breaks In the day, as your world finally, make Werner, Christiane and H. a trip with the children. You will travel with Anton and Emilia to Sachsenhausen Apple wine. On the menu Frankfurter Schnitzel and Green Sauce. The parents drink Cider, the father ordered Handkäs.

towards the evening, the family is back in the Odenwald, in your dream of clinker. The house has many rooms and a large garden. For 15 years they live here, celebrated parties, drank champagne. Before the door parked Ferraris, Porsches and sometimes on a Trailer with your motor yacht. The oral surgeon and the Dentist were able to afford all of this for a long time. And as they could not afford, they changed your life is nothing. It was a crash with the message. Their revenue fell, they fell into the suspicion, to have billing cheated, the dental Association kept the money. In the end, they were insolvent, their practice was closed.

The house was supposed to be the next day cleared

Now you should vacate your house, the next Morning. It is the 30. August 2018, Werner, Christiane and H. sitting on the terrace, talking, drinking cans of beer. Later, you tell your kids Good night. The next Morning, Anton, 13, and Emilia, 10 are found dead in their rooms and the parents in the Garage in the car. You have a slight carbon monoxide poisoning, but they are alive. The brick building bears traces of fire.


The house of the family in Mörlenbach, in which the crime happened

©Sascha Lotz

Since March, the 11 tries. To explore the criminal chamber of the Landgericht Darmstadt, what is night what happened that August. The question is: Who killed Anton and Emilia? Only the father, as he claims now? Or he had said in his first hearing of the truth, when he spoke of “we”? What is the role played by the mother? And what was the motive for this outrageous act?

22. March, Day 1

Dr. Dr. Werner H., is the first in the courtroom, a large, hulking man with a gray, accurately cut hair. The blue sweater, the 59 has hanged-Year-old casually over the plaid shirt, as if he wanted to rise in his Ferrari.

Then Dr. Christiane H. enters the courtroom, 46-year-old, visually, the opposite of him: small, petite, type of child-woman. In better times, they must have been very pretty. In better times you had 2800 Pair of High Heels, you led an Excel spreadsheet. In court, she wears grey Boots.

He looks sometimes to you, you never to him.

senior Prosecutor Klaus Tietze Kattge reads the indictment. He accuses the couple to have their children a few hours before the eviction of the house in mörlenbach community treacherously killed. With a carpenter’s hammer and a hunting knife, up to 25 strokes and four stitches. Then they had distributed the petrol, also on the sleep of children’s suits, and fire. Finally, they had tried to poison himself with car exhaust.

While the state’s attorney, says Werner H. stoically on the wood paneling of the judge’s table. His wife had collapsed.

Werner H. will tell on this day, the story of his life, but nothing to the events of that night say: “I’ve done in a drawer.”


In this car firefighters Werner, Christiane and found It is status in the Garage, the engine was still running.

©Silas stone/REUTERS

His Childhood in the Emsland region has only one major break When he is 13, his father dies. His mother he describes as an ambitious teacher with little time for him, very Catholic and very neat.

H. studied medicine, and later dentistry. In both disciplines, he completed his doctorate. In 1998 he opened a “practice, for mouth-, jaw – and facial surgery”. It was a vertical take-off. He had then taken his wife into the practice, “we have come, both professionally and privately closer”.

in 2003, the two in their newly built house, in the following year, Anton is born, three years later, Emilia. About his children, Werner H. says on this day only: “Anton was, in principle, my son, Emilia has made a lot of with the mom.”

The oral surgeon want to talk about the bankruptcy. He tells of alleged harassment by the dental Association of unjustified allegations of fraud. You have covered it with tests, literally, about 500,000 euros had been deducted. From 2014 he had only the private medical income. In the fall of 2015, the health insurance company have made due to outstanding social insurance contributions for bankruptcy. “On 11. April 2016 I practice was referred to.”

Still, 2015, from includes. h. however, a lease contract about his third Ferrari, monthly Rate: 4400 Euro. The presiding judge Volker Wagner wants to know how he would describe himself. H. says: “Rather self-centered. Egoman.”

“My children were my Hobby.”

Christiane H. there is, however, little price. Born in Dresden, grew up in Neubrandenburg, the father of specialist in neurology and psychiatry. Her Childhood had been “easily”, according to the dental degree and the PhD she had met her husband, they were later operated his practice together. “The bankruptcy procedure 2015 came to me completely by surprise,” she says.

The presiding judge asks about her Hobbies, she says: “My children were my Hobby.” Who has killed your children, don’t want to say.

The judge asks the Sat, therefore, the forensic psychiatrist Henning, to report what he’s told and Werner, Christiane H. the core happen. Both have Sat for review.

Apparently, the couple had hoped to the last to live in the house, even though it had long since bought a different family. Before your trip to Sachsenhausen, Christiane H. had tried once more to get to the competent magistrate for a postponement of the eviction. The psychiatrist Werner H. said: With the rejection had been sealed “their fate”.

Sat is reported that H. had told of a movie that was then expired before his eyes: Anton and Emilia have to leave with a suitcase in Hand, the house, in front of you is a grinning insolvency administrator is.


In the room with the strong soot marks Emilia, 10 died, next to Anton, 13

©Silas stone/REUTERS

at about 23 o’clock the children had gone to sleep a little later, Christiane and he, but the Film went in an endless loop in his head. His wife had not been able to sleep, against 0.30 p.m. they had set in the kitchen. They had come to self-killing and on the idea, in the To poison the car with carbon monoxide.

Werner H. claimed to have anxiolytic, sedative pills, his wife also. You’ve turned off a backpack with important documents at the neighbors. Then a piece was missing him in his memory. The use again, as he stood with knife and Hammer in Anton’s room.

As of the experts, again, what H. told him about the minutes later, it is still in the courtroom. Anton still needs to have massive resistance made. Five to eight minutes the fight lasted, the father. Emilia, however, had not resisted so strongly, rather tortuous. He had killed the children without the involvement of the mother. And once again, Werner H. has a gap in his memories: Woke up he was in the clinic.

the mother was Sat opposite, to suffer from memory gaps. After the efforts to postpone the eviction had failed, it had everything to be perceived as through a veil. The events of the night? Way.

25. March, Day 2

17 witnesses been summoned by the court for that day. Initially, rescue workers report on the use on the Morning of the 31. August. As you arrived after the emergency call, the neighbors around 7.25 PM at the home of the family, as the dead children upstairs ends discovered in the smoke and later the parents in the Garage. Then in court tell the full drawing of the interior of a difficult Visit in Mörlenbach.

Still broken must have been the relationship between the H. s and the insolvency administrator. “They were dogged in a uniform and unit are taken against me. I wanted to limit their excessive consumption,” explains Harald Hess the court. After the opening of the insolvency proceedings would have been discovered, more and more creditors. In the end, he had come to over 50 and liabilities in the amount of two million euros – net of the proceeds from the House sale.

2. April, Day 3

On this day, Werner H. a confession, his lawyer H.’s testimony, in which he relieved his wife once again read. He wants to protect you, or he’s telling the truth?


Christiane H. attorney

©Sascha Lotz

On the evening of the 30. August is considered as the first together, how you could kill yourself. “The only thought was, as we know from the life can go.” And: “The children were not held in these plans.” From the Practice was when he still had 20 to 30 tablets of Dormicum, his wife, Tavor, both, strong sedative. Then he started the car. Christiane had brought the backpack to the neighbors.

The next image, which he did: how he is in Anton’s room. To kill the children and the house had been on fire a short-term decision. After the fact he had placed the Hammer and knife to the bathroom and washed his hands, and later the children’s room set on fire. His next memory: that Christiane had been sitting in the kitchen. “I don’t know if she’s even gone to the children.”

The presiding judge keeps a long time in a child’s drawing high. It shows a figure, possibly a woman, with a knife, and behind it a burning house. “Who painted that? Anton? Emilia?” The parents are silent.

17. April, Day 4

Werner H. enters the courtroom, looks around, he seems to be always self-confident. Christiane H. flits in the room, it still bears Black.

her role in the August night is still unclear. Nothing, when it comes to the crime scene and traces of blood changes. A crime scene officer says, that on the Morning of the 31. August have found in the pants of Christiane H. in addition to keys and cell phone a lighter. And the biologist from the state office of criminal investigation not only of traces of blood of children in the clothes of Werner H., but also of blood buildup on the pajama pants of the mother, on her T-Shirt and sports shoes. And from a partial print of your left palm on the Hammer.


Henning was Sitting in peer-reviewed father and mother

©Mohssen assani Moghaddam/DPA

when the impression has been left, could not be determined. A psychologist, Werner H. supervised in custody since the beginning of September, reports of conflicting portrayals of the father as regards his wife. Accordingly, he is said to have initially expressed, it was clear that the entire family should be wiped out. Later, he did call and explained that his wife did not know that the children should die.

8. May, Day 5

Christiane H. breaks unexpectedly, her Silence. With a strong voice and focus, quietly and haltingly. She describes how she focuses to the birth of children in the family and only sporadically in the practice where I worked. That alone took care of her husband to the accounts, the insolvency proceedings had been surprised. Then I turned everything to the bankruptcy. Increasingly, it came to tensions between her husband and the children. You have tried to convey. “By 2017 at the latest, I wanted to give up mörlenbach favorite. My children would have found, as they were, anywhere access.” And she says: “I do not feel the deepest guilt, that I Packed my things, the kids and the house I left.”

For Friday night is: you should remember to have with her husband in the evening on the terrace sat. He didn’t want to fight, it had become clear that they had no Plan. You have taken one to two Tavor and brought the backpack to the neighbors. Then she went back into the house, and I found your man: “I see my man with the bloody knife in Hand.” He made a sweeping gesture. She stepped to Anton’s bed, he had not moved. Then she went to Emilia, she had no pulse. “I said to him that he should do the same thing on me.” He replied that he can’t do it again.

you remember back to the Moment when your police officers-sections in the hospital the finger nails. “I have not killed my children, and I also had the Plan to kill the children. I was not involved.” She’s telling the truth?

Volker Wagner is an experienced judge. He leaves the tape with Werner H. s first hearing on the 31. August in the hospital play. In this first appearance to the fact he also talks about his wife. As A Partner In Crime.

He told the Interrogators, after a day trip to Sachsenhausen, the family had discussed “the situation”. All four people have decided they want a divorce from life.” All were in agreement, even the children. The children they had given medication to make you feel less pain.

“We have implemented the wishes of the children in the act. We will have you killed.”

“Who killed the children?”

“My wife and I are.”

The Act he is called amateurish, it was due to lack of time.

“they were great kids, I’ve already done hard.”

is played back As the tape, it remains silent for a long time in the courtroom.

this afternoon, too, Stefan Tönnes, forensic toxicologist and Professor at the University of Frankfurt, was the first to parts of his opinion. He denied the allegation of the father to have the children in advance for the pain talks. “The result, as for medications, was negative.”

The trial of the parents, with car exhaust to kill, he says: “The exhaust of the car has encounter virtually no carbon monoxide. It is actually not possible to suizidieren with such a car.” Is meant of the VW Golf, the the neighbors the couple were provided after the Ferraris and Porsches seized had been.

21. May, Day 6

Werner H. makes through his lawyer to explain that there had been no consultation with the children, on the common death.

star crime: Terror of a Stalker

I need you

But how it came to this child’s drawing that is so frighteningly real? The toxicologist says again, it is a question of whether Werner H., as he claimed, stood at the time under heavy Medication, so even before the fact, 20 or more Dormicum has taken. Tönnes says: “I assume that the intake occurred after the fact.” He refers to the controlled acts of violence, they were not the effect of the tablets in accordance to.

Again a point in the H. probably lied. He’s telling the truth when he proclaims the innocence of his wife?

The coroner then informs sober the results of the Autopsy: each 25 injuries due to hammer blows, especially on the skull, and four stitches in the chest and neck. Christiane H. is now pale, her lawyer asks for a break for his client.

says the traces of blood on the pajama pants and the T-Shirt of Christiane H. the Doctor: you could exclude neither that the defendant was actively involved in the Offences, nor that the blood was sprayed on her clothes when she encountered the night her husband with the knife in Hand and made a sweeping gesture.

22. May, Day 7

Now it is Sitting at Henning, his forensic report to carry forward. He came to the conclusion that both defendant debt are capable of. There is both no evidence of psychiatric disease, or a morbid mental disorder.

star crime

As a bona fide pensioner to the Bank robber

It was some special features in the personality of Mr. H. Sat would, however, speaks of an “accentuated personality”. The defendant was, on the one hand, self-centered, wanting him to empathy. Witnesses had him depicted as a bossy and dominant, with a confrontational, challenging Note. On the other hand, he was powerful and determined. The insolvency procedure had Narcissus brought tables insults for the accused with. “It is safe to harmful, life situation and personality were verhakelt.”

And Sat finds clear words for the alleged amnesia, it’s the two defendants. For the Werner H.-described film crack before killing the children he sees no evidence. “The amnesia is gone for the Offences, is not plausible.” And the killing of the children, and the arson Werner H. had a very good memory. “This was minutely described.”

The far-reaching reminder, the ends of the gaps of Christiane H. Sat question, too: According to the acts of the JVA, you have said that you have done to the children that you covered and the Teddy in Emilia’s Arm had laid. It was a reminder. The statements of the surgeons holds in the first examination Sitting, however, to be credible: “I have the impression that Mr. H. things to invent.”

29. May, Day 8

It is a day of the defendants and their lawyers frighten. Senior Prosecutor Klaus Tietze Kattge a request for a legal notice. What he does is tantamount to an anticipated plea. The Prosecutor looks in addition to treachery, now another murder characteristic be met: low motivation. “Both children had to die because their parents wanted to materialize in a selfish way, as a victim of style.”

star crime

“to the angel of death from the neighborhood”

Milieu murders: Kiezgröße Werner “Mucki” Pinzner and his submissive women

The Prosecutor doubted, moreover, that the oral surgeon and the Dentist had the intention to commit suicide. It was gone, rather, to lead the Public to the supposed guilt of the insolvency administrator and the Fund before their eyes. As a physician, you would have known that they could not take with the dose ingested, tablets life. Also, it is very likely that the car fool Werner H. had known that a car with a catalytic Converter produce hardly deadly exhaust gases.

The fact carrying also “the characteristic of a division of labour”. Witnesses had described, Christiane H. as a woman who knows how to represent your interests. Your description of the Action does not realize, was not credible. There is a reasonable suspicion that the statement of the father according to his first questioning at the core of the truth on the contrary.

murder feature: low motivation

a Little later, the trial chamber announces that a conviction for murder out of base motives would do, “if the children had to die, because the defendants wanted to set a completely unintelligible character”. For Christiane H. a conviction for accessory to murder or manslaughter come into consideration. A Express, or even “only” implied full consent to the killing, says the presiding judge, but stresses at the same time: “everything is still open.”

The trial is expected in June.

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