the leader of The Faction Left in the Bundestag, Dietmar Bartsch, sees a realistic chance for a coalition of SPD, Green party and of his party in the Covenant.

“of Course, I see opportunities to, otherwise I could stop with politics,” he told the German press Agency. Opposition is very important, but he fights long been a matter of centre-left alliances on all levels to get. New “left-wing majorities” is because of the height of flight of the Green and in Bremen planned red-green-red coalition in recent times also increasingly discussed in Berlin.

The foreign policy differences between the Greens, the SPD and the left doesn’t see Bartsch as an insurmountable obstacle to such an Alliance. These questions were asked in the Moment, but “the coalition negotiations are always a compromise and so far, the Left has anywhere, where it was in coalition negotiations, ability to Compromise proved”. The Left is in favour of their party programme for a dissolution of Nato and also rejects foreign military missions, in contrast to the SPD and the Greens categorically.

A “Central joint project” of Greens, the SPD and its party could be in the view of the left group of heads from all three sides promoted the introduction of a children’s basic security. The number of children who are poor or at risk of poverty, to take every year. It is a Central task of the parties are committed to the welfare state to do something. The question of whether a Chancellor, Anna Lena Baerbock, or a Chancellor, Robert Habeck’d rather acknowledged Bartsch with a Laugh and the word: “double-tip”.

With a view to the upcoming Landtag elections in Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia, said the head of the Faction of the Left, you’ll accept the debate with the AfD in the three countries. “We have just shown, in Bremen, we are there almost twice as much as the AfD.” He was going to bring in because of the strength of the AfD in person in a special way in the election campaign, as well as his Co-Chairman Sahra wagenknecht and the entire top management. The AfD had become in the European elections in Brandenburg and Saxony, the strongest force.

New country days in Brandenburg and Saxony, on the 1. September, elected in Thuringia on March 27. October. From the discussion of whether the SPD and the Left should not go in view of the weak values for both parties together, the left faction boss for nothing: “The merger debate is a phoney debate that will ultimately benefit only the political competitors”.