NRW-Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) in the case of Lügde no sheet before the mouth. The mass child abuse on a campsite in the Westphalian town there had been a “authorities, failure on all corners and edges”. For his open dealings with the police and authorities on the scandal of the Christian Democrat police unions, but has also been addressed already. He, the internal security Minister, had brought with his harsh criticism of the local police in lip the whole police force into disrepute. “I’m sorry for that monster, if such an impression is created,” says Reul in an Interview with the newspaper “The world”. Of his course, he does not want this but; incredibly, the processes around the Generic case. Reul: “I can’t pray everything is healthy.”

The NRW-Minister of the interior makes it clear in the Interview that he considers the suppression of the abuse can also be a topic for a social Problem. “All this surprised and shocked me,” says the 66-Year-old. “The company has seen in a long time about this Problem, and now it breaks igneous.” The was see, among others, in the debate on the countless cases of abuse in the Catholic Church.

child abuse on the camping

for Years, weggeguckt have failed, as the authorities in the abuse scandal of Lügde

Lügde: tighten, if Necessary, disciplinary law for police

Because of the circumstances around the Generic case, intensive investigations within the NRW-police are currently running. Among other things, it is a question, in how many cases police officers were convicted of using child pornographic material. So far, 18 cases are known. But one case, these officials are no longer in service.

“Someone who is convicted of such an Offence, it can’t be a COP anymore,” said Reul of the “world”. “For me, that is unimaginable, and for the other decent officials – with someone but no one wants to go on a longer Patrol.” Reul is committed to strengthening, if necessary, also the applicable law. “If we don’t get along with the existing disciplinary rules, we need to come up with something.”

cases of abuse in Lügde

“The children are the victims. The parents could be perpetrators” – child welfare children get from their families

After the men need on a campsite in Lügde for years, child abuse is the child welfare actively. It takes five more children into care against their parents, a worse suspicion.

DPA “Because it is true in the authority to rear and front, not”

also, the competent youth welfare office has Failed. Not only the police, but also the authority had accused notes on the pedophilic tendencies of the main. Nevertheless, nothing is over the months and years to happen, what could possibly explain the number of around 1000 cases of abuse. He assume that the child does not recognize the abuse for the most part, because it will not be displayed. “The worse it is, if you noticed – and it then remains for the authorities accepted to put. Because that is where mistakes are made. Errors that must not happen,” says Reul in an Interview. The officials had passed at the time the recorded message to the Prosecutor, there would have been investigations, complained the Minister.

For the actions of the youth authority, in the case of Lügde of each a lack of understanding of the Minister anyway: “As a child welfare a child to care for in such a camping car can give, I have not always understood,” says Reul. “Because it’s not true in the authority, apparently, back and front.”

source: “The world” / AFP