In an armed RAID on a village in Mali have been killed according to the UN, at least 134 people, including many women and children.

at Least 55 more were injured. As a spokesman of the UN Secretary-General Antonio told Guterres, had attacks by armed men on Saturday, the village Ogossagou in the centre of the country. According to a military spokesman, they killed people indiscriminately and burnt numerous houses. The government had deployed troops in the village, in order to stabilize the Region, the spokesman said.

Guterres expressed his shock over the attack. The UN Secretary-General called on the authorities in Mali to double their efforts for the stabilization and pacification of the Region.

Who is behind the attack, was initially unclear. The background could be ethnic conflict between the ethnic groups, the Fulani and the Dogon. The society for threatened peoples in Göttingen, spoke of a “massacre”, the village had been surrounded by Dogon-hunters and attacked. In the attack, the majority of the village population had been murdered, and later almost all the houses had been of the attacking militia burned to the ground.

especially in the North of Mali is an area of retreat for many groups of Islamist extremists. Again and again you perpetrate attacks on the Malian armed forces, or the UN peace mission, the Bundeswehr is involved with around 1000 soldiers.