Because he could not remember as a witness in court to Details of a brawl that had to be Robin F. out of jail. You don’t believe him, that he remembers. For him that means pre-trial detention.

The 23-year-old optics apprentice Robin F. on made from his home in Kiel from a trip to Italy. On the way, he stopped in the Bavarian town of Bamberg, to visit a friend, as first of all, the “Hamburger Morgenpost” reported.

With her, he started a pub tour through Bamberg’s old town. In the sandy street a fight between two groups broke out, in consequence of which a Party to the most serious, almost fatal, injuries to the head occurred.

Not quite sober

F. and its well-Known saw the injured lying on the floor, deposited at the incoming police their identity and continued their Tour, such as the “Hamburger Morgenpost” reported.

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one and a Half years later, the process in front of the Bamberg regional court starts now, the circumstances of the fight to educate. Robin S. is summoned as a witness. He moves, therefore, of Kiel and Bamberg. In the courtroom, a shaky and dark Video of the scenes will be shown to those in the Evening. However, F. remembers no Details. Finally, he was sober that night. Also had discovered in the long period between the brawl in August 2017 and the process at the beginning of February, 2019, no one with him, and thus his memory refreshed, as F.’s lawyer said the star.

want to leave it to the competent public Prosecutor’s office, however, shall not apply. Finally, it is a matter of severe physical injury in the case of one of the victims. Even if the alcohol Q. s have affected the senses, could he have not forgotten everything, how, in turn, the competent public Prosecutor’s office our editorial office explained.

Finally, you showed him so extra with the existing video clips of the brawl. Rather, the suspicion that F. with other process participants agreed or could not agree to incriminate the two accused. So f. is attempted obstruction of justice and unsworn false statement. He attempts to thwart a possible punishment of the defendants by stating in court something wrong.

the danger of collusion

His memory gaps, difficulty in addition, the elucidation of the acts, as the Prosecutor’s office said. Legally, this means the danger of collusion and bot together with the F. imminent danger of escape is enough reason to take him on the spot in custody.

F. s attorney in this case, especially the principle of proportionality violated: “Why should F. want to be one of the more than 600 kilometers away defendants to protect? He knew neither she nor any of the other Parties. It can also darken anything, because there is no memory of the Details of this day.”

But also the looks of the Prosecutor’s office is different. Even if the risk of absconding does not exist, perhaps, really, the risk of blackout. F. must be able to remember. But since he claims to the contrary, he lies. And in order to protect someone. Basically, it games, no matter whether or not F. know one of the parties Involved.

The process will continue in the next few days. Whether the detention is renewed, however, F.’s memory, or otherwise for illumination, remains to be seen.

source: “Hamburger Morgenpost”