the The most important messages at a Glance: autopsy report: 17-Year-old from Kreuth, is drowned (16.27 PM)Two killed in Rafting accident in Austria (15.04 at)allgäu mountains: father crashes before the eyes of his wife and daughter in death (14.33 hours), and After the massacres of El Paso and Dayton: Trump to Change the weapons to the right in view (13: 07)workers of the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie find a water body in the Elbe (12.35 PM)

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+++ 21.15: trade war – China devalues the Yuan and sent to stock exchanges on a downward spiral

The trade dispute between the United States and China escalated further and further. Only a few days after the announcement of the new penal duties by the US President, Donald Trump China countered on Monday with a significant devaluation of its currency. In addition, the Ministry of Commerce announced in Beijing, Chinese companies would not import agricultural goods from the United States. The new aggravation of the dispute also had an impact on the financial markets: stocks on Wall Street eased considerably, and the Dax also came under pressure.

The Dow Jones Industrial slumped last updated by 3.3 percent to 25 613,57 points. The broad market S&P 500 fared similarly, with a decrease of 3.4 percent to 2833,24 points. Even worse, it caught the technology-dominated Nasdaq 100 with a minus of 4.2 percent.

+++ 20.58 PM: Italy’s Senate approves tougher penalties for Maritime search and rescue +++

Savior of migrants in the Mediterranean sea can be punished in Italy in the future, even harder when you are driving with your vessels illegally in the territorial waters of the country. A security law that was approved by the Italian Senate, provides for penalties in the amount of up to one Million euros and allows the authorities to confiscate ships confiscated.

+++ 19.53 PM: thousands of Venezuelan children of migrants can get Colombians +++

thousands of children from Venezuelan refugees and migrants, according to official data, the Colombian nationality. The Colombian was informed by foreign Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo on Monday. The background is that Venezuelan migrants can make your Colombia-born children not in your home country to register. Therefore, the risk that the children remain stateless recently. The new regulation can now get around 24 000 in August 2015, children born in the Colombian nationality.

+++ 19.18 PM: the death toll in the massacre of El Paso rises to 22 +++

The number of death victims of the massacre in Texas El Paso on 22, risen. The police in El Paso said on Twitter, in the Morning two more people were injured in the attack were killed. Details the police are not called.

+++ 18.20: shots on Ulm’s Celebration possibly politically +++

motivated by The shots at a Ceremony in Ulm could be politically motivated – the Stuttgart public Prosecutor has undertaken investigations. “We are investigating moments of various suspicions,” said a spokesman for the authority, to call without the Details. A knife, brass knuckles, and a compressed-air gun-armed man had delivered on Saturday fired two shots at a 51-year-old festival-goers, and those slightly injured. According to prosecutors, it was a part of the celebration by Africans, for Details on the nationality did not name the spokesman. Previously, the southwest radio had reported on the investigation.

The alleged attacker had complained because of the volume of the Celebration. After the shots overwhelmed guests the drunken man. In his apartment, officers seized later, a Machete, a crossbow and other weapons. Against the 50-year-old man is determined because of dangerous bodily injury.

+++ 17: 56: number of fatalities in the massacre of El Paso will increase by 21 +++

The number of victims of the massacre in El Paso (Texas) to 21 increased. The police in El Paso said on Monday on Twitter, in the Morning, another Person was injured in the attack died in the hospital. Details the police are not called.

+++ 17.22 PM: Britain closes “safety mission” of the United States in the Gulf region +++

want to connect in the face of tensions with Iran, the UK, an “international Maritime security mission” of the United States in the Gulf region. The Mission was to protect merchant ships in the Strait of Hormuz, announced the British foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab. “This deployment will strengthen the security and in shipping, for reassurance,” he added.

+++ 17.11 at: Finnish tourist in a hotel pool in Greece drowned +++

A Finnish female tourist drowned on the Greek island of Samos in a hotel pool. The body of 43-Year-old was found on Sunday night in the middle of the basin, such as the local police informed. An autopsy had not yet been made, but the police according to their own statements, that the woman was drunk. The hotel pool will be locked every evening at 19.00 local time, the woman had been discovered at midnight, said a police representative. The identity of the woman, as well as the time of death, he wanted to make no information.

+++ 16.27 PM: autopsy report: 17-Year-old from Kreuth drowned +++

In the case of a 17-Year-old from the Bavarian town of Kreuth, the cause of death is now for the investigators: The autopsy of the body revealed that the young woman fell and then in a Creek and drowned, the police announced. It was not a crime. The young people had gone on Saturday evening in a Taxi with Friends from a village festival back and short in front of your home out. After that, there was no trace of her. On Sunday afternoon, the body in the vicinity of Kreuth was found in a Creek bed.

+++ 16.25 PM: Egypt ranks the spirit of travel from Cairo as a terrorist attack, a +++

Egypt, the spirit journey of the Unknown through Cairo, has been ranked with at least 20 dead as an act of terrorism. In the car the explosives had been discovered, informed the Ministry of the interior after an investigation of the vehicle.

+++ 15.46 PM: ammunition depot in Siberia explodes – at least four injured +++

After the Explosion of a munitions depot near the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk in Siberia, the authorities have evacuated a children’s summer camp. On Video and photo shoots, a huge cloud of smoke was seen rising into the sky. At least four people were injured, including a child, as the Agency Interfax reported, citing authorities. It is a state of emergency was proclaimed. A total of about 1000 inhabitants were brought in a radius of 20 kilometers to safety.

According to the assistantlschutzministeriums were brought into the camp in the village of Sokol 257 children in safety. Together with 66 adults they had been in a different place housed. The ammunition storage is located about 4,000 kilometers East of Moscow.

+++ 15.04 PM: Two killed in Rafting accident in Austria +++

In the white water of the Salzach river in Austria according to police, two people were killed. The circumstances of the Rafting accident was initially unclear. A witness had observed in the morning in the area of the Salzachöfen a capsized boat and two people in the water floating and the forces alerted. First of all, had not been ruled out that other occupants were on Board. Therefore, water rescuers and firefighters searched the river between Golling and Hallein. Mountain rescuers scoured the Pass Lueg, on the banks of the Salzachöfen. The Search effort was terminated, according to the water rescue inconclusive in the early afternoon. The river was in the vicinity of the accident at the time of “fire hazard,” said a spokesman for the water rescue.

+++ 14.33 PM: father crashes before the eyes of his wife and daughter fatally from +++

During a family trip in the allgäu mountains, a man in front of the eyes of his wife and his little daughter in death fall. The mountain experienced 54-Year-old from Baden-Württemberg had strayed on Sunday at the walk on the Koblat in Bad Hindelang and his family, as the police reported on Monday. The parents, with their nine-year-old daughter were caught on a rare path in steep, rough terrain. As the father was looking for a way out of the steep grass slope, he slips, probably, and a rock edge crashed. Helper of the mountain rescue team could retrieve him, only dead. The 49-year-old wife and the daughter were brought with the rescue helicopter into the valley, and a crisis intervention team is serving.

+++ 13.56 PM: at Least 42 Dead in air attack in the South of Libya +++

In the case of an air attack in the South of Libya, have been killed, according to a local authorities representative of at least 42 people. More than 60 other people were injured in the attack on Sunday evening, said the representative of the city of Morsuk. The internationally-recognized government in Tripoli has made militias loyal to the renegade General Khalifa Haftar responsible for the attack that supports a rival government in the East of Libya.

+++ 13.54 watch: 14-Year-old in Munich-because of sexual abuse in custody +++

In Munich, a 14-year-old youth following a sexual Assault on a thirteen-year-old in a swimming pool in the remand came. The students were accused of sexual abuse, assault, threat and coercion, a police spokesman said on request. The young person was noticed as a multiple offender with multiple offences in a short period of time, one of the grounds for Detention, the risk of collusion was.

According to police, the student had met last Thursday with the known 13-Year-old and a friend in front of the swimming pool. During the swimming pool visit, he had enticed the girl into a locker room. There, he groped you and asked to satisfy him orally.

+++ 13.07 PM: After the massacres of El Paso and Dayton: Trump’s Modification of the weapons on the right in view +++

US President Donald Trump has called the massacres of El Paso and Dayton, with a total of 29 deaths of his Republican and the democratic party to more cooperation.

To El Paso and Dayton

Trump Amendments to the weapons law – and there is the media complicity in recent massacres

“We need to come together and stricter background checks (in the case of arms sales, ed.) introduce them with a Change in the immigration laws connect,” wrote Trump on Twitter, without going into Detail.

Trump is a long-standing criticism, because he followed a hard line in the immigration policy and the need for a significant tightening of the arms to the right pronounciation. In addition, the US is accused-the President, to encourage by his part as a racially-rated rhetoric of assassins to kill other people.

+++ 12.56 PM: July 2019, the world’s hottest month since the beginning of the Measurement +++

The past July was the hottest month since the beginning of weather records. The temperatures in July 2019 would still be located just above the previous hottest month of July 2016, announced by the European Union Copernicus-service for the Monitoring of climate change. Recently he announced, that the world have experienced this year, the hottest June since the beginning of the regular measurements.

+++ 12.35 p.m.: workers of the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie find a water body in the Elbe +++

The discovery of a water body in the vicinity of the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie has triggered a large-scale operation of the fire brigade and police. The lifeless woman’s body had been seen by workers of the Elbphilharmonie in the field of theatre for the Musical “the lion king” in the water, as a spokesman for the Hamburg fire Department said. The body was finally driven with the flow in the direction of Altona. There driving would have spotted the guests of a ferry to the body, a police spokesman said. In the area of the fish market, the body was recovered, finally, from the water police out of the water. To could age and identity of the woman, as well as to the possible time of death, the police say nothing. The body is already been to the Institute of legal medicine pass.

Joint air patrol

Operation in the Pacific: Prepare Russia and China into a military Alliance?

By Ellen Ivits +++ 12.15 PM: the USA and South Korea begin joint military maneuvers +++

South Korea and the United States have begun, despite a warning from North Korea for a joint military manoeuvre. The South Korean defense Minister Jeong Kyeong Doo, announced the start of the Exercise in Parliament. South Korea remain in terms of military bets North Korea in the “alert,” the Minister said.

+++ 11.42 PM: I want Online form for delays until the end of 2020 +++

customers of the Deutsche Bahn should be able to request a report of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” according to, from the end of 2020 in the event of delays also online money back. So far, this is only in paper form. The planned introduction of an Online-form, is already known for a long time. The railway wants to make it for your customers easier, a part of the ticket price for delays to be recovered. The previous procedure is criticized as cumbersome.

+++ 11.26 PM: Freiburg judgment in the case of Mary is quite strong +++

the verdict in The case of the years of missing minors Maria from Freiburg is final. According to the Prosecutor, the defence and the representatives of the joint action on the Revision, said a spokesman for the regional court of Freiburg on Monday the German press Agency refused. The judgment was no longer binding, legal remedies are possible. The court had on 9. July sentenced a 58-year-old man from Blomberg in North Rhine-Westphalia due to severe child deprivation and due to sexual abuse in over 100 cases, to six years in prison. Preventive detention was not arranged.


case, Mary H.: police arrest wanted man in Italy

Mary H. disappeared 5 years ago with a 40-year-old man. This has been wanted ever since by an international arrest warrant. Now, the investigation managed by the police success.

+++ 10.10 PM: police again used tear gas against protesters in Hong Kong +++

The Hong Kong police has taken the third day in a row with tear gas against anti-government demonstrators. In the district of Wong Tai Sin had blocked on Monday after a call for a General strike, hundreds of protesters in a street, as AFP reported Reporter. The police used the tear gas, the blockage to dissolve.

+++ 9.38 PM: a 17-Year-old in Kreuth, probably in the fall +++

died In the case of the in the upper Bavarian town of Kreuth dead in a Creek bed 17, discovered-Year-old from the police of an accident. “We assume that it was a Fall,” said a police spokeswoman. There is no evidence for a violent crime. Final clarity, it should bring a post-mortem examination of the corpse of the young people, which was scheduled for Monday afternoon. The 17-Year-old was out in the night to Sunday on the way back from a Party shortly before her parents ‘ house out of the Taxi, and then not returned. After an hours-long search by friends, family, police, and fire her body was discovered.

+++ 9: SPD politicians are pushing again on the deletion of the abortion Clause 219a +++

From the SPD come new demands for deletion of the abortion paragraph 219a. “Because of the compromise reached, which can ensure neither the necessary information nor legal certainty, there is further need for action,” said the SPD member of the German Bundestag Nina Scheer, who is also applying to the SPD Federal Chairman. “Section 219a of the penal code must be deleted in order to further damage both to Physicians as well as affected women avert” demanded Scheer. The Section 219a in the criminal code prohibits “advertising for the termination of pregnancy”. He had been reformed in February after months of coalition argument. Now, Doctors are allowed to inform, for example, on their website, that they perform abortions. To be able to the methods you make but still no data. Instead, it is to be informed in a Central list by the German medical chamber.

+++ 8.41 PM: new Zealand wants to relax strict abortion law +++

new Zealand wants to loosen its strict abortion law. The government of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern put forward a draft law that abortions up to 20. Week allowed. “Abortion is the only medical intervention that is evaluated in new Zealand still as a criminal Offence. It is time to change that,” said justice Minister Andrew Little. The law is to be tabled on Thursday in Parliament. The deputies are to decide in a certain decision; the party discipline will be exposed to. The draft law, a months-long dispute within the tripartite coalition government was preceded.

+++ 7.10 PM: Herrmann: risk of Violence among migrants + + + track increases

After the deadly Railway attack of a Eritreers on an eight-year-old boy in the Frankfurt train station, has pointed to Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Herrmann with an increased risk of Violence in migrant groups. “Now people from other culture come powerfully in circles to us, in whose home the non-violence, as we maintain, is not yet so, of course,” said the CSU politician of the “Passauer Neue Presse”. “You have to say very clearly: There are people coming to us, the discharging much faster conflicts with violence. The have, consequently, experienced a significantly higher level of violence than we are. We have here is an increased risk that the crime statistics clearly show,” said Herrmann. The solution reads as follows: “a consequence. Consistent Action, consistent Punish, where appropriate, consistent Statements.”

Deadly attack in Frankfurt

New Details about the suspects – eight of the greater police presence at train stations


Herrmann called for a Revision of the Dublin agreement, which States that the EU state is for migrants to be responsible, you reach first. The System is not working, it’s rules were all at the game. You could also dump all the problems on the States, the EU external border. Herrmann stressed that he does not want to abolish the control-free Schengen System. “But completely open borders within Europe, we can’t afford to be obvious. In particular, as long as the EU’s external borders are not secure. We need to know who is staying with us. We need, therefore, within Europe, to intelligent border control, which do not lead to eternal traffic jams”, – said the Minister.

+++ 4 PM: Mexico is considering the extradition request against El-Paso-Protect +++

After the massacre in a complex in the Texan El Paso with at least 20 deaths, Mexico is considering an extradition request against the alleged Shooter. “We see this act as a terrorist attack on the Mexican-American community and the Mexican people in the United States,” said Mexico’s foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard.

press review

blood in El Paso and Dayton

“may be America’s nightmare has just begun”

After the killings in El Paso and Dayton a debate Trumps rhetoric is inflamed. Also in the international press. And, once again, the Calls for a tightening of gun laws, according to the.

+++ 3.52 PM: 19 Dead and 30 injured in Explosion in Cairo +++

In an Explosion in the city of Cairo are killed according to official figures, at least 19 people and 30 more were injured. The Egyptian health Ministry said. The Explosion happened after the collision of several vehicles in front of the national cancer research Institute, said the authority. “All the patients and workers in the centre are doing well,” it said.

The national cancer research Institute, NCI is located on the Nile just a few kilometers from Tahrir square. In the area, several government buildings, including the Ministry of justice and the office of the Prime Minister, and foreign embassies are located. The Egyptian Prosecutor’s office has sent a Team of investigators to investigate the cause of the Explosion.

+++ 3.25 PM: More than 100 flights at Hong Kong airport deleted +++

One of the protest movement in Hong Kong, headed the strike has led to traffic chaos. At the airport, the Chinese special administrative region more than 100 flights were canceled. The airport operator called on passengers to turn prior to a trip to the airport first, to your airline. An airport spokesman made a request no information on the reason for the cancellation of the flights. Chaos there was in the morning’s commuter traffic: protesters blocked the doors to numerous subways and causing delays. The protest movement in Hong Kong wants to increase with the strike, the pressure on the government. In the Chinese special administrative zone there are in weeks of demonstrations.

+++ 1.12 PM: curfews in the Indian part of Kashmir imposed +++

In the Indian part of the troubled region of Kashmir, the tensions grow. The authorities imposed on Monday curfews in the regional capital of Srinagar and in surrounding areas. Internet services were shut down, blocked, the mobile network and the fixed network, as a Reporter for the AFP news Agency reported. Several regional politicians explained that they had been placed under house arrest.

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