Where you go, you see them: discarded Butts. According to the world health organization, three-quarters of the daily smoked cigarettes not be disposed of in an ashtray, but thrown on the floor. This inattention to the power of to around 4.5 trillion incorrectly discarded cigarette butts in one year. The consequences for the environment are devastating: A cigarette filter contaminated 40 to 200 liters of ground water.

The reason many smokers do not know. The filters are made of paper coated plastic-and Smoking a lot of harmful substances, such as nicotine and lead, accumulate in it. In case of rain, the pollutants contained in the Butts to seep into the ground and contaminate our ground water.

Petition: Deposit system for cigarettes is to be introduced 2023

The Berlin-based Initiative “The Aufheber” wants to stop this pollution as soon as possible and submitted a Petition. It calls for a Deposit system on butts butts and cigarette boxes, for 2023. To every sold cigarette box of pocket ashtrays to be given. When this is fully brought back, the buyer gets his Deposit refunded. The smoked butts can be disposed of properly, and the environment.

Already the careless throwing away of a cigarette is a misdemeanor. The fines differ, depending on the Region of your height. Currently they are located in the cities between 20 and 55 euros per discarded Fag.

source : “Petition for the establishment of a uniform Deposit system to filter cigarettes and cigarette boxes”, WHO, ARD