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RAID on Church in Vienna (20.14 hours), and Three killed in bridge accident in Iceland (17.15)EU condemns Israeli approvals for settlements (15.52 hours), and number of victims in the flight traffic in 2018, has risen sharply (15: 28)

high-rise building in Sydney after cracking noises again cleared (9.59 PM)

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+++ 22.02 at: Strasbourg train station after a “malicious call” evacuated +++

a Good two weeks after the deadly terrorist attack on the Strasbourg main train station has been evacuated on Thursday because of a false Alarm. After a “malicious call” police and explosives experts in the application, wrote the police on Thursday evening on Twitter. The news channel France Info reported, citing France’s rail operator SNCF, it was a bomb alarm.

Many trains were affected by the blocking, hundreds of passengers gathered on the station forecourt. Almost two hours later, the police gave the all-clear. “False Alarm,” she wrote – the doubts had been dispelled, the movement of trains on the course.

the stop in The center of the Alsatian metropolis on 11. December had ripped five people from the life, several were injured. The alleged perpetrator was killed two days later in Strasbourg in an exchange of fire with the police.

+++ 20.14 clock: RAID on the Church: Five monks injured +++

In a Robbery in a Viennese Church and five monks were injured, one of them seriously. In the Catholic Church of Mary Immaculate in the district of Floridsdorf was on Thursday a man and forced a present there religious brother with a gun to lay on the ground, said police spokesman Harald Sörös, according to the Austrian news Agency APA. The culprit is the monk miss and him hard on the head hurt. Four other friars who came to the Church, had to lie reported to be on the ground, were beaten and tied up. All five men were taken after their discovery, to the hospital. The police launched a large manhunt for two Suspects.

at The time of the Robbery and no service was held in the Church. According to the information gathered in the investigation, at least a suspect with cash and valuables from the monks have called for, it was called by the police. The exact motive was not yet clear, a terrorist motive but ruled out.

+++ 18.01 PM: closeout on the German stock market, exacerbated by the end of the year +++

On the penultimate trading day of the year, the downward pressure on the German stock market is still significantly increased. The Dax fell further and 2.37 percent on validated 10.381,51 points. This is the lowest closing price since November of 2016. “Now the round is 10,000 mark closer than the resistance at 11,000 points,” said Analyst Konstantin of Oldenburg from the Broker CMC

Markets. In December, the loss of Dax add up to just under 8 percent since the beginning of the year to almost 20 percent.

+++ 17.25: Lufthansa Technik rejects allegations to the G20 plane glitch +++

The glitch is on the government aircraft of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) at the end of November a “mirror”report according to relevant to the failure of the maintenance company Lufthansa Technik. This is clear from a confidential investigation report by the Bundeswehr, reported the news magazine on Thursday. Lufthansa Technik rejected the accusation. According to the report, it missed the Lufthansa subsidiary, to inform the flight readiness of the Bundeswehr on a new built-in digital communication system. The Lufthansa Technik spokesman said: “Lufthansa Technik has maintained at any time, all air regulatory requirements. This also applies to dealing with documentation requirements.”

+++ 17.15: tourist falls from bridge – three Dead in Iceland +++

When you fall from a bridge, three, suspected, British, tourists, among them a child, in the South of Iceland died. The other four occupants of the SUV – two adults and two children – were injured in the car accident, told the Icelandic police. The injured were brought in two helicopters to a hospital in the capital city of Reykjavik. The all-terrain vehicle crashed, according to the of a above the river Núpsvötn leading bridge, but landed in the water. The cause of the accident was unclear, possibly the one-lane bridge was covered in ice. The British foreign Ministry confirmed the statements, but could not say whether all the occupants from the UK came.

+++ 17.06 PM: New all-time high in complaints of unauthorized telephone advertising +++

The number of complaints about illegal telephone advertising this year to a new peak increased. By the end of November to the 58,000 complaints received by the Federal network Agency, as the authority announced. In the previous year were, therefore, in the same period, to 52,000, in the year 2016 nearly 27,000. In the case of the Federal network Agency, a total of around 210,000 consumer requests and the consumer received this year, complaints to the telecommunications industry. Especially many complaints there was about the so-called Ping calls even to 290,000 complaints received. Ping calls lock calls, which want to provoke a paid recall. In the year 2018, more than 110,000 complaints and requests to the number of abuse received by the Federal network Agency. In addition, there were some 45,000 enquiries and complaints on telecommunications contracts.

+++ 17.10 PM: Three men in Sweden for the preparation of a terrorist attack, Three men from Central Asia accused +++

have been accused of in Sweden because of the preparation of a terrorist attack. As the Swedish Prosecutor’s office announced suspected the men of “large quantities of chemicals, as well as Material in the process of killing and injury” of people procured and stored. You and three other Suspects are also accused of terror financing. They should have sent money to the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) abroad. The between 30 and 46-year-old men are from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, as the media reported. The defendant’s best according to the riding Prosecutor’s office of the allegations.

++++ 16.38 watch: Elderly people are more and more often of poverty +++

threatened increased The risk of Poverty for older people in Germany. In the past year, according to the latest Figures from the European statistical office, 17 percent of men and women aged 65 years and over poverty Eurostat threatened, such as the “Passauer reported to New press”. In 2006, the rate was 12.5 percent. In absolute Numbers, the group of poverty grew vulnerable old people, therefore, from 1.9 million to 2.8 million. You had to make do with a maximum of 13.152 Euro in the year, which corresponds to 60 percent of the average income.

+++ 15.52 PM: EU condemns Israeli approvals for settlements +++

The EU has sharply criticised a new Israeli permits for settler homes in the West Bank. Any settlement activity in the territory is illegal under international law and undermine the plans for a Two-state solution and a long-term prospect of Peace, said a spokeswoman for the EU foreign representative, Federica Mogherini.

Israel had approved, according to Reports, before the construction of more than 2,000 new settler homes in the Palestinian territories. The Land conquered in 1967 during the six day war, including the West Bank and East Jerusalem. There are more than 600 000 Israeli settlers now live in more than 200 settlements. The Palestinians want to establish on the territory of an independent state. The UN security Council had called on Israel in December 2016, to a complete settlement freeze in the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem.

+++ 15: 28: expert: number of victims in the flight traffic in 2018 drastically +++

an increase in The number of aircraft accidents people killed in the expiration year has increased, according to the experts drastically. Although the number of serious accidents in civil aviation has remained at 45 almost at the previous year’s level, climbed in the world, the total number of dead from 40 to 559 people. “The almost finished plane accident, 2018, you might overwrite good with the title “Back to normal”,” said the head of the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC), Jan-Arwed Richter, the German press Agency.

+++ 14.40 PM: customs officers destroy nine tons of drugs value of 520 million euros, a +++

In the case of a covert action, customs officials have destroyed in the Metropolitan area of Hamburg, nine tons of drugs with a street value of more than half a billion euros. With several secure vans and armed escorts, the noise had been transported gift in the past week, for burning, said a spokesman for the customs investigation office Hamburg.

The approximately 2.4 tonnes of cocaine and 6.7 tonnes of Apaan – a precursor for the manufacture of Meth-amphetamine finished were from different crimes in the North, the procedure in the years 2017 and 2018 are now legally binding. Which cases it was exactly, didn’t want to say to the speaker. The total value amounted to 520 million euros.

+++ 14.23 PM: Schulz for the primary of the next SPD Chancellor candidate +++

The former SPD Chairman Martin Schulz has been campaigning for a primary in the next SPD Chancellor candidate. A primary would strengthen the SPD and “revive,” said the 2017 unsuccessful candidate for Chancellor of the editorial network in Germany. The selection process for the successor to Chancellor Angela Merkel of the CDU leadership is a good example: “The CDU is visible in a new way. It was innovative, exciting, and democracy-promoting.”

“When people compete with their ideas in the competition, then it will be really exciting,” said Schulz. “We in the SPD should not therefore be discouraged and, at the latest, the next Federal election in a primary, the top candidate to determine.” Worried about the possible negative effects of such a Decision, he won’t, said the former President of the European Parliament. The members vote on a possible participation in Government, the SPD would have done well.

+++ 14.17: insurer 2018 to more for storm damage +++

in 2018, according to data from the insurance industry to weather the storm years of the past decades. Storm and hail damage in the amount of 2.2 billion euros of homes, or commercial and industrial insured had caused, informed the Association of the German insurance economy (GDV). Thus, the damage is about the average for the past 15 years in the amount of two billion euros.

“in 2018, is one of the four most severe storm in years, the last 20 years,” said GDV President Wolfgang Weiler. A swath of desolation had left, especially storm, “Friederike”, was swept away in January across the country and damage to property of around 900 million euros had caused. According to the Association, only the storms “Lothar” (1999) since 1997, “Jeanett” (2002) and “Kyrill” (2007) as “Friederike”.

+++ 13.46 PM: risk of avalanches in the Bavarian Alps, relaxing +++

Good news for winter sports enthusiasts during the Christmas holidays: The danger of avalanches in the Bavarian Alps. The situation was “relaxed considerably,” said a spokesman for the Avalanche warning service Bavaria in Munich. On Thursday a low risk prevailed up to 1800 meters of altitude, at higher altitudes, a moderate risk was considered level. In the coming days is to relax the Situation more. On Christmas eve, the authorities for the allgäu had the call Bavarian Alps and the Berchtesgaden Alps, the second highest of five alert levels. Since February 1991 in the Bavarian Alps, 56 people from avalanches have been swept away and killed.

+++ 13: 33: Etna-quake distributes more than 400 Sicilians out of their homes +++

The volcano mount Etna quake triggered more than 400 people, according to the authorities, temporarily homeless. They had to come in the previous night in emergency shelters because they could not remain because of the earthquake in their homes, informed the head of the Italian civil protection authority, Angelo Borrelli of the state radio station RAI. In addition, there were 28 injuries, but no life-threatening cases.

+++ 13.00: murder case Peggy: investigators continue to examine a complaint against the release of +++

After, in the case of the murdered schoolgirl Peggy the suspect on Christmas eve released, check the investigators continue to appeal against the court decision. “At the moment we are concerned with the Review of the complaint”, said the chief state’s attorney Herbert Potzel, the German press Agency.

The nine-year-old Peggy from the surfränkischen Lichtenberg (Bavaria), was on 7. May 2001 on the way home from school disappeared. In July 2016, and parts of her skeleton were found in a forest in Thuringia, about 20 km from Peggy’s home.

two weeks Ago a from the upper Franconian district of Wunsiedel stem of the accused person was arrested. He admitted he had to have the dead Peggy in a forest. He denied, however, to have the girl killed. On Monday the district court of Bayreuth lifted the arrest warrant against him, among other things, because the man had to be a part of confession.

warrant cancelled

change in the murder case Peggy: suspect from custody released

In the endless investigation into the murder of Peggy, there is again a u-turn. Now, the 41-year-old suspect in custody has been released. A court the results of the investigation were not enough to keep him in custody.

DPA +++ 12.41 PM: the Fifth fatality after head-on collision +++

succumbed to A fifth Party to a head-on collision of two cars in North Rhine-Westphalia to his injuries. The 22-year-old passenger from one of the two cars died on the first day of Christmas. Two seriously injured from this car are still in hospitals, the police announced.

At the time of the accident in Stolberg near Aachen last Saturday, a mother and her two children were burned car at the age of 16 and 17 years of age in a small. Your car had risen after the collision in flame. In the other vehicle, a 21-year-old inmate had suffered such severe injuries that she died in the hospital. The 20-year-old driver of this car and two other passengers were brought with the most severe injuries to the hospital.

as before, it is unclear why the two cars collided in the middle in the night. The police are waiting, according to their own statements, the opinion of an expert.

+++ 10.49 PM: Estonia: Two dozen anglers from ice floe saved +++

a Good two dozen kingfishers have been rescued in Estonia from the Baltic sea Bay in front of the port city of Pärnu from a plaice. The 27 anglers were cut off on the second day of Christmas from the shore, and were stranded two miles off the coast on the piece of ice. In a rescue, the fishermen of forces boats were brought back to the country, such as the Estonian radio reported. The injured have been no. Ice fishing in Estonia is a popular Hobby in the Winter. It comes especially in the thaw period to such emergencies.

+++ 10.23 PM: Indian girl cuts Stalker, the genitals +++

Due to the continual sexual harassment of a woman cut off in Mumbai, India, the Penis of her Stalker, and the man then was taken to the hospital. The 47-year-old mother of two and two helpers brought the 27-Year-old in a lonely industrial area, where you will be cutting him in the genitals, the police announced. The man was after an emergency surgery in stable condition.

The woman had confessed to the crime planned and executed, said the investigators Gajanan Kabdule. Accordingly, the 27 had a beset-year-old neighbor repeatedly, massively, and their marriage at risk.

After the fact, they brought the man to the hospital to save his life. The severed genitals and the knife were found, the woman and her two helpers from the neighborhood came in police custody.

+++ 09.59 PM: cracks in the wall: high-rise building in Sydney, re++

evacuated + The residents of a high-rise building in Sydney, to for the second Time within a few days to get out of their homes. It was a precautionary measure after some residents had noticed cracks in the walls and suspicious sounds, reported the ABC. Already on Christmas eve, the residents of the Opal Tower, had to leave their homes for the same reason, fleeing.

authorities had claimed to the media report, according to a comprehensive investigation, and thus, the re-evacuation of high-rise building fires. According to the data of the client, the company’s Icon, the building is “structurally sound”. Nevertheless, residents could be for up to ten days in the hotel accommodated, while experts examined the building.

+++ 08.22 PM: South Korean tourists in Thailand after collision of Golf carts drowned +++

By the collision of two Golf carts in the North of Thailand are two South Korean tourists were killed After the wives the cars of your men hit had, threw them in a river and drowned. The Thai police announced the discovery of the two bodies.

The accident occurred when the two couples wanted to cross on a ferry a river, which pulls the Golf course. The two women hit the car accidentally the Gulf, where their men were sitting. By the impact, all went on Board, said the police officer Suwat Suawatmontri. While the women were quickly fishermen rescued, was missing from the 68-and 76-year-old men, first of all, each track.

On Wednesday evening, had finally been found a corpse, said Suwat. Villagers have discovered the other body. “The women have said that their men could swim,” said the policeman. “I think you are being drowned because of the strong undercurrent.”

+++ 07.13 PM: Indonesia raises alert level for volcano Anak Krakatoa +++

The Indonesian authorities have raised the alert level for the Indonesian volcano Anak Krakatoa. In addition, the safety zone has been extended around the crater from two to five kilometers. Previously, it had been because of the continued activity of the volcano warnings prior to a new Tsunami. The authorities called on the residents of the coast.

+++ 07.12 PM: sweating on new year’s eve: Up to 49 degrees in Australia +++

With temperatures of over 40 degrees in the shade controls Australia on new year’s eve. In the Pilbara Region in the Northwest of the country, it should be even hot up to 49 degrees, it said. In other Parts of Australia people are suffering from the heat, as reported by local media. According to the meteorologists it’s supposed to stay until new year’s eve so hot. Fire danger in many parts of the country. The authorities called on the people to stay in the shadows and drink a lot of water.

+++ 06.43 PM: Japan executes two convicted murderers +++

In Japan, two convicted murderers have been executed on the gallows. The death sentences against the two men were executed on Thursday, as the justice Minister Takashi Yamashita said. The 60-year-old Keizo Kawamura and the 67-year-old Hiroya Suemori were been found guilty in 1988 after a theft of the To have the head of an investment company and an employee strangled to death. They were sentenced to death by hanging.

With the execution of the two men, the number of so far this year in Japan, death sentences carried out rises to 15. This is the highest number since 2008.

+++ 05.18 PM: number of complaints for unlawful telephone advertising +++

Intrusive increased advertising calls have made this year that much more Trouble than before. From January to November of 58,000 written complaints received by the Federal network Agency for unauthorized telephone advertising and, therefore, about 7000 more than in the same period last year, informed the authority in Bonn. In 2016, the comparison was only at 27,000 – within two years, the number has doubled so more than. Above all, energy supply companies were a Nuisance – a third of the complaints relating to unsolicited phone calls on your account. Two companies from this area were given the Maximum fine of 300 000 euros is buzzing.

+++ 01.04 PM: report: German armed forces is examining recruitment of EU to recruit citizens for the squad +++

The German armed forces checks according to a new report, experts from other EU member States. The recruitment of EU citizens for special activities was “not an Option”, which would be examined, to quote the Newspapers of the Funke media group, the inspector General of the Bundeswehr, Eberhard anger. “We’re talking about here, for example, by Doctors or IT specialists,” said the highest-ranking military. In times of shortage of skilled workers, the German armed forces must “in all directions” and the matching young endeavour.

The Federal government has to be consulted according to the report, the EU-Partner. The majority of States, particularly from Eastern Europe, responded accordingly, but restrained. The defence Commissioner of the Bundestag, Hans-Peter Bartels, said the spark-Newspapers, the recruitment of EU-foreigners “a kind of normality”. In the troop there is already a lot of soldiers with immigrant or dual nationality.

+++ 01.04 PM: record child benefit for the First time, more than 15 million recipients +++

The number of children reach the money to the recipients of this year with over 15 million, a new record. By the end of November, there were 15,35 million children who received the power of the German state. The statistics from the family Fund, which is present the German press Agency. By the end of 2017, it was only 14,97 million children with money. Also, the number of foreign children, for which support is paid, rose to about three million to 2.8 million by the end of 2017.

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