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British attorney-General considers concerns of Brexit Deal (12.27 PM)Australia banned Boeing 737 Max from the air space (10.01 PM)Elon Musk, the US attacked securities and exchange Commission (8.55 PM), US diplomats withdraw from Venezuela (5.23 PM)for Life for attack on Jewish Museum (0.53 PM)Meuthen election campaign in Switzerland (0.32 PM)

The News of the day:

+++ 12.27 PM: attorney General: concerns of Brexit Deal is not resolved +++

The UK’s Prime Minister, Theresa May reaching Changes to the Brexit-the agreement does not dispel the concerns of the British attorney General. According to a report, which was published in London. The “legal risk” that the UK stay against his will in a customs Union with the EU is bound to remain even after these assurances to the controversial Backstop in the Northern Ireland question”, unchanged,” said legal counsel Geoffrey Cox. Its legal assessment of the EU-assurances has a short measure before the crucial vote in the British Parliament on the withdrawal agreement is of the highest importance.

+++ 11.57 PM: The “Equal Pay Day” cheaper public transport ticket for women in Berlin. + + +

To the “Equal Pay Day” on may 18. March in Berlin for women only a cheaper public transport ticket. For a day, a valid ticket was the world’s first woman to the ticket, the Berlin transport companies (BVG). It costs 5,50 Euro and thus approximately 21 percent less than the normal one-day ticket (7.00 euros) – because women in Germany earned on average 21 percent less than men, said the SNB to a justification.

+++ 11.54 PM: a man in Thuringia, dies in accident with chainsaw +++

In Thuringia, a man in the forest is working with a chain saw killed in a car crash. The 55-Year-old from the district of Saalfeld-Rudolstadt was obviously a fall is fatal, as the police announced on Tuesday. He cut with his chain saw wood, when he fell and fatal injuries sustained to the device.

The man had previously been in the police reported as missing. Relatives had last seen him on Saturday morning. Since the missing of the 55-Year-olds in each track. On Monday evening, it was first discovered in his vehicle in a wooded area, a little later he was found lifeless.

+++ 11.24 am: a Small child dies after fall from window in second floor +++

A little girl who was overthrown at the weekend in Hagen from a window on the second floor, died. The police confirmed to speak. The one-Year was taken by helicopter to a hospital. The Doctors could not save you but. The circumstances of the accident determined the public Prosecutor’s office. The accident happened on a busy pedestrian street. On the death of the 13-month-old child, the “Westphalia post had reported”.

+++ 11.23 PM: the case of Susanna: Ali B. wants to Express itself in murder trial +++

The murder trial for the violent death of the schoolgirl Susanna, the defendant, Ali B. has announced in front of the Wiesbaden country court, to respond to the accusations. The said defendant shortly after the beginning of the main hearing. The 22-year-old Ali B. is raped, the Mainz student in may of 2018, in Wiesbaden, and then treacherously killed. In interviews with Iraq had been standing of to be a refugee, to have Susanna killed. The rape he denied.

+++ 11.06 PM: the New York students get Mondays meat-free meal +++

The approximately one Million students in New York will soon be served every Monday meat-free meals: one vegetarian Monday will be introduced in schools, announced the mayor of New York Bill de Blasio. “A little less meat will improve the health of New Yorkers and the greenhouse gas emissions,” said the Democrat, the step.

+++ 11.04 PM: study: Dirty air kills more people than Smoking +++

air pollutants cause many more premature deaths than Smoking. According to a study by Mainz-based scientists. Worldwide cause, especially with the fine dust air-loaded 8.8 million deaths per year, according to the Team of atmosphere researchers, Jos Lelieveld and the cardiologist Thomas Münzel in the “European Heart Journal”. About 120 people per 100,000 population die, therefore, worldwide each year prematurely from the effects of polluted air in Europe, about 133. In Germany, even 154 per 100,000 inhabitants, it is the presented data, according to a year – more than for example in Poland, Italy or France.

In comparison, the number of Smoking decline in deaths – including passive Smoking – the world health organization (WHO) global 7.2 million annually is estimated, explain the researchers. A man could not decide, however, to smoke – the air pollution, but he could not Dodge.

+++ 10.30 PM: the EU agreement on greater protection for informants +++

The EU Parliament and the member States to reach agreement on new rules for the protection of Whistleblowers made in companies and authorities. The negotiators had agreed in Strasbourg, the EU-Commission. The organization Transparency International and the Greens described the outcome of the negotiations as a “historic” and “breakthrough” for the protection of whistleblowers.

+++ 10.14 am: Maas continues in Pakistan for relaxation in the conflict with India, a +++

Against the Background of the flared up again, conflict between India and Pakistan has Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) in Islamabad for relaxation. At a Meeting with his counterpart, Shah Mehmood Qureshi Maas stressed, according to the foreign office: “Pakistan and India both carry great responsibility to prevent an escalation.” Maas wants to push during his visit, the government in Islamabad, in General, to a course of the relaxation for the entire Region, including Afghanistan.

+++ 10.01 PM: Australia banishes all of the Boeing 737 MAX from its air space +++

After the crash of a Boeing in Ethiopia and Australia has banned all the machines in the US-aircraft manufacturer of the type 737 Max from its air space. It was a “temporary” measure, until further information on the safety risks are available, said the aviation authority, CASA.

On Sunday had crashed an Ethiopian Airlines plane shortly after the Start. All 149 passengers and eight crew members were killed. In October, a Boeing 737 MAX 8 of the Indonesian airline Lion Air was shortly after the Start crash

+++ 9.55 PM: Cologne administrative court heard again about clearing the hambach forest +++

The tug-of-war to the hambach forest in the Rhenish brown coal district has, once again, the justice. The Cologne administrative court negotiated over several actions brought by the environmental organization BUND, the judge, among other things, a further deforestation of the forest area on the Baunkohle open pit mine of Hambach. A judgment may be promulgated in the course of a day.

+++ 9.28 PM: the coordinator calls to Boeing crash to prudence +++

The Federal government coordinator for the aerospace, Thomas Jarzombek, has warned, after the second crash of a Boeing 737 Max 8 übereiltem Act. The CDU-politician said on rbb-info radio: “You do not need to make any quick shots, if you know what have been the causes for the crash.” The reasons are not always quite as easy as they were perhaps first on the Hand. “Since you can not go directly, and prohibitions. At the end you don’t need a piece of evidence.” Black box and flight recorder had been found. “I think it will be a relatively short period of time, to find out what really happened there.”

+++ 9.24 PM: new Zealand reports that dozens of measles cases +++

In new Zealand, there are more and more measles cases. On the South island of the Pacific state has been registered in the past few days, more than two dozen diseases, how the health authorities. It is feared that the highly infectious, widespread viral quickly. With an immediate vaccination programme, for which the government is providing 100,000 vaccine doses are available free of charge, this is to be prevented.

+++ 9.18 PM: Sebastian Short Macrons Europe-proposals for reform of the question +++

Federal Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) has called into question the EU’s proposals for reform of the French President, Macron. Although his government would consider the external border protection, a closer partnership with Africa, or the taxation of Internet companies is positive. At the same time, many of the proposals are “utopian,” said Short, in the Germany radio. Many similarities looks Short on the other hand, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, who had responded to Macrons proposals in a guest post for the “world on Sunday”, “because we are content in large Parts congruent with your point of view.”

+++ 9.08 PM: Two women die in house fire in Aalen +++

In case of a fire in a residential building in baden-württemberg, Aalen, two women are killed. The Arrival of the rescue forces, a room was at least fully in flames, the police announced. The fire Department, with 40 staff in the use of, and brought the fire quickly under control. The two women could only be recovered dead from the house.

+++ 8.55 PM: Elon Musk brings to the counter-attack on the U.S. securities and exchange Commission +++

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has defended in the dispute with the U.S. securities and exchange Commission SEC his behavior on Twitter and on the counter-attack on the authority of Holt. For the billionaire much is at stake: The SEC wants that Musk is spoken because of a misleading tweet of the contempt of court guilty of what this could mean for him more penalties and restrictions. In its answer to the Tesla boss, the sec alleged, among other things, she wanted to restrict his constitutional right to freedom of speech.

+++ 8.50 PM: New hope for Brexit vote – EU May counter +++

After a further, Contrary to the EU, the British Prime Minister, Theresa May hopes to have approval for your controversial Brexit-agreement in the Parliament in London. The deputies in the lower house should vote on Tuesday evening (probably starting at 20: 00 CET) a second Time on the Brussels Treaty negotiated package with the EU-exit of the country. The decisive factor should be whether a majority of members is sufficient in the last Minute reaching concessions from the European Union in the case of the Irish border question. The UK wants to on 29. March of the EU to separate.

+++ 8.06 PM: Taliban publish picture of alleged hiding-place of their founder +++

A study, according to the founder and longtime leader of the Taliban, Mullah Omar, the last years of his life in southern Afghanistan and not in Pakistan, reflected in Afghanistan. A Taliban spokesman confirmed on Twitter that Mullah Omar of Afghanistan had never left and released on Monday evening (local time) images to show his former hiding place. Representatives of the Afghan government rejected the allegation.

+++ 7.17 PM: From Bahrain escaped professional football is now Australian +++

The former football player Hakim Al-Araibi from Bahrain after fleeing from his old home, and a failed deportation now Australians. The 25-Year-old got at a ceremony in Melbourne on his Australian papers. “I am very happy to have the (Australian) citizenship and to be in safety,” said Al-Araibi. The case had made headlines around the world.

+++ 5.23 PM: the United States withdraw the remaining diplomats from Venezuela +++

The United States pulling its last diplomats from Venezuela. The US announced Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Washington had decided in January that, in view of the worsening crisis, all is not urgently needed, U.S. diplomats from the South American country to be deducted.

+++ 5 PM: Boeing promises after plane crashes rapid Software-extension +++

The US-aircraft manufacturer Boeing has promised to two crashes a new machine of the type 737 Max 8 within a few months, a rapid enlargement of the controversial control software. In the past few months, Boeing have developed an improved control program, to “make an already safe aircraft even safer,” the company said. A direct reference to the on Sunday in Ethiopia downed 737-Max-aircraft Boeing is not established, the families of the 157 deaths, however, at the end of the statement sympathy.

+++ 4.34 PM: Killed 14-Year-old: In the case of Susanna murder begins trial against Ali b. + + +

for the murder of the 14-year-old student Susanna from Mainz, Germany, the 22-year-old Ali B. is today (9.30 am) before the regional court of Wiesbaden. According to prosecutors, the accused raped the schoolgirl in may 2018 in Wiesbaden-erbenheim and they killed then insidious. The Iraqi refugee has confessed in interviews to have Susanna killed. The rape he denied. The body of the schoolgirl was on 6. June in a hole in the ground near the railway found railway tracks, approximately two weeks after the Disappearance of the girl. The case had triggered a nationwide debate about the refugee policy.

+++ 2.55 PM: brink house warns coalition partner SPD uncoordinated proposals +++

Union leader Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) to the SPD almost a year the Start of Black-and-Red in front of other uncoordinated attempts at profiling warned. “Each party can distinguish itself in a coalition and the people say what they would do if they governed alone. This is completely right,” said brink, the house of the German press Agency in Berlin. “In the government, we should not be a surprise to us but each other with uncoordinated proposals, as we have seen recently,” added he, with a view to the initiative of the Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) for a basic pension without the means test.

+++ 0.53 PM: verdict: Life for attack on Jewish Museum in Brussels +++

Nearly five years after the attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels, the main accused has been sentenced to life in prison. The competent court decided in Brussels, as the Belgian news Agency Belga reported. On Thursday the bomber was Mehdi Nemmouche had been found guilty. In the attack four people were killed.

+++ 0.32 hrs: Meuthen received according to its own information of 90,000 euros for the election campaign help from Switzerland +++

the AfD’s party leader, Jörg Meuthen has given to his candidacy for the state Parliament of Baden-Württemberg in the year 2016 election campaign assistance from Switzerland in the value of just under 90,000 euros. “There has been the beginning of 2016 during my candidacy, the support provided by the Swiss advertising Agency Goal Inc.,” said Meuthen of the “world” according to an advance notification. “The value amounts to a total of 89.800€.” The individual services Meuthen quantified as follows: “There were rounded for listings 27,000 euros, for the flyers to EUR 17,000 for posters 41,000 euros, and for graphics 5000 euros.” In January, German media had reported on the financial aid from Switzerland for Meuthen.

+++ 0.20 PM: police find missing patients drunk at home on the Sofa +++

To escape from the hospital, a Patient in Waldshut-Tiengen is asleep in a drunken stupor at home on his Sofa, and there, by the police, have been discovered. The 34-Year-old had been admitted to hospital with a wound to the head drunk to the hospital, the police announced. Later, he left but just the clinic, although still a access stuck in his Arm and he should stay for observation. “The gave him to drink, presumably, there is nothing” speculated, a police spokesman. Officers found the Fugitives finally at home on the Sofa asleep. A breathalyzer test showed The man had a low of 4.14 per thousand in the blood. Without Protest, he was back to the hospital.

+++ 0.01 at: Federal aviation administration calls for Boeing to make Changes to 737 MAX to +++

After the crash of a Boeing 737 MAX 8 in Ethiopia, the US aviation authority FAA calls the aircraft manufacturers to make Changes to machines of this type. Necessary, among other things, Software – and system changes, explained the FAA. The authority ordered that all Boeing 737 MAX 8 must remain on the ground.

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