Donald Trump called him “Mad Dog”, a rabid dog is to mean what its clear edge topics and positions should be. James Mattis often shows a clear edge. Against North Korea, he was threatened with a “massive military response”. Or the Islamic state (IS) in Syria, he will “destroy” wool. It will be a “tough fight” that will take time. Thus, the evaluation of the US Secretary of defense just over two months.

There are estimates that Trump is actually of great value. The US President has no military experience. Neither personal, nor – in the meantime – is in his bar: Mattis after numerous retirements in the White house, the “Last General Standing” as the US media call. Trump needs his “Mad Dog”.


James Mattis and Donald Trump – the Minister of defence, desperate, increasingly, on his head

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But listen to it. North Korea Sits now, in a sense, as a nuclear power at the negotiating table with the United States. Of the IS in Syria Was “hit,” wrote Trump on Twitter. And now wants to pull the US troops on the ground, the process was already in progress.

There are two of the many Trump the decisions of the show: The “Mad Dog” has lost its influence. Now the question is, when he loses his patience.

Donald Trump and his “Mad Dog” – once upon a time

Mattis’ influence on the US President, had reached its low point, the signs, the Official in the “Washington Post”. He wanted to remain US defense Minister, but the frustration is big: Even in matters of the U.S. customs and border protection to Mexico or personnel issues, Mattis have expressed his concerns and assessments made here, Trump has pulled his thing.

withdrawal from Syria

Trumps surprising military arrangement – a clear criticism of his own party

in the Case of Syria to have shot down Trump the objections of his defense Minister. Mattis have warned of Chaos in the Region and problems for the USA, you should remove the troops stationed there rushed. The television channel CNN even reported, Trump had included in its decision, neither the foreign Minister, Mike Pompeo still Mattis.

looks So or so: How to Trump the situation, he has shown now.

According to the “Washington Post” looks Trump Mattis lately not too often, if at all. In spite of the many construction sites and problems, which seethe in the United States and in the world. He is considering, the sheet, whether to keep Mattis. Why, is not known completely. Apparently Trump think the relationship is “burdensome,” Official “Washington Post”.

staff mess at the White house

Trump his main man – and a succession of fires (again)-the candidate does not want to display


obvious: Mattis clear edge – even against the US President. He takes positions that the US President does not – Syria is probably just an example. The has him brought in, particularly at the beginning of the Trump Administration, apparently, the respect of Trump. Keyword: “Mad Dog”.

Mattis will find a way to manage the troop withdrawal, the assessment of a former Top military in the “Washington Post”, instead of making it a big Problem. It was after all a command that we must follow, so David Lapan. Or not, which would mean the immediate withdrawal. According to Lapan, Mattis would address the Problem, if at all, with the following question to Trump: “Is there a way to change this situation?”

Whether, and how, decides the Trump. Whether and how it continues to shape it decides to be “Mad Dog”. Maybe with a clear edge, maybe not.

sources: “the Washington Post”, “CNN”, DPA