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Strikes at Berlin airports started (6.22 PM)the media report: a special operation in connection with data theft (5.50 PM)to warn physicians against the dangers of home visits (4.19 PM)fire-tragedy in “Escape the room”: the owner is in the sights of investigators (1.32 PM), the Second German in Austria an avalanche killed (0.06 PM)

The News of the day:

+++ 9.46 PM: snow Chaos in Bavaria adheres to +++

The fierce onset of winter in the South of Bavaria takes no end. According to information from the German weather service (DWD), it is expected cases in the Alps and in the foothills of the Alps with heavy snow. Until noon should fall ten to 20 centimeters of snow, in the so-called Jam the periphery of the Eastern Alps up to 40 inches.

meteorologists issued severe weather warnings and referenced, among other things, on the risk of snow breakage. At Bad Tölz in the South of Bavaria, a man died already. According to police reports, was beaten to death a 45-year-old hikers on the Blomberg by a falling Branch broke under the weight of the snow from a tree. The man broke in the accident by Sunday afternoon, the back of the Neck.

According to the weather service, up to 60 centimeters of snow fell in the Alps last, there were some massive problems in the rail and air transport and on the streets. From the afternoon, the snow should be but temporarily subside, said the DWD in Offenbach.

In the entire Alpine region of increased avalanche prevailed danger, according to information from the Bavarian avalanche alerting the location in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps, the Chiemgau Alps and the Berchtesgaden Alps, was particularly dangerous. On Saturday, a woman died in upper Bavaria, as it was recorded during a tour of an avalanche.

Due to the weather situation was in a number of Bavarian schools of education. Were affected, among other things, the districts of Ostallgäu, Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen, and Traunstein.

+++ 9.16 PM: Altmaier welcomes new Trade negotiations between the USA and China +++

Federal Minister for economic Affairs, Peter Altmaier (CDU) has welcomed the new talks between the United States and China to resolve the trade conflict. It was a good sign that the escalation spiral was interrupted, he said in the Germany radio. When he heard that no one would benefit from a trade war.

In Beijing, representatives of both countries on a de-escalation of their Trade dispute. The U.S. Delegation with representatives of the trade and Finance Ministry, the agriculture and energy departments did in the Morning on the way to the talks with the Chinese negotiating partners. US President, Donald Trump had expressed on Friday optimism that agreement could be reached.

+++ 8.50 PM: Israel asks the U.S. for the recognition of the Golan as Israeli territory +++

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has the US and other countries are once again invited to the annexed Golan heights as part of Israel to acknowledge. “The Golan heights are of enormous importance for our security, and I think when you’re on-the-spot, one understands very well why we will leave the Golan, never,” said Netanyahu on Sunday during a Meeting with the National security Advisor of the United States, John Bolton, in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu announced that he wanted to visit the Golan heights on Monday, together with Bolton, should allow for the weather conditions. Bolton wanted to then travel to Turkey. It was “important that all countries recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan heights,” said Netanyahu.

+++ 8.19 PM: Greens leader Habeck calls to data Theft, Cyber-police +++

After the massive theft of data from politicians, Celebrities and journalists, the Green-Chairman Robert Habeck calls for better equipment and training of the police for such offences. You need a “Cyber police,” he said in the ARD”morning magazine”. “If it is broke, you have to catch the culprit. And now, if nothing happens, then that will be an encouragement for all the Other, more to break into our data,” said Habeck. “The police must be upgraded to take such people.”

Habeck is one of the main concerned of the publication of the stolen data. When he got the news, his first reaction is “a kind of panic,” he said. The entire

personal communication with his family has suddenly been on some right-wing sites on the Internet to read. “It is as if a love letters for the last ten years are stolen and all lean in and say “Well let’s see what he has because everything is still so.”

+++ 8.08 PM: number of victims after a landslide in Indonesia on 32 +++

rose After a landslide in Indonesia on new year’s eve, the rescue workers have recovered a total of 32 Dead. A man is still missing, informed the police in the province of West Java. In addition, there were several injured. Rescue workers had searched for a week for Victims of a landslide that was triggered by the heavy rains. Now the recovery were set to work.

In Indonesia, it always comes back to devastating landslides. In October, on the island of Sumatra, more than 20 people in Floods and landslides claimed the lives of.

+++ 6.48 PM: Israel is bombing after a rocket attack targets in the Gaza strip +++

After a rocket attack by Palestinian militants from the Gaza strip, Israel’s air force bombarded on Monday several targets in the coastal strip. Fighter jets and helicopters have attacked targets in the Gaza strip, the ruling Hamas in a military camp in the North of the Palestinian territory, and informed the army. There were initially no reports on possible Victims.

Israel’s military response to a missile attack on its territory. After the sirens in the coastal city of Ashkelon, Israel’s anti-missile Iron Dome (iron dome) have intercepted the missile, it said in a statement.

on Sunday, Israeli helicopter gunships had attacked two Hamas bases in the Gaza strip. Previously, a flying object was sent from the Palestinian territory on the Israeli side. According to the army, Palestinian militants had attached an explosive device to a plurality of balloons.

+++ 6.22 PM: Strike at Berlin airports +++

At the Berlin airports started started on Monday morning, a warning strike of the security personnel. A spokesman for the trade Union Verdi confirmed Monday morning the Start of the strike to 05.00 PM at the airports in Schönefeld and Tegel. The trade Union Verdi had called on about 3000 employees to a four-hour work stoppage. The strike lead to bothn Flufghäfen to default and late start, the spokesman said. Thus, around 80 flights were affected.

The Lufthansa had already announced on Sunday the cancellation of eight flights in Tegel. In Schoenefeld, Easyjet, Ryanair and Aeroflot flights were cancelled.

+++ 5.50 PM: media report: RAID in connection with the theft of data +++

After the large-scale hacker attack on data of politicians and Celebrities, the investigators have according to the ARD information the apartment of a man in Heilbronn searches. The 19-Year-old working in the IT field and am currently listed as a witness in the proceedings, reported the ARD policy magazine contrasts and the rbb-info radio on Monday. The young man confirmed the RAID, according to the “Kontraste”. He had been questioned “for several hours,” he said.

officials of the Federal criminal police office (BKA) had spaces according to the report, on Sunday morning, the living and the domestic waste of the man searched and technical equipment confiscated. The 19-Year-old stand according to his own statement, in contact with the Hacker should be for the data theft responsible.

+++ 5.16 PM: philologists Association calls for stricter Abinoten +++

The German philologists Association calls for stricter assessments of high-school graduates in Germany. Needed more meaningful high school grades, the Association Chairman Susanne Lin-Klitzing, the German press Agency in Berlin said. This was necessary, “if we want the young people to work or study to be prepared”. The philologists Association represents around 90 000 teachers, especially in secondary schools.

Lin-Klitzing justified its claims in accordance with the stricter rules with the requirements in the professional life after school. “Otherwise, many students receive a positive feedback on your performance, as it corresponds to their real status,” she said. “Beyond the school, resulting in the incorrect self-assessment, but may have problems for the Affected.”

+++ 5.05 PM: German Finance Start-ups advertise for the first time, billion sum of a +++

the German financial start-ups have collected a lot of money from investors like never before. Thanks to a strong end of the year you advertised in 2018 for the first time, more than a billion euros to their business such as Online Asset management, interest rate comparisons or digital number services. 1.1 billion euros were invested in the high-growth firms, show Figures from the consulting firm Barkow Consulting available to the German press Agency. This is a growth of 55 percent compared to the previous year.

Finance Start-ups (“Fintechs”) have established themselves in recent years with digital business models besides traditional banks. With their innovative power, they make the money houses, part competition, part of you will work together with you.

+++ 4.19 PM: cash doctors warn of risk from home visit +++

The cash doctors insist on significantly more money for home visits to be able to offer economically maintained. “If we do not raise the remuneration for home visits, you can have the perspective of take place”, – said the head of the kassenärztliche bundesvereinigung (KBV), Andreas streets, the German press Agency. “The supply problem is looming on the horizon.” So far, I can be reached in negotiations with the leading Association of the Statutory health insurance (Shi), no improvement. “As we stay tuned.”

home visits are currently paid about 23 euros, explained the KBV-chief. “Plus, driving in a lump sum, we’re talking in the order of 25 euros.” With At – and departure, and the Parking lot is over looking for in a city like Berlin quickly an hour. “If the plumber comes, he takes part of 45 Euro for the journey. Since he has not unpacked the bag again.”

+++ 3.10 PM: Venezuela: Maduro underlines the claim to power and attacked Parliament +++

According to the international criticism of his upcoming second term in office, Venezuela’s President, Nicolás Maduro, has its claim to power supported. His government was legitimized by elections democratically, wrote Maduro on Sunday in the short message service Twitter. He warned his opponents of Trying to “break our will”.

During an appearance on the sidelines of a baseball game of his government, against the army leadership, Maduro attacked later by the Opposition-controlled Parliament. He accused the national Assembly, “to stage the ousting of the legitimate President”. The Parliament is “completely useless” and have usurped “the sovereignty of the people,” said Maduro. The new President Juan Guaidó he described as a “puppet” of the United States.

The national Assembly, by a constituent Assembly, is the de facto deprived of power, had declared the planned second term of Maduro on Saturday to be illegal and the convening of a transitional government and democratic elections required.

+++ 2.24 PM: Bayern: man from snowy tree slain +++

A 44-year-old ski tour-goers, has been slain at the Blomberg in the upper Bavarian Wacker mountain (in the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen) from falling Branches of a tree. The man was about 100 meters below the summit of the tree crown, taken to be cancelled under the weight of the snow, it was in the night of Monday by the police. The man from Penzberg was instantly dead. He was, according to police data alone. Following the tour-goers had found him on Sunday afternoon, and the forces alerted.

+++ 2.04 PM: refugees, rescuers complain precarious situation aboard their ships +++

The situation on Board the two German refugee rescue vessels from Malta, has deteriorated, according to the aid organisations, the Sea-Eye Sea-Watch. The drinking and industrial water supply had to be strictly rationed, with divided Sea-Eye on Sunday. The 17 migrants on Board the “Professor Albrecht Penck” would have to share a toilet and without mattresses, and a change of clothes to get along.

“If it continues like this, then we need to be in Malta shortly to support and replenish our supplies ask. Our fuel supplies are also finite,” said operations Manager Jan Ribbeck. “We hope that this Situation finds a quick and positive end.” The crew of the “Sea-Watch 3” called for a rapid solution. “The Situation on Board is getting more unstable,” said the ship’s doctor Franck Dörner in a to Twitter released a video message. The level of stress to take every day. According to captain Kim Heaton-Heather, some of the refugees are seasick and to be treated for dehydration, since they have to pass constantly.

+++ 1.32 PM: a fire tragedy in “Escape the room”: the owner is in the sights of investigators +++

Nach the deadly fire tragedy in a so-called Escape Game in Poland, has initiated the public Prosecutor’s office against the owner of the ill-operation of a criminal investigation. The already captured man were accused of negligent homicide, said a spokesman for the office of the Prosecutor in Koszalin on Sunday evening, the Agency PAP. In the case of a conviction of up to eight years in prison were threatening him. In the case of the adventure game in a locked room for five 15-year-old girl, were on Friday evening by a fire killed. In the building In Koszalin in the North of the country, a fire had broken out.

In the case of an “Escape Game” (escape game) is trying to a group to escape from a locked room. You have to solve it under time pressure, certain puzzles and tasks. “Escape Games” have been developed in the past years, in many countries, a Trend.

+++ 0.50 PM: police officers gathered in 2018 around 22 million in Overtime +++

police in Germany have accumulated in the past year, according to trade Union data, around 22 million in Overtime. The number remain despite a set structure at a similar level as in the year 2017, said the Chairman of the trade Union of police (GdP), Oliver Malchow, the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (Monday edition). This would not change in the foreseeable future.

The situation will exacerbate rather, said Malchow. By 2012, approximately 44,000 civil servants from a divorce according to his information, for reasons of age from the police service – that is almost every sixth police officer. The reason for the Overtime, especially the duration of to be inserts in the case of police Major events such as the protests at the hambach forest, the visit of the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as well as thousands of demonstrations and rallies throughout the country, and inserts on the edge of football play.

+++ 0.06 PM: the Second German in Austria an avalanche killed +++

In the case of a second avalanche in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg on Sunday another German winter athletes lost their lives. The 32-Year-old came from the vicinity of Heilbronn, the police announced. He was in the afternoon with a 25-year-old Skier in the area of Damüls on-the-go, as he was away from the secured slopes, buried up to the neck. Before he could be rescued, were deposited more Snow on him, and buried in completely. Rescue workers failed to resuscitate the man. On Sunday a 26 was in the nearby Schoppernau-Year-old from Bavaria, also by an avalanche and killed.

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