After the attack on the Hockenheim mayor Dieter Gummer seeks the police after the perpetrators.

‘m Currently investigating in all directions, said a police spokeswoman on Wednesday morning. Gummer had been attacked on Monday evening at home in Böhl-Iggelheim (rhinelandpalatinate). He suffered a broken jaw and was taken to the hospital.

The attacker rang the police at the house of a local politician. As the 67-Year-old in the yard met the Unknown, struck him suddenly with his fist in the face. Gummer, lost his balance, fell and hit his head on the floor. The police initially lacked a hot lead to the perpetrators. This was able to escape after the blow undetected.

Gummer is the end of August to retire. The SPD politician and since 2004, the mayor of Hockenheim (Rhein-Neckar-Kreis).

attacks, threats and insults against the local politicians had taken care of in the past few weeks, again for a debate in Germany. On 2. June, in Kassel, President of the government, Walter Lübcke was shot dead in front of his house. The attorney General is a right-wing Background.

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