in The fire of two cargo ships off the southern coast of the Crimean Peninsula, died after Russian authorities details of at least ten sailors.

The fire was believed to have been due to an Explosion triggered, informed the Maritime administration of the Agency Interfax according to. Both ships sail to the information under the flag of Tanzania, one of them a guest anchor.

Together, there have been 31 Sailors from India and Turkey on the ships. Of a disabled vessel, the sailors saved themselves in the water. They suffered part of fire injuries, and sometimes cooling. The rest of the ship’s journey was not at risk, it said.

The accident had occurred off the South coast of the Crimean Peninsula – at the entrance to the Strait of Kerch. Russia has annexed the Ukrainian Peninsula in 2014. Therefore, the situation is tense in this part of the Black sea. Russian border guards had fired in November, three Ukrainian Navy vessels and crew for alleged violation of the frontier arrested.

the Kerch Strait will have to wait ships for weeks, on the journey to the sea of Azov. The Ukraine complains that ships, the wanted, calling at Ukrainian ports, would be harassed by the Russian authorities.