“that’s what happens when your calling twelve-year-old autistic son to 911, because his Teddy must be saved,” begins the Posting of a father, moved a lot of people in the social networks.

And the story’s really heart-warming: they are by Ryan from Woodbridge, New Jersey. The twelve-year-old son of fireman Bob Paul is autistic. While Playing in his room he lost his Teddy bear “Freddy”. And Ryan knew what he had to do in an emergency situation: He chose the number for the emergency call, in the USA, the 911.

a police officer visited Ryan and posing with him for photos

minutes later, the police officers Khari Manzini on the doorstep of the family of Paul, to see if everything was in order. “I want to thank the police officer for his kindness and his understanding,” writes father Bob later in his Posting below is a picture of his son, Ryan dimly next to Manzini. He wanted to thank that Manzini posed extra for a picture with Ryan. “I am happy that we have such a great and empathetic police officers,” writes Bob.

What happenes when your 12 yo autistic son dials 9-1-1 because his teddy bear needs “rescue”. That’s right you get a…

Posted by Bob Paul on Wednesday, 13. March 2019

police officer Manzini had previously participated in a training course, officials in New Jersey specifically on dealing with autistic people. Father Bob Paul said the American News sites that this training will be great for the officials. “I want parents to know that the Good exists out there.”

“This is such a sweet story”

Also Posting numerous comments praising the police and also Ryan for your use: “Ryan, you know you really help! This is such a sweet story … Our police Bureau is the best”, commented a user. “This is such a beautiful story,” writes the Next one. Another is to remember that every police officer should be trained in dealing with people with autism.

One thing the grateful father to complain about but in the end, however: As a fireman, he felt a little bit attacked, that his son had not asked him to help in the rescue.

by the Way: Teddy, Freddy could be found by the family after an extensive search operation in Ryan’s room, finally, without the help of the police.

sources : today.com Bob Paul/Facebook, ABC7ny