The discussion is not new: How must I dress me to the carnival? So I hurt the feelings of others? What costumes are discriminatory? A day-care centre in Hamburg has drawn from this debate are the consequences and for the annual carnival celebration some costumes as undesirable declared. Such as the Indians or the Sheikh of the small Steppkes should not show up, please. The idea behind it: You may, however, use no Stereotypes. So be it, as disrespectful and feathers in your hair, because there were many different Indian peoples, and the was an inadmissible Simplification. Animals and mythical creatures are great “discrimination-sensitive Alternatives.”

This is on several levels difficult. Not to think in stereotypes, although in principle a good idea, of course. At a carnival, but it is now his time to Dress up, and costumes of the people realize what you go. That costumes have typical characteristics of a group, is difficult to avoid. Especially since the question must be allowed, who actually feels of a three-year-old Indians are discriminated against and whether they have not perhaps quite different problems.

carnival of foreign cultures

learning A visual way, but is completely ignored: One can interpret it as a sign of respect for this culture that children as Indians, the Sheik, or what to dress. If the Small hatch in these roles, you are dealing with after all. Parents can use the opportunity to children something about the culture of these people teach, you inspire, your interest on someone else’s Wake. Or the kids in 20 years to know what Indians are?

Politically correct?

Why a Hamburg day care centre celebrated the carnival without Indians

Also: What are the Alternatives? Then all the kids as a blunt super heroes from obtuse films? Must be out of any carnival celebration in advance a list of approved costumes, from which then all have to choose and in the end all look the same?

It is, as so often with good ideas, the problem is the execution. To want to be politically correct behaviour, is not wrong in principle. Looking after each other, be sensitive, and feelings of others respect. All of these are sensible, desirable things.

The only Problem is: one Shoots over the target, makes the idea a disservice. It is now politically correct for not a few a bad word. The idea deserves to be behind it. Costume rules for toddlers are one of those things that leave many people shaking their heads. Because of such ideas, the whole concept of political correctness has a bad reputation.

You should never forget: The three-year-old dressed that way because he is what embodies the costume. He wants not to offend anyone. He is a proud little Indians for Halloween. Why would you take that away from him?

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