The Bavarian border police has taken in the first six months since its inception, 37 smuggling and 696 illegal Entry is detected. The result of the first half of the year, the balance sheet, the border police, presented by the Bavarian interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) in Munich, Germany. However, the number of identified trafficking the first half of 2017 was before the border police – still at 50.

The information Mr Mann, according to 12.524 Apprehensions the border agents in the first half of last year, about seven percent more than in the first half of 2017, when there were no Bavarian border police. Also, the number of recorded weapons and explosives offences there was an increase from 434 to 509 cases. On the other hand, the number of detected unlawful Entries dropped from 777 to 696. An increase there was in the case of so-called intelligence goals of 5579 on 6140. Under these mug hit 300 outstanding warrants, 20 re-entry bans, and 49 people in Europe were widely advertised for refusal of entry were, therefore,.

Only a small percentage of protection from illegal Migration,

, protection against illegal Migration in the half-year statistics of the new police unit so that only a small proportion. “The Bavarian border police of Bavaria and Germany safer,” said interior Minister Herrmann (CSU) in Munich, Germany. Until 2023, the state government will double the number of staff and the equipment to modernize. Since July of 2018, there are some 500 border police in Bavaria. They deal – as well as before the establishment of the unit primary with the so-called veil search, A control on the main transport routes and preparing for their assignment without any specific suspicion.

greens are critical of border controls

The Bavarian Greens have in the face of the balance sheet, the border police, the end of limit required controls at the German-Austrian border. “The border controls need to be quickly completed, so that Bavaria meets the letter of the Schengen agreement,” said the parliamentary group Chairman Katharina Schulze in Munich. It would be much more sensible to strengthen the police in the area, said the Green.

An agreement between the Federal government and the free state provides that the unit controls at the German-is allowed to perform Austrian border, but only with the permission or at the request of the Federal government. Regardless, the border police can’t act.

New Figures

Söders heart project: the balance sheet of the Bavarian border police

By Daniel Wüstenberg tkr / DPA / AFP