Actually, it’s not for Golf Star Tiger Woods as well as for a long time: First, he wins surprisingly, the US Masters, then US President, Donald Trump awarded the US liberty medal. And yet, in a lot of Trouble threatens him now. Because Woods is not only golfers, but also restaurant owners. Because one of his employees after the shift in “The Woods” in Jupiter, Florida, has come under the influence of alcohol in the case of a car accident, is suing the family of the professional Golfer. The reports in the US media consistently.

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Tiger Woods – why the Comeback of the sports tales of the year

According to CNN, Nicholas Immesberger, 24, worked as a barman in “The Woods”. By 15 clock his shift was at 10. To been December of last year. After that, he had set the Bar and drank alcohol. Against 18 o’clock, he was then in a car accident near Port Salerno, about 28 kilometers from the Restaurant, died. Except Immesbergers Corvette, no other vehicle was involved in the accident, writes CNN referring to the statement of claim.

an employee of Tiger Woods was not wearing a seatbelt

The local news TC Palm described to the police the accident last December: Immesberger have lost control of his 1999 Chevrolet Corvette, then over three lanes of Highway 1 is thrown, and on a lawn area got before his car was lifted. Immesberger was not wearing a seatbelt and is still on the scene of the accident died. According to the writ, he is three times as much alcohol in the blood had, as in Florida, the tax allows.

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“The greatest Comeback in the history of the sport” – Hollywood stars tiger Woods


celebrate Immesbergers parents sue now, according to the “Washington Post” not just Tiger Woods, but also his girlfriend Erica Herman, have led to the time of the Restaurant. The newspaper quoted from the indictment that the parents be accused of Woods and Herman, of Immesbergers problem with alcohol, knew and him still at the Bar, have a drink, “to the serious poisoning”. According to the indictment, Herman had set Immesberger, knew him personally and knew his drinking habits. The two had also drunk a few nights before the accident with your son. Bosses and colleagues in the “The Woods” would have served Immesberger alcohol, even though they knew that he could only come up with the car home.

family wants not only medical and funeral expenses

The parents of the dead are calling for the cost of medical treatment and the funeral of her son, as well as a “reasonable compensation”. To which sum it is specifically, is apparently in the display.