The Dream of Maya Bay on the Thai island of Koh Phi Phi is locked since June 2018. After the release of the film “The Beach”, the rotating roller instead of working with Leonardo DiCaprio in the main, this beach is found crowded masses of tourists to the Maya Bay. The nature had to recover from the impact, the first improvements were already evident after about eight months.

Prior to the release of the film “The Beach” in 2000, the Maya-Bay as an insider tip among travellers. Leonardo DiCaprio starred in the movie an American student who makes an adventurous backpacking trip through Thailand. Using a hand-drawn map he had made of the search for hidden and unreachable beaches. Maya Bay is described in the Film as a paradisiacal place and as an unspoiled spot. Richard Fischer, the character, played by DiCaprio, ten years after the rotary on the way to the beach, he would have recognized him again.

Up to 5000 tourists daily

The tourist rush increased from year to year: in 2008 there were, on average, around 200 visitors a day, in the last years before the closure there were nearly 5000 people thronged daily to the small Bay. In addition to 200 boats per day on fasting. The British “Guardian” reported after the closure of the beach.

The negative impact on the Maya Bay did not go unnoticed

coral destroyed by boats and people

About a Million tourists in the year meant for the beach, the pollution had increased, among other things, by plastic garbage and Oil. Animals were sold and no more were in the vicinity of the Bay. Another reason for the closure of the Bay to the increasing destruction of the corals that suffered under the boot of people.

In June of last year, the Thai authority provided, finally, that the Paradise of a place remains for an indefinite period of time. The officials took care of a boundary line for the boats, which is located 300 meters from the beach. Patrol boats to check that it is complied with.

The first good news after the closing

A marine biologist, has been used for the observation of the beach, reported a good development of the beach. Compared to the BBC, the biologist Dr Thon Thamrongnawasawat said that in 1998/99, about 30 percent of the corals were damaged, in the year 2018, the number already stood at 90 per cent. Here could be a success is recorded, even if the full recovery of the coral decades need. But new corals have formed already.

First sharks return

the rest of the animal world seems to trust again in the Bay, in October, the first sharks were spotted. In the meantime, everyone come in the Morning 50 to 60 black tip reef sharks at the beach, told the biologist. He described it to the BBC as “the coolest creatures in the sea”, you are a true gift for him.

Maya Bay with its white sand beach is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Still no talk of re-opening. Experts say, however, that it was only a matter of time before the beach will re-open for tourists. The authority expressed that, in the case of a capacity limit thinking should be. For the time being, however, Selfies can be made only from the border line in 300 meters distance.

sources: BBC / The Guardian