It was for him and his WikiLeaks revelations is probably the biggest Coup, the 47-year-old Julian Assange brought the beginning of April 2010 in the light of the Public: Videos of two U.S. military helicopters, which were in July 2007 in Baghdad. The Apache helicopter is located on the district of New Baghdad and have several men in the visor. Among the men, two journalists from the Reuters news Agency. A crew wants to have recognized, weapons at the men, including guns of the type AK-47. The helicopter crew is asking for a shooting command, you will receive also. In the Video, then, is to see how the men fired. At least eleven people died in the attack, including two journalists.

The Videos and the publication made international headlines. The U.S. military confirmed the attack, called this but at the same time “justified”, as Fox News reported at the time. The Videos should not be the only release. It Leaks of secret documents have followed the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Guantanamo, and U.S. embassies. Shortly after the release of the helicopter video, there is an arrest. Chelsea Manning, then Bradley Manning, was taken because of the disclosure of the Videos and of secret documents to WikiLeaks. Assange fled in 2012 in the Ecuadorian Embassy in order to escape a possible extradition to the United States and to Sweden, where he was accused of sexual abuse accused.

concern for “Wikileaks”-informant

police officers to penetrate with weapons drawn in the apartment of Whistleblower Chelsea Manning

By Daniel Wüstenberg Julian Assange, the device is in the focus of the US investigators

Manning was tried in a military court and sentenced to 35 years in prison for violations of the Espionage act, which forbids to publish military information. 2017 Manning comes free again. However, not only Manning was in the focus of U.S. investigators, but also the operator of the site, for the Manning of secret documents to Julian Assange, the self – supplier. Since the publication of the video by WikiLeaks has been discussed on an indictment in the U.S. against Assange. Only publications about the CIA and the US Democrats is stronger against Assange, the procedure, writes about the “Washington Post”.

A court want to document by 2018, which was published shortly after the arrest of assange by the US justice Department, make lists, which is why the U.S. Assange is in court. It starts with Manning, it was prohibited to share secret information. The secret information was then passed on to Assange, it was not permitted to come into the possession of such documents. In early 2010, Manning had downloaded multiple records, and Assange and his helpers, including 400,000 documents on the war in Iraq, and 90,000 about Afghanistan, 250,000 documents from US embassies and 800 on the US prison camp Guantanamo.

US court indicts Assange for “conspiracy” to

which is for the US authorities, however, by far, of greater importance is the fact that Assange, Manning, helped in the procurement of the documents. So Assange should crack a password, which Manning would gain access to the secret network of the Ministry of defence. The password is lost, the secrecy. At this time Assange but be aware – the court document that Manning outplayed secret documents and that he has published these documents in an unauthorized manner. Thus, Assange did both Hacking against the United States, as well as Manning helped in case of violation of the Espionage Acts, at least.

The U.S. court in Virginia accuses Julian Assange, therefore, already in 2018 because of “knowingly and intentional connection, conspiracy, Confederacy and agreement with the other conspirators”. Also, Assange did know, according to the indictment, knowingly access a Computer gives, why he had no permission to obtain secret information of the US government, which “could be used to harm the United States”.

Ecuador withdraws asylum

Why Assange is now out of the Embassy was thrown

Assange could face up to five years in prison in the U.S.

the main purpose of The conspiracy it was according to the court document, “to facilitate manning’s acquisition and Transmission of classified information in connection with the national defense of the United States, so that WikiLeaks was able to disseminate the information to the public on its Website.” According to the indictment should also have been part of the conspiracy that Assange, Manning, encouraged, to supply him with secret information.

The official charges against Assange is “conspiracy to Penetration of computers”. According to the US Department of justice up to five years in prison threaten him. Nevertheless, the Ministry stressed in a press release that Assange is to be considered innocent until the contrary is proved.

According to the US broadcaster NBC, the 47-year-old Assange said that the United States would try to violate its journalistic freedoms. The indictment accusing him to be on the role of a traditional journalist, as he helped Manning to crack the password. Before a court in London, he pleaded not guilty but was convicted that he did not surrender in June 2012, the police, which is contrary to his calling requirements. The hearings on the extradition of Assange to the USA in may and June.

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