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car boss Ghosn received funds from a subsidiary company (7.17 PM)14-Year-old 15,000 euros damage to property (4.19 PM), caused by his father’s car, the government wants to increase the Bafög until 2020 significantly (4.05 PM), well-Known French Rapper MHD manslaughter in custody (3.13 PM) – Green will remain in no to safe countries of Origin ‘ (3.05 PM), divers encounter in front of the coast of Hawaii, to the giant great White shark (2.14 PM)

The News of the day in the star-Ticker:

+++ 8.50 PM: police Randaliererin with 4.6 per thousand in custody +++

A rampaging woman with 4.6 per mil, breath alcohol, the police in North Rhine-Westphalia, Bad sat taken from the village into custody. The officials were informed in the night twice by witnesses a riot, the police announced in Soest. First of all, the speech was of two women, and the later. The latter was able to encounter the police then, but not calm. On the way to the drunk tank at the police station, the 21-Year-old tried to kick the officers, and spit on. A breath alcohol test at the police station yielded a value of 4.64 per thousand.

+++ 8.29 PM: Sharply falling ticket prices: Ryanair must reduce forecast +++

The low-cost airline Ryanair has lowered due to the fierce Price competition in the industry, reiterated its forecast. The special effects, adjusted profit in the until the end of March the current financial year 2018/19 will now expected to be between 1 and 1.1 billion euros, the Lufthansa competitor. Thus, the decrease in profit in the current year is higher than was feared. The cut to justify the low-cost airline with a stronger-than-expected decline in ticket prices in the Winter.

+++ 8.01 PM: a North Korean government sent representatives to talks in Washington +++

A high-ranking North Korean government received representatives of the diplomatic talks in Washington. Kim Yong Chol, right-Hand man of North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un, will come together on Friday with US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo to a common food, it was from US circles. It was expected that the two later go to the White house to meet U.S. President Donald Trump. The talks are expected to be used for the preparation of a further summit meeting between the North Korean ruler and President of the Trump.

+++ 7.17 PM: Nissan/Mitsubishi: Ghosn received have received funds from a subsidiary company +++

The prisoners at the end of the Ex-Chairman of Nissan and Mitsubishi, and Carlos Ghosn, according to internal company investigations, funds, a Dutch subsidiary company without the knowledge of the Board. This was the result of a joint internal audit, as both Renault’s Partner announced. Ghosn had purchased from the Nissan-Mitsubishi of around 7.8 million euros in compensation funds without consultation with the Board of Directors of the community company. “Other suspicious illegal behavior” one can not find, said Mitsubishi Motors in his communication.

+++ 6.50 PM: arrest after the murder of an Israeli student in Melbourne +++

After the murder of an Israeli student in the Australian metropolis of Melbourne, the police has detained a man. The 20-Year-old from a suburb of the city of millions was made in the course of the investigation, police said. For more information not made the authorities first. The police thanked the Public for their assistance in the investigation. The 21-year-old Aiia Maasarwe had been murdered on the way home, while she was on the phone with her sister.

+++ 6.35 PM: Vietnamese police seized 215 scales animals +++

The Vietnamese police discovered during an operation against an illegal animal breeder ring 215 pangolins. The threatened animals were found in a house search in the village of Cong Thuong, in the Northern coastal province of Ha Tinh, as the Ministry of public security announced. The name Pangolin known to shed animal lives in Asia and Africa; it is on the Red list of endangered species. His scales are sold in spite of a trade ban as a remedy and its meat is regarded in Asia as a delicacy.

+++ 5.05 PM: brewers want in the future has calorie information on the label +++

beer drinkers in Germany print in the future should know, just look on the label, how much the calories of the juice of the Barley. The Breweries want to provide on a voluntary Basis, all Beers and mixed beer beverages with corresponding nutritional value information, such as the German brewers ‘ Association and the Association of Private Breweries announced in Germany. The labelling is to be introduced from this year onwards, step by step. The EU Commission had previously urged such a step.

+++ 4.19 at: 14-caused-Year-old with his father’s car of 15,000 Euro damage +++

€ 15,000 property damage 14 caused-Year-old in the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Hamm, when he was Parking his father’s car. The young people handle “unauthorized”, the vehicle keys and wanted to drive the Ford Focus backing out of a Parking space, the police announced. The maneuver failed, but huge: The 14-Year-old collided with three other cars and damaged this “significantly”. One of the affected cars was not ready after even more driving and had to be towed away from the accident, the police announced. Against the young, a criminal case was initiated.

+++ 4.05 PM: the government wants. Bafög until 2020 noticeably + +

increase + The Federal government wants to increase with a new law, the Bafög significantly The maximum rate of support for pupils and students is to rise from the winter semester of 2019 of € 735 in two levels by 2020 to a total of around 850 Euro. The draft law of the Minister of education, Anja Karliczek (CDU), of the news Agency in Berlin. By 2022, the Federal government wants to spend for the Reform, more than 1.8 billion euros. The Reform is the subject of a hearing of associations in the Federal Ministry of education in Berlin.

+++ 3.28 PM: number of Missing in Mexico rises to more than 40,000 +++

The number of Missing persons in Mexico for the first time, more than 40,000 people have increased. In the Register for Missing were currently recognised was 40,180 people, informed the Mexican Commission for the search of Missing persons. So far, the authorities were expected to officially around 35,000 Missing. In most of the Missing are young men. At the same time there is 36.708 hitherto unidentified bodies in the Latin American country, said the head of the Commission.

The number of the Disappeared in Mexico has increased considerably since 2006. Background fighting between warring drug cartels are common.

+++ 3.13 PM: well-Known French Rapper MHD wayen of manslaughter in custody +++

After a deadly brawl in Paris has been taken of the up and coming French Rapper MHD in custody. A judge opened an investigation for manslaughter against the 24-Year-old, as his lawyer announced. Three more Suspects have been formally accused. The Rapper, whose real name is Mohamed Sylla, rejects the accusations: “He denies any involvement in the brawl,” said his lawyer. Not even his presence at the scene of the crime was proven. On 6. July had been beaten up in the centre of Paris, a 23-Year-old and stabbed. He succumbed to his severe injuries.

+++ 3.05 PM: Green will remain in no to safe countries of Origin +++

The Green before a Bundestag vote on extending the so-called safe countries of Origin reaffirms its rejection. “Our’ green ‘Position, nothing has changed: the Instrument of Safe countries of Origin’ solves none of the problems mentioned in Germany, and contradicts, in my view, the criteria of the Federal constitutional court,” said party leader Anna Lena Baerbock before the vote. It comes to the classification of Georgia, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, as safe countries of Origin.

+++ 2.35 PM: attackers on a police school in Colombia, was a guerrilla +++

After the devastating bomb attack on a police Academy in Colombia, the investigators have identified the perpetrator as a member of the leftist guerrilla organization ELN. The man who served under the fighting name “Mocho Kico” for 17 years as an explosives expert in the ranks of the rebels in the East of the country, reported the TV channel Caracol, citing the General Prosecutor’s office. Whether the attack was arranged by the ELN, was initially unclear. The leadership of the rebels have not commented initially.