A now-deceased assistant physician to have needs at the University hospital of the Saarland in Homburg until 2014, several child sexual abuse. It is suspected that he had made in the clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry “not medically necessary follow – up investigations” in the intimate area of children, “which were presented as routine measures pass,” said a hospital spokesman on Monday in Homburg. The physician was released in 2014. Investigations against him were dismissed after his death in the year 2016.

Previously, the ARD-magazine “Monitor had reported” on the case. Accordingly, the doctor from 2010 to 2014, at the Uni-clinic was busy. Potential victims and their parents had not been informed of the suspected cases informed, it said in the report. The clinic had made 2014 a criminal complaint against the resident.

University hospital Homburg wants to inform the public in the afternoon,

, The Saar Prime Minister, Tobias, Hans (CDU), said on Monday: “The news from the University hospital of the Saarland, shake me deeply. If such a suspicion is in the room, must immediately be made a full investigation.”

The hospital wanted to inform the afternoon in Homburg in a press conference about the case.

fin / DPA