The two and a half year old Julen was on 13. January in an illegally dug and not selected borehole fallen in, while his parents nodded in the vicinity of pick. These kind of holes are to be found in abundance in the South of Spain. Because of the ongoing drought, farmers hire companies to perform these holes is illegal. You hope to encounter in the depth of the water.

The hole that Julen was fatal, was – like many others – only temporarily covered. It is believed that the cover had moved, stones slightly, so that the small child fell into the depth.


The parents of Julen, Jose Rosello (left) and Victoria Garcia, hoped up to the last on a miracle

©Gregorio Marrero DPA

to be able to hundreds of engineers, police and mining experts, then round-the-clock, in the hope of the young live, save. In the night of Saturday, this hope, as the two mountain died, moved people into the borehole and the body of the boy found.

No long Suffering in the shaft

Young dead

Julen recovered rushed for 71 yards in the death of Spain’s Problem with the “moon holes”


Now the first results of the autopsy are available, according to the newspaper “Malaga Hoy”. Accordingly, the child died immediately after the fall of the consequences of a head injury, writes the paper, citing anonymous sources involved with the case. A Team of five forensic experts have examined, therefore, the body of the child at the Institute of legal medicine in Malaga. Cause of death was a skull-brain was a Trauma.

The newspaper “La Vanguardia” reported, moreover, that the body has multiple injuries, which he sustained in the fall in depth.

the representative of The government of Andalusia, Alfonso Rodriguez Gomez de Celis, wanted to officially mention any details of the investigation, but he confirmed that the Boy is 71 meters unabated fell down, and there on the stone floor met.


Petrified faces of the mountain people, the could mountains the boy dead.

©Jorge Guerrero/AFP, DPA, No “Airbag” has slowed the case

still Unclear where a small stake came from, which was at the top of the body of the child. Probably he had fallen with the child in depth. Alfonso Rodriguez Gomez de Celis also rejected the so-called “Airbag” theory. Therefore could in the narrow shaft is a kind of cushion of air under the falling body, which would have mitigated the fall. On this assumption, the hope, that the child could have survived the fall into the deep founded.

Gómez de Celis was also on the rescue operation. Julens body was found by two miners, after they had completed a four-Meter-long horizontal tunnel to reach the original borehole. The Commissioner regretted that in spite of the colossal efforts of all Parties, the Mission reached the “result that we all wanted.”

source: Málaga Hoy, La Vanguardia