a meticulous investigator Robert Mueller, absolute integrity and incorruptible, he has proved with his final report on the Russia-investigation. For two years, the U.S. special investigator and his people, the question of whether or not the presidential election of 2016 was manipulated, whether the campaign team has worked to Donald Trump with Russia, and whether the President has subsequently tried to hinder the investigation. The result: no collusion Trumps with Moscow, it was not, but to completely relieve Mueller wanted the US President. The Trump warehouse is celebrating the report euphoric as a victory and announces immediately a campaign of revenge against those who have brought the whole thing rolling.

Donald trump nebulous threat

“There are many people out there who have done some extremely bad things, bad things – I would even say, have betrayed our country. These people can be safely put under the microscope, I’ve always wanted to try,” said Trump nebulous as clear a day after the publication of the preliminary summary. And unlike a threat in the direction of those who have served on the President and his entourage in illegal collusion with the Russians, can be understood to be his Statement. The question is: Who, exactly, is he talking about? And what?

The anger of the President is fueled by the fact that the investigation had brought to his life a mess, like Lindsey Graham on the news page of “Axios” said. The conservative Senator had spent the weekend on the side of the US President. “You have to put my life on the head, you have ruined the lives of a lot of people around me for nothing,” said Trump, according to Graham. In particular, he called his Ex-assistant, Hope Hicks and Paul Manafort, the accused in the Wake of the Russia-investigations, but because of a series of Offences, was sentenced, on the edge of the actual investigation. “He was treated very unfairly. He was convicted because he worked for me,” said Trump.

required kicks First

candidate must now fear the wrath from the White house, there would be – even if the majority has done anything other than the usual rights, or to seek, the usual rule of law. But as is so often the Problem was more the sound than the music. Since the Opposition would be, first of all: Because it was not thought of by the Democratic party politically for a long time against Donald Trump, have had their representatives with delight every aspect of Russia-investigations, exploited – and sometimes over the edge of Fairness. Now the Empire strikes back: Trump’s adviser, Kelly Anne Conway, and the influential Republican Kevin McCarthy called on the Chairman of the U.S. intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, to withdraw. He “is lying to the American people and slandered the President and me for years,” tweeted trump’s son, Donald Jr. “Should not have his lies are the consequences?”



Trump is a Trump and not a clean man. Also, the Mueller report

Florian Schillat

not surprisingly, the Trump often-maligned mass media in the visor of the White house changes. Since the beginning of the investigations, the US President, Newspapers and television stations that report in detail on the investigation as a “Fake News insulted”. So also now: “The main stream media are under attack and the world despises, because the corrupt and wrong. For two years, you have the misconception of Russian understandings appended, even though you always knew that there was no collusion. They are truly enemies of the people and the real opposition party,” wrote Trump on Twitter.

His spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders haute in one of her rare Interviews to Democrats and the media have repeated “this lie day in and day and every second of this negative attention, savored, they believed it was the only Moment that would bring this President to the case,” she told CNN. “You were wrong in 2016, as they were defeated by him, and since then, they have made a mistake with this President every day.”

The official triumph falls howling from the White house and the Republican party compared to in the Social media but still, to say the least. To expire without even too much of a Drohrhetorik, leaving the President on Twitter the other hand, the word: “to put it bluntly, neither Mueller, Obama, FBI, DOJ (Department of justice, d. Red.), CIA, the Deep State (the so-called secret government, ed.) etc. never had to pursue a reasonable basis for Donald Trump because of Russia. The arrangements were an abuse of dizziness and law. Therefore, Judical Watch will continue to argue before the Federal courts for the truth,” wrote Tom Fitton of the conservative legal organization’s “Judical Watch”. In other words: It is not excluded that Trump and the government are the organizations against a number of representatives from the Democrats and the media in court.

No television for Trump-critics

In one of the first response in any case, the Republican party Mails sent to television channels, in which the will be asked, no democratic guests to invite, which would have established in the past, the “false claims” about agreements with Russia. In addition, its according to “The Hill”, targeted media because of their reporting were contacted. Including “Axios”, CNN, “Buzzfeed”, “the Washington Post” and the “Rolling Stone”. The Republicans are thinking in addition, according to the appointment of a special investigator to find out how and why Robert Mueller was used. The ruling party suspects a deliberate political campaign. Mueller was appointed in may 2017 by the then Vice-Minister of justice, Rod Rosenstein, after Trump had dismissed the former FBI chief James Comey. Comey wanted to investigate the suspicion, after the Trump-Team with Russia have worked.

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