Instead of the usual in the common wood class of a scheduled flight which has been flown in a rejected asylum seeker at the beginning of January, apparently with a private Charter plane from Düsseldorf to his home country. Point cost of the luxury deportation: approximately 165,000 euros. As the “image”-newspaper” reported, the 26-year-old Ivorian in a previous deportation attempt on several occasions to such a violent rampage that officials cancel the action and return him to the prison to Hannover-Langenhagen had to bring. “A renewed attempt, the applicant, with a scheduled flight to deport, was promising from our point of view, not success,” said Svenja Mischel from the lower Saxony Ministry of the interior of the “image”. In order not to endanger other passengers, they decided to Charter in Dusseldorf on a plane.

Frontex pays the luxury deportation

The man from the ivory coast, was according to the report, since in 2015 in Germany and lived with his girlfriend in Hanover. The woman is expecting a child – she, too, has applied for asylum in Germany. The process is still running. Why the asylum request of the expectant father, was refused, is not known. He is well integrated, it is, at least, in a communication of the lower Saxony refugee Council.

the cost of the flight is estimated to ivory coast alone for the 26-Year-old to just 140,000 euros. According to the interior Ministry, Frontex, on my watch, the European Agency for the border and the coast, the travel costs to a large extent. On Board of the machine since may of 2018 departure paid 29 were also-Year-old, as well as a half-dozen officials, doctors and an interpreter.

lawsuit against deportation quashed

The Ivorian had appealed against the deportation in his West African homeland. One day before the departure in a private jet, the administrative court of Hanover dashed this lawsuit. The man Bay soon for a return flight to Germany is rather unlikely. According to a communication of the lower Saxony refugee Council, he would be obliged “to pay the cost of the deportation itself.”