godmother. In the U.S., more than 200 people to go to your account, countless of them killed the “Reina de la Cocaina”. Also in the history of the global crime is the Blanco. Innovation: the execution of a motorcycle. Their Gang was called the “Cocaine Cowboys”. The way the Kill is as popular as the execution by car bomb, the Mafia ten years earlier had developed. Your own death is a bow was in front of her favorite murder method: As an old woman, Blanco, was struck in 2012 by two motorcycle killers.

At the same time, Blanco had the idea of destitute young women of the street as drug couriers. Blanco began to design tailor-made Bras and belts with hidden pockets for the cocaine. In Medellín, she founded a business for lingerie, in which the drug-smuggling underwear made to measure was made. In corset and bra, a girl could carry around four kilograms. Temporarily Blanco was considered the richest and most powerful woman in the world.

the men of The “Black widow”

Society scandal

Lady Lucan – love, madness and a erschlagenes children girls – the Lady and the beast

Gernot Kramper

paid for your three men, the love for Blanco with life. Known primarily for the death of husband number 2, Alberto Bravo. The Pair met in a Parking lot. Blanco had discovered that her lover with Pablo worked Escobar together against you, and besides, he had diverted millions of dollars from the joint business. As Alberto made your title “The godmother” funny, was Griselda Blanco powerful in anger. From the boots, you should have a gun drawn, Bravo was still gripping his Uzi, but since Blanco had chased him already a bullet through the head. Even seriously wounded, she escaped with her car. Six bodyguards were dead in the Parking lot. After your fighters have reported to her later by the death of her husband, is said to have smiled at the godmother blessed. Even before children, she didn’t stop there. As Griselda Blanco in 1982 wanted the Killer Jesús Castro out of the way, not to have met your men in the Castro. To be able to Boss anything to show, they shot a short hand whose two-year-old son. Blanco was highly pleased to have Jesús Castro humiliated.

organized crime

threaten, argue, go together in the Puff. On a single business trip with the Mafia

The son that she had with her third husband, Dario Sepulveda, who called the Pair Michael Corleone Blanco. A tribute to the role of Al Pacino in “The godfather”movies. The handsome Dario Sepulveda is said to have been the great love of the “Black widow” – another nickname of Blanco. However, at the age of five the child, Michael Corleone witness was shot, like his father, the killers of the mother. Sepulveda had become disenchanted previously with Griselda and the boys to Colombia is kidnapped. Although he himself was a murderer, he should not have to bear it, that the child lived with the increasingly paranoideren mother. In that time, Griselda Blanco should have chain-smoked a cocaine mixture with the name “Bazooka”. The stuff you have made even wilder and more suspicious than she already was by nature. Instead of arguing in court to have the custody, moved to Blanco, however, is the quick solution. After the death of the father of the Boy came back to her.

The true nature

Dating portals

you flirted with a Mafia quote, and then everything went wrong

The drug enforcement administration DEA Griselda Blanco in 1984 when she read on her bed in the Bible. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison and, in 2004, after Colombia deported. There she lived a secluded life from the rest of their assets. By the time anyone wanted to pay eight years later, a open account. Of their children only Michael Corleone has survived. “A lot of people say that Blanco had to be so violent, because they wanted to succeed as a woman in a man’s world, but I don’t believe it,” said Al Singleton, a retired police officer from Miami, who was investigating the drug Queen, in a documentary film. “I know of people from your closest environment, that this cruelty was Griselda Blanco’s true nature.”

Background :

documentary: “Cocaine Cowboys – The real story behind Scarface and Miami Vice”

Griselda Blanco, The Cocaine Queen, Henri Dauber

TV-series “McMafia”

stock market values, Sex slaves and naked violence – so the reigns Russian Mafia of London

The new Mafia is from Russia and not from Italy. This is not new in TV, but in “McMafia” is based on real research and it shows that organised crime is at the top of society.

Gernot Kramper Gernot Kramper