After an avalanche on a ski slope in Switzerland have been reported to the police until Wednesday morning, no other people are reported missing.

As a precautionary measure, have sought the police overnight in the Snow for possible Victims, said a police spokesman. The search was then discontinued.

A severely injured man did not survive the accident according to police. The 34-year-old Frenchman died in the hospital. Three more persons had been rescued in Crans Montana on Tuesday slightly injured from the Snow. Whether it was the Victims were Locals or tourists, could not say the speaker initially. to save

people from the masses of Snow of an avalanche is a race against time. After 30 minutes the chances of Survival decrease rapidly. The mayor of the place, Nicolas Féraud, had feared in the afternoon, first, that up to a dozen people may have been swept away by the masses of Snow. In the use of more than 240 workers were temporarily part with search dogs.

The avalanche had buried a shared ski slope on a length of several hundred meters. The weather was perfect, the avalanche warning service had assessed the risk of departure is low. Investigators are examining whether skiers away from the slopes, triggered the avalanche.

the ski slopes are usually protected from natural hazards. That avalanches go on groomed slopes, is extremely rare. In the past ten years, was killed according to the Institute for snow and avalanche research (SLF) in the whole of Switzerland, a skier on a Piste in an avalanche.

In the open terrain, where tour skiers are off the slopes on the road, came against it in ten years, more than 220 people due to avalanches killed as avalanche expert Kurt Winkler said the TV station SRF.