The German Association of cities, has spoken of the need to test a City toll in interested municipalities. Managing Director Helmut Dedy said the dpa, the cities would have to even discuss and decide what instruments could be used for Traffic control is useful.

“it would be Conceivable, for example, to test a City toll or transport charges in each of the cities, this is your choice.” Citizens tickets for buses and trains in Public transport would qualify for these Attempts into consideration. What is crucial is the acceptance in the population.

the occasion is a debate in Berlin about a congestion charge to the London model in the face of noise, air pollution and traffic jams – so a fee for Driving in the city centre. Transport Senator, Regine Günther (independent) had said, “sooner or later” will have to be in the capital over such tax to discuss. “It will have to be in the case of the scarce resource of land in the city is considerably more expensive to use cars in the public space.”

The Association of cities wanted to introduce no “blanket new” charges for road users in cities, said Dedy. “But we ask specifically for it, to give individual cities the opportunity to experiment with financial measures, in order to direct the flow of traffic in certain areas.”

In many major German cities, a City-toll is currently not an issue, as a survey of the German press Agency revealed. In the “commuting capital”, Frankfurt/Main, for example, there are no such plans, among other things, because there is no legal basis to exist, said a spokesman of the traffic Department. It’ll have been thinking instead about whether cable cars could be a possible Alternative in public transport.

In Hamburg, the terms ‘congestion charge or the environmental zone in the past years, from time to time, most recently in a report by the Senate to a citizens’ survey. In the political discussion alone, the diesel driving bans are currently playing because of the high air pollution have a role.

Also in Dortmund, a City toll is not up for debate: “We are working with incentives and Alternatives, not Banned,” said a city spokesman said on request. Düsseldorf’s mayor, Thomas Geisel (SPD) said, the issue will not be discussed, and concrete plans there but for the time being. Cologne attempts, with the transport calendar car drivers at an early stage on construction sites, fairs and major events to prepare for, said a spokesman.

Baden-württemberg’s transport Minister Winfried Hermann (Green) considers a transport levy. Who wants to drive the car in the city centre, need a Ticket for the public transport, which can also be used for buses, trams and trains. With the additional money the cities could be used to Finance new vehicles for their transport. Lord mayor of Stuttgart Fritz Kuhn (Greens) has called for such a commuter tax.

In the City of Berlin-toll debate is the ADAC clarification. Basically, I was against, said Sandra hatred from the ADAC in Berlin and Brandenburg. It’s true that there is a space problem in the capital – “everyone that is with the car in Berlin on the go-and-white,” she said. Instead of a City toll, you should not rely but on Alternatives to the car, yet sufficiently available or not attractive enough. More trains with faster clocking module. Motorists would be charged on tax, Parking fees and fuel prices. A toll meet those especially that are financially at a disadvantage anyway.