US President Donald Trump wants to start today evening in Florida officially, the election campaign for his re-election in November 2020. The performance in front of Thousands of cheering supporters in a giant sports hall in Orlando is likely to be a balm for the soul of the Republican, because public Affection is currently rather scarce for Trump.

In various surveys that have been published in the last few days, are possible democratic Challenger in front of Trump. Even the conservative house station of the President, Fox News, reported of Trumps survey deep. Accordingly, the 73-Year-old in all five of Fox queried hypothetical is to directly compare behind the respective democratic rivals, and more than 41 percent never get support.

Donald Trump accuses Fox News fake survey before

most significantly, and leads former US Vice-President Joe Biden in front of Trump: If you had to choose now, would be entitled to 49 percent of the Fox respondents ‘ choice for the former Deputy Chairman of Barack Obama’s votes and only 39 percent for the current man in the White house. The possible Challenger to Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg would beat Trump according to the survey, if elected, would be.

ABC Interview

“I think I would take that” – Trump chats about dirt-news from China and Russia


The US President are the nerves in the face of bad poll numbers, apparently so tense that he accuses even his favorite radio station is the dissemination of false news. “Something Strange is happening at the Fox,” tweeted Trump on Tuesday morning. The own surveys, the government would show that he spent in all of the 17 “Swing States”-i.e. States with an uncertain outcome – in the lead. “More Fake News”, added the President of Fox Moderator Bret Baier addressed. And already on Monday he wrote: “the fake polls show us behind the colorful bunch.”

That’s not true, white Trump even the best. Since the beginning of the week, he was announcing to U.S. media reports, three survey institutes, the cooperation with his election campaign team, after its own inquiries were leaked to the Public. According to these surveys, the US President was in several key States like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, or Florida, behind the democratic candidate. Here, too, Biden has led in part, with double-digit percentage.

trump is the solution to a survey Problem seems to exist mainly to ignore the bad Numbers, or to describe as forgeries and say the opposite. The President recently stated in an Interview with the journalist and political Advisor George Stephanopoulos, on Sunday in the US television network ABC broadcast: “We have to get in the last time great poll numbers. Huge Poll Numbers.”

sources: Fox News, ABC, Vox, Quinnipiac University