the champagne corks During the majority of the Start of the new year, pop, others work in the chord, in order to save with alcohol-charged night life. Doctors, nurses, paramedics, firefighters and police officers to fight on new year’s eve by one of the worst and most intense layers the whole year.

Because it is not only people in probably any other night reckless with alcohol, drugs and fireworks, and bring themselves in danger of their lives. Some of these patients are also often in noise – aggressive and attack forces.

eruptions of violence of patients everyday in the emergency medical service?

An ambulance is exactly broke on Twitter of the collar: As he reads, that it is in the district of Kelheim, in a new year’s eve celebration to a violent attack on an ambulance vehicle, that brings the barrel to Overflowing: “We are the one to pull you out of the Dirt no matter how drunk and puked on you are”, he starts his Thread on Twitter, the spreading within a short time, viral, and thousands of reactions.

What was preceded by his Statement? The extent to which include violent outbursts of patients to the everyday life of an emergency physician? And how you can handle it, if you are attacked by those whose lives you want to save?

We have spoken with the doctor, who gave his Statement a ruthless insight into the everyday work of an emergency physician.

“We are the ones to whom you owes life, if your on your own vomit

choking” “I have to admit, the Anger had been pent up,” replies the doctor, mid-30’s, on the request of the star on Twitter. For reasons of Patient confidentiality and the duty of confidentiality he wants to remain anonymous. He shows his work in the rescue service with an official certificate of recognition from the Bavarian state chamber of physicians: in an emergency, active since 2015, in the southern German region, both on Land, as well as in the big city.

On Twitter, he writes on new year’s day, as he himself says, “relatively spontaneous,” the frustration of the soul: “We are the ones to whom you owes the life when you choked on your own Broken, or you accidentally or intentionally, a wrong quantity of the wrong drug enclosed to miss you,” writes the “Flow”, as he calls himself on Twitter, in his Tweet. “The fact that you get no gratitude, we are already accustomed to,” it says. But if you must have as a doctor, nurse, paramedic or fireman fear for his own health, “just because you are trying to help you” – then anything over gone terribly wrong.

The mid-30-Year-old, who has been working for nearly ten years in the ambulance service is aware of these dangerous situations in the Job. The police have him saved “at one Time or another, in the truest sense of the word the ass”: “it’s Very impressive to me is the case of a supposedly helpless Person in memory, we had found next to a burning car,” remembers “Flow”. First of all, the man seemed very calm and cooperative. Settled in the ambulance and examine, as if he had suddenly and without warning, started kicking and beating: “He tried to attack a colleague with the punches.” A police patrol that was on site, was able to fend off the attack, after all. Four officers were needed to subdue the man. “They would not have interfered with the colleagues in the police immediately,” the ambulance, “we would have had the attack not much to oppose.” Lucky. While the violent man is instructed after his outburst on the help of Doctors.

Gaffer, sensation, lust, threats of violence

Maybe just an isolated case. And yet one of the individual cases, which is likely to have experienced the majority of the emergency physicians. “Flow,” writes on Twitter that he had a feeling that the climate in the society “from one year to the inhuman and violent”.

The people respected less, would be less for each other. He was often seen as needy, or even be mocked, ignored, or Gaffer from sensationalism seriously ill, injured, or Dead filming and photography. “The handling is more aggressive in terms of verbal abuse or threats of violence,” explains the emergency physician of his experiences: “Maybe it’s a mirror of society.”

As an emergency physician he has to find ways with these frustrating situations. Many people could also calm down, is not always the situation escalating. And if it is? “In retrospect, I think that one should not take such events too much to heart,” says the medic. “You can try his Best and not allowed to eat frustration and resentment to himself.”

“Small Gestures to show that our work is appreciated,”

Motivation for his Job, he finds in the small Gestures, driving him again and again. Small Gestures such as the staff of his favorite Restaurants: “the guys know that we are in the rescue service is constantly on the go and every second can be alerted to a use, is processed our order immediately and at a record pace,” says emergency physician from Bavaria. The Chance is higher to be able to still eat take-away. Sit would anyway never in question.

And what helps to be one of the toughest layers, after new year’s eve? “As a small new year’s gift and for the hard use for the patients, there was yesterday for all of a wonderful Dessert on the house. Even if it are just little things, it shows that our work in the company is estimated to be still high,” – and the rental shops do a the feeling, and ultimately “the Right thing”.

sources: Twitter/@Caethan13, “Mittelbayerische”

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