has collected The Federal Prosecutor in Karlsruhe, according to media reports, charges against eight members of the alleged right-wing terrorist group “Revolution Chemnitz”.

The men were accused of, to have in September of last year closed in order to commit attacks, according to a report from NDR, WDR and “süddeutsche Zeitung”. The Federal Prosecutor’s office confirmed the indictment, without mentioning further Details. A spokeswoman referred to a press release, which should be during the day published.

The men should also have a civil war-like uprising in Berlin, planned, reported the Research group. The basis for the indictment, the analysis of the Chat logs on the mobile phones of the accused was.

The attorney General determined for some time against the group. The eight men are sitting in detention. Most of the previous investigations, according to the leaders of the Hooligan, Skinhead and neo-Nazi scene in the Chemnitz area.

The attorney General was shortly before the day of German unity on 1. October 2018 against the group proceeded to Point out that for the 3. October should have been planned acts of violence in Berlin. Attorney General Peter Frank had called in March the case against “Revolution Chemnitz” in the area of legal terrorism as “one of the most important procedures we perform at present”.