In Australia, has begun the election of a new Parliament. More than 16 million people are called to decide on 151 seats in the lower house and half of the 78 seats in the Senate.

As the top candidate of the conservative liberal, the incumbent party leader and Prime Minister, Scott Morrison going into the race. His Challenger, the Chairman of the social democratic labor party is Shorten, Bill.

the most Important issues in the election campaign of the climate change, the economic situation and the refugees were. The surveys, see the lab on the front. However, the projection is shrunk. The first polling stations opened at 08.00 local time (00.00 CEST) on the East coast. Because of the different time zones within the vast country of the West follows only later. With results still expected in the course of the day.

In Australia, voting is compulsory. Who is not without a valid reason to vote, you must pay 20 Australia dollars (approximately 12.40 euros) penalty. In 2016, the turnout was 91 percent. Is elected every three years.

liberal-in-chief Morrison leads the business of the government only since August of last year. The 51-Year-old came after an internal party revolt against his predecessor, Malcolm Turnbull in the top position. The 52-year-old Shorten is already since 2013, labor party chief. In the parliamentary election three years ago, he was a failure as the top candidate against Turnbull.